Transcript of Alshon Jeffery PC at the NFL Combine

Transcript of Alshon Jeffery PC at the NFL Combine
Alex Dunlap,

Former South Carolina Wide Receiver and elite NFL Draft Prospect, Alshon Jeffery is already proving doubters wrong as I prognosticated he would in this article after speaking at length with his trainer and management team.

He showed up today weighing 216 pounds. That is a far cry from the 248-pound rumors that were circulated mere weeks ago. He registered a wingspan of 80.5 inches, the biggest of any receiver measured thus far in 2012.

Here is the transcript I will be turning into the National Football League and the Professional Football Writers Association of Alshon’s PC this afternoon in the East Ballroom of Lucas Oil Stadium:

What has it been like working with (trainer) Jason (Riley) down there in Tampa?

Been going good. Just working hard, getting right.

There have been so many rumors about your weight, your ability to get off the ball- do you feel like you have something to prove this week?

I feel like I have a lot to prove, and a lot to show to a lot of teams.

What height/weight did you check in at?

6’2″1/2 – 6’3″ – 216

What did you play at in College?

Like 230.

Do you feel like you’re faster (at the lower weight?)

Yea I’m faster.

Do you feel like 230 was too high a weight for you?

I think that was too heavy for me, I think when I got to the NFL I gotta make a better transition- so I think 215 is gonna be a lot better for me.

Is that the biggest you’ve played at? 230?

Yes Sir.

The rumors about you gaining weight, were they ever accurate? Where did they come from?

(laughs) I don’t really pay attention to that. Anyone can write anything they want on the internet, so that’s how I feel about it.

If 230 was too heavy, where did it show up most in games? How did the extra weight effect you?

It didn’t effect me really. I just feel more in shape and better. Better. Lighter.

There was a dropoff from your Sophomore to Junior (final) Season, only one less TD- but a little over half the yards. Do you attribute any of that to the instability at the QB position (at South Carolina)?

It didn’t have an effect really on anything. We had a gameplan about teams were going to play me. They would put a safety over the top so we went with the gameplan we felt was gonna win us the game.

What separates you from other players?

I think my hands. I feel like I’ve got the best hands. In my opinion.

Do you have better hands than (Justin) Blackmon?

(Laughs) I’m sure he’d say he’s got better hands than me, so Im just gonna say I got the best hands.

How big an impact on you Junior year did (QB Stephen) Garcia leaving the program have?

It impacted the whole team but we just had to make an adjustement, we just still contributed and had a great season.

What do think your gonna run in the 40?

Um, I think 4.5 predicting a 4.5- 4.4 would be better.

What was your best in training?

I don’t know- my trainer didn’t tell me.

So you are gonna run here this week?

I don’t know yet.

When are you going to decide?

Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow. I have to sit down and talk to my agent.

What factors go into that decision?

Whatever I feel comfortable with.

When was the last time you were at (your current weight)?

Maybe High School.

Your trainer compared you to Michael Crabtree as far as the way you get in and out of cuts. How do you feel about that comparison?

Me and Crabtree are two different recievers thats a nice compliment.

What part of your game you do you need to work on most?

Routes. Running better routes, that’s what I need to improve on.

Whats the best 40 you’ve ever run?

I don’t know I haven’t really run one.

Not at South Carolina?


You fought press coverage all year was the best DB you faced?

Janoris Jenkins when he was at Florida. He’s a great defensive back.

How much pressure are you putting on yourself regarding this 40 time.

Its no pressure. I gotta go out and relax and take my time. Its gonna be what its going to be regardless, so that’s what I’m thinking about.

What did you like about Jenkins’ game?

He’s a physical player. Talked a lot of trash, but definitely great competition.

You think Jenkins will go high in this draft?

He should.

Did you have a harder time with Jenkins than you did against Alfonzo Dennard in the Capital One Bowl?

Ha. They both are good players, but I think Janoris is better.

Is it your goal to go in the first round?

I mean, every kid in America when they grow playing football wants to go in the first round. So I would say yea.

When you look at the guys here, everyone is getting bigger and bigger. Is it strange that traditionally you would be the tallest WR here, but now you’re just another guy who’s around 6’2″ / 6’3″?

I guess its just the nature of receivers getting bigger.

What is it you need to do to impress scouts this week?

I work hard, I learn really fast and I just want to be one of the best players ever.

Talk about yourself as aplayer.

If I’m fortunate enough to be drafted by an NFL Team, Im gonna bring a great attitude, energy, and just go out and work hard make everyone around me better and push myself.

Did you change your diet much?

I learned alot from this process, they just kind of taught me how to eat better, take care of myself better.

What was the main thing you cut out?

I just drank a lot of water really.

What is your favorite food?


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