PRO Trashman’s 2018-2019 Fantasy Playoffs League Rankings

Please note, these are not weekly rankings to be used in “one-and-done” formats, but rather, rankings for if you are drafting a team with plans of using the players selected for the duration of the playoffs. For this reason, I’ve taken into account which teams I believe will advance throughout the playoffs in sorting the various players’ values. It is set up like the RosterWatch Cheat Sheet, but you can be more liberal with the rules in this one and don’t necessarily always have to select the highest available player if two players are relatively close and you need positional help at a position that is lower on the sheet.

EDITOR’S NOTE: For those of you playing in “one-and-done” contests where you choose players each week and then cannot play them again, we will have a strategy podcast for PRO MEMBERS out on FRIDAY to detail our plans and preferred strategies for this format.

We wish you luck in your playoffs leagues and thank you again for being a part of our winning community.

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  1. Curious why Zeek is #1. Do you see the Cowboys playing more than 2 games? I just want to make sure I’m understanding correctly

    1. I’ll let Trashman handle any questions about his sheet, but I’m seeing Gurley as #1 on the sheet.

  2. yes, i’m not sure why zeke is showing up no.1 for you. It’s gurley from where i’m sitting. also, the cowboys have lost only one home game all season, so i think they’ve got a good shot to get out of the first round.

  3. Gurely did show up #1 but I was a little surprised for Zeek being #2 overall. Here is what I ended up with.
    BTW I’m Dan from C.P. that calls in on the show. Great work this season.

    T. Gurley
    M. Ingram
    S. Michel
    A. Robinson
    A. Jeffery
    J Tucker
    New England D
    G Everett

  4. Hi Guys- thanks for all the work this year. Will you guys be doing a playoff Fanduel cheat sheet this week?

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    Great Stuff here. Just joined an interesting playoff format and wanted to get your thoughts.
    12 man starting roster, can only use one player from each playoff team – 1/2pt. Thoughts?
    QB Mitch T
    QB Lamar
    QB Luck
    RB Gurley
    RB Zeke
    RB Carson
    WR Hopkins
    WR Edelman
    WR Keenan
    TE Ertz
    TE Kelce
    FLEX Kamara

    1. luck, gurley, hopkins, kelce if i think i understand

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    I am playing in a one and done contest, I haven’t seen your podcast posted out yet on the strategy used in that format. Will you be posting it today before the games? If not I’ll go off your other rankings.

    1. I was wondering the same thing

  7. hey guys, alex posted one earlier with one and done strategy

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