PRO Trashman’s 2018 Fantasy RB Handcuff Tool

A few years back, one of our PRO members asked in the comments section of an article for a running back handcuff tool to use in drafts as a supplement to the cheat sheet. Since, we have made this little sheet every year as a quick reference. Here, I’ve taken the top 25-or-so running backs and assigned each one a “level” of handcuff viability. The sheet should be pretty easily understood, but it basically lets you know if the running back you are considering has a “handcuff” you should aim to select at some point during the draft, and the general level of importance in aiming to secure that handcuff. The three levels are “must handcuff,” “might want to handcuff,” and “low priority handcuff,” along with a section with notes if there is no true handcuff. As with all supplemental draft tools, this is not a substitute for the cheat sheet and is merely reference material to aid in identifying whether or not to handcuff players. If you must “reach” a small bit for certain players in the “must-have” handcuff cell, you are allowed to deviate from the sheet at the appropriate time to make that happen.

PRO MEMBERS: Click here to access the shared google spreadsheet


  1. Wasn’t sure where else to leave this question, but I wanted to keep it in the PRO section of the site for privacy…

    What RB’s would you suggest reaching on during best ball drafts? I still use the cheat sheet, but once you get to round 3, RB’s go way faster than the WR’s.

  2. maybe freeman, cook, mckinnon, mcaffrey and cohen

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    Trashman, What are your thoughts about the possibility of Corey Grant overtaking TJ Yeldon the season? I’m just not a big Yeldon believer.

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