PRO Trashman’s 2018 Week 6 Flex Rankings: RB, WR, TE

Trashman HeaderOften times, there is nothing tougher (or more important) than deciding who your weekly flex-plays are. It can be a mind-numbing experience having to make cross-positional projections.

This season, our RosterWatch PRO community will have personal and exclusive access to our very own disgusting Trashman, who has carefully curated his personal weekly flex rankings in order to help you in gaining input about your roster decisions.

PLEASE Keep in mind, these are not our official RosterWatch Week 6 rankings, but we’ve learned over time to pay extra-special attention to what the Trashman might have up his filthy sleeve – and where he stacks up players against one another for the coming weekend’s slate cross-positionally.

Our OFFICIAL rankings page here on the site will continue to be updated through the day Saturday and Sunday morning as more information comes in and we become more comfortable with player slotting. In the meantime, have a look at how the Trashman sees the Week 6 slate shaking out – as his inputs to our formula are a key (albeit disgusting) component.

(Based on .5 PPR scoring).

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  1. 12 team PPR league (3-2) (lowest points scored all season tho)
    2 RB, 2 WR, 1 FLEX

    WRs: AB, K. Allen, Gordon, Cobb, Callaway
    RBs: Freeman, Collins, Kerryon, Crowell, Buck Allen

    1) Someone’s willing to trade me Mixon and Hilton for my Keenan Allen, Collins and Buck Allen… yay or nay? If nay, what’s the counter?

    His team looks like this:
    WRs: Shepard, C. Rogers, Fuller, Hilton, Allison
    RBs: Mixon, Barkley, Miller, Chubb, and Gore and Foreman

    2) Or what offer would you make to the owner of Connor/Bell and he has Hyde and McCoy… he said make me an offer he can’t refuse! I asked who he wanted for Bell and Connor and he said AB.

    His team looks like this:
    WRs: Cooks, Watkins, Coutee, Crabtree
    RBs: Connor, Hyde, McCoy, Murray, Bell

    1. i’d probably do that mixon trade considering your current rb status.

  2. In are ppr, are you trading DHenry for McCoy?

    1. if you’re getting mccoy

  3. Trashman- Would you trade my Clement and Trey Burton for Doug Baldwin and Smallwood? Thank you!

    1. that’s fair offer. i’d do it if you need wr help. it’ll probably be a slow burn though. might take a minute until baldwin emerges.

  4. Post By

    Hello fellas, I’m stumped on who to start as my RB2. I currently have:
    Johnson (BYE)

    Waiver wire:
    Thanks fellas 4 your input

    1. Post By

      10 team PPR

  5. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

    12 team, 1/2 PPR.

    My RBs are Miller, Fournette, K. Johnson, K. Juczsychek, J. Williams

    I was just offered Yeldon and Ebron (he also has Ertz) for Miller and Macdonald (my only TE). I’ve been trying to get Yeldon from him for two weeks now because I’m tired of getting zero points from my #1 pick. I tried doing Miller and Macdonald for Ertz and Yeldon or Miller and Cobb for Yeldon and J. Brown, but he wouldn’t budge, so this is the only deal he is willing to do. Would you make the move? I know Miller isn’t excited at all, but he still averages 10 ppg….

    1. I think that is a great trade for you.

  6. Should I trade Mark Ingram for Michael Thomas in 1PPR. My other RBs are Mccaffery, Mixon, and Buck. My other Wrs are Fuller, Josh Gordon, Keenan Allen, and Enunwa.

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      If you can swing that, I’d say for sure. My expectation is that NO reverts to giving Kamara the dominant load, and Ingram’s value probably won’t be higher. Cashing in on Thomas would be awesome (and you need the WR help).

  7. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

    Yes, you absolutely should. You can trade Fuller and Buck for a low end RB1

  8. Am I crazy for starting Hines, Watkins, AND Shepard over Allen Robinson? Until I saw these rankings I was pretty confident doing so. ARob hasn’t given me any reason to start him over those guys especially given the matchups.

  9. Not crazy, but the bears offense seems to have turned a corner and mack is returning to the colts backfield, so i would probably lean arob over hines

    1. Thanks Trashman

  10. Ppr joker 9-1 trade help I’ve been offered
    Marvin jones and Alshon Jeffery for
    Nelson agholor and Emmanuel sanders
    What do you think

    1. hope you can still take it

  11. Would you trade away Evan Engram & Chris Thompson to get Dalvin Cook in ppr? If too much, is Amari & Engram insulting to get Cook?

    1. not sure i’d make either move unless you’re losing games. i’d throw the amari engram one out there first

  12. Or should I roll the dice to keep Engram, trade away Ebron/Amari for Dalvin? And hope Engram recovers next week.

    Current roster is Goff, Juju, Edelman, CMC, Yeldon/Fourn, Thompson, Amari, Cooper, Watkins, Cobb, Engram, Mike Davis

    1. not a terrible move if have a te option. i’m just not sure cook does that much better than thompson in ppr right now

  13. Post By

    Adam humphries or keelan cole for my wr 3

    1. Post By

      Or should I get Chester Roger’s or calloway off the wire

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Id go Rogers or Callaway

  14. Getting Fournette for Calvin Ridley and crow? Both those guys are basically on my bench.

  15. 2-3 in a 12 Team .5 PPR

    WR – A Brown, E Sanders, Jordy, S Watkins, R Anderson

    RB – Mixon, Crowell, D Cook, R Freeman, Gio B, D Foreman

    QB – Cousins TE – C Brate

    Wondering if I should try to package Sanders with an RB for someone like McCaffery? The McCaffery owner also has S Michel, Lynch, AP, and McCoy. All of his guys are on the table.

    Hate to part with Sanders, but need a win this week and. Would love to try to sell high with Jordy if possible

    1. Or maybe Sanders for Michel straight up?

      Thanks guys!

      1. Just got offered Lynch for Sanders

        1. i’d probably do it just for the revenge narrative

    2. if you can pair him with crowell that would be ideal, since crowell is questionable this week.

  16. Should I trade zeke for devonte Freeman and cooper kopp? Standard league 0-5

    1. no, freeman is looking doubtful for this weekend. see if there’s another piece

  17. Post By

    Hey Trashman, I got Conner and Bell and currently sitting 4-1 in my 10 team league. Someone wants Bell from me, but i’m not sure what to ask for. We are a 1 pt ppr league and start 3 WR and 2Rbs and a 1flex. If I trade Bell, I’ll have Conner, Mixon, Lindsay, Coleman, Hines, and Collins. My notible WRs are Thomas, Evans, and Ju-Ju. Cook is my TE.

    His top guys are Green, Elliot, Ertz, Edleman, Olsen, Hilton, and Cooks. Rest are garbage.

    Who would you ask for?


    1. i’m probably not moving bell at 4 and 1. you have a lot of mid level backs you could pair to get another wr. if you really want to move him, i’d need ertz and hilton, cooks or edelman

  18. 0.5 PPR

    Start Sanders, Hines, Gordon, or Watkins?

    1. Sanders prob

  19. To keep for roster depth: Hines, Morris or Mike Davis?

    1. Hines in ppr, morris in standard

      1. Thanks Trashman!

  20. Post By

    How much faab to spend on Larry Fitzgerald?

  21. Post By Longhornfireman

    I can trade K. Johnson for Ekeler. Standard format 8 team league. I am decimated by injuries. Seems like Jonson is stuck in a 3 way committee that coach won’t acknowledge his potential near the goal line. Ekeler in committed , but it’s only 2 guys and he gets some goal line play. Thoughts ?

    1. I’d say yes in a ppr league. It’s less certain in standard. I feel like we’ve seen ekelers upside already, while Johnson’s role should grow. With it being an 8 teamer, there’s some room for error. I’d play the guy with the best matchup this week

  22. How do you feel about the following?

    Cooper Kupp


    Carson Wentz
    Devonte Freeman

    1. Pretty good deal if you’re giving up kupp and need rb help

  23. .5 PPR

    give up: Cooper Kupp & David Johnson

    receive: Zeke and Edleman or TY Hilton

    1. I’m fine with that trade either way

  24. I am trying to move Kupp for the right price.


    Kupp for Kamara

    1. Yes if you can get kamara for him straight up, that’s the move

  25. PPR
    Flex 1
    Uzomah vs Steelers
    Mack @ Jets
    Drake vs Bears
    Cole @ Cowboys


  26. Post By

    I’m sitting at 5-0, but have ridden a combo of Gurley/Conner holding down my RB spot until Ingram returned last week. Given the monster he put up, would you try to parlay:

    Ingram + Keenan Allen or JuJu for Sony and LeVeon

    My team (std) (2 RB, 2 WR + 1 RB/WR/TE)

    RB: Gurley, Ingram, Conner, Mike Davis, Bilal Powell
    WR: Mike Thomas, Keenan Allen, Juju, Emmanuel Sanders, Doug Baldwin

    1. it’s worth a shot. i don’t think you need both of them though

  27. Post By

    Need a Freeman replacement for this week…it’s gonna be a stretch either way but do I roll out Ronald Jones or Kyle J? PPR. Ito Smith is also on the waiver wire.

    1. if a bunch of those sf receivers sit, then i like kyle. if not, jones

  28. Post By John Hunsberger

    Powell is on my wavier now how much would you bid for him ? I have Zeke Collins and Henry right now.. Powell could help my flex spot

  29. Deep Half point PPR. Would you trade Sammy Watkins to get Marlon Mack

    1. Or Corey Davis for Mack?

  30. Post By Uncle_Maynard

    Got offered Vance McDonald and Demaryius Thomas for Kittle. I also own Njoku. .5ppr

    1. Post By Uncle_Maynard

      Or I could try and get Drake from him also instead of DT

    2. i’d do it if you need the help

  31. Post By

    I am torn do I start Winston or Cam Newton?

  32. Callaway or AMiller for roster depth?

  33. was offered royce for josh gordon, thoughts? will freeman regain a lead back role(or did he ever have it)?

    Gordon was on the field less than 30% of snaps last week, got lucky with a TD to save last game. i know upside is huge. but feel floor is lower with freeman

    1. gordon’s role is only growing. royce is hoping for a td every game. i’ll take gordon’s upside

  34. Post By

    Ppr flex position dion Lewis, baldwin, or Mvs if cobb is out?

  35. in half point ppr who do like most for my WR2 between E. Sanders, J. Gordon, Edelman or C. Ridley. I want to start all of them. tough call

  36. 2-3 in a 10 team half point ppr league. Would you try to trade for Fournette and James White? My roster is currently:

    QB- Ben, Winston
    RB- Hunt, D Freeman, Yeldon, Lindsay, Kerryon J
    WR- AB, Evans, Kupp, A Cooper, S Watkins, ARob

    I was thinking of sending Lindsay and either A Cooper or Watkins. Thoughts?

    1. if you can get away with lindsay and coop, that would be a win

  37. Post By

    PPR- RB2 – Start Lamar Miller or Mike Davis.

    1. i’d probably go davis the way he’s been playing

  38. I’m so torn. Watson or Winston? I have both.

    1. winston is probably a bit safer

      1. Thank you so much!

  39. Goff or Russel Wilson? And is it dumb to start both patriots if i have Chris Thompson And Pat Lindsay? I have Bob Woods in the flex.

  40. Good call on that filthy, trashy WR, Christian Kirk. Always Genius floating in the dumpster punch! Is this the week that we finally see the Texas Tesla Jones III we’ve all been anticipating?

  41. Boys

    quick question, PPR vance Mcdonald or trey burton at TE this week?

    Lone Wolf 3-2

  42. Ronald Jones or Dion Lewis, ppr

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