Trashman’s Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in Fantasy Football (Video)


  1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    @lex /byron /tm

    The bvic needs your help

    I have a beast of a dynasty team in 1 qb setup. though some aging assets being unmovabke may begin to cause me to have some depth issues down the road.

    I have the ability to start only 1 rb with 5 wr/te if i want

    My team

    J allen/ridgers/lock
    Jacobs /tg / d williams/ d freeman

    I got the 101 owner on the line willing to deal 101 for 105/207/210
    I will tey to get his 401 back and then his 701
    But coukd also tey for hisn2021 3rd instead of 401

    1st do i make the deal
    2nd what is andy reids history of rb usage? Does he use rbbc much?
    3. iam not and never have been truly sold on ceh
    Even though i own damien am i crazy to take the mandingo JT at 101? Or dont over think it.


    1. I think CEH will be a star for the Chiefs and JT will be a star for the Colts. You cannot go wrong either way. JT is the far better overall prospect on paper (and by my eyes and the numbers), but may take longer to fire given situation. We’ve split that hair as you’ll see on the Dynasty CS but it’s an incredibly tough choice. Look at Reid’s usage of Brian Westbrook, etc. and you won’t worry about RBBC. IF you think that a WR will go in the top 4, which really could happen, you have a chance at Dobbins, though, which I think I would stand pat and take. He’s going to be a star as well and someone in your league might take Swift or a WR ahead of him. I think it comes down to what you think your leaguemates will do regarding Dobbins. If you think he is there at 1.05, I stand pat, if you are unsure, I am fine making that deal. I’d prefer the 3rd next year over the 4th this year.

  2. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Thx Alex
    Iam in 2 leagues with these guys
    1 drafted last night same format et al.

    These guys are coocoo for rbs… no way the top 4 picks arent rbs

    I moved deebo 109 a d 209
    For 104 (dobbins) a de , and 504 last night

    Wound up with dobbins, chase, trautman, bowden, and eno

  3. Rosterwatch!

    We had my rookie draft last night and thanks to some offseason trades with the advice from you guys and that Legend above me ( Baron VonIronCock ) I came out the draft with Dobbins (1.03), Vaughn (1.08) , Mims (2.03), Josh Kelley (3.06), Trautman (4.03) and Van Jefferson (4.06) so now my team looks like this:

    10 team Dynasty PPR (6pt passing TD, -2 INT)
    1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 (WR/RB/TE) 1 TE

    QB: Mayfield, Tannehill, Winston, Brissett
    RB: L. Fournette, Dobbins, Vaughn, Joshua Kelley, R. Jones, J. White, D. Freeman, G. Bernard, R. Armstead
    WR: Chark, D. Samuel, T. Boyd, Mims, Van Jefferson, J. Crowder, M. Jones, A. Lazard, A. Tate, D. Funchess
    TE: H. Henry, Trautman, G. Olsen, K. Rudolph

    These guys below can be claimed Wed so WHICH guys should I add and HOW MUCH would you bid from my $200 FAAB on each player respectively? Only one I know so far is spending $30 on Hurst but who else should I pick up and who would you DROP for them?

    QB: B. Roethlisberger, Rivers, Dalton, Stidham, Tyrod Taylor, Fitzpatrick
    RB: Boston Scott, Bryce Love, Lamical Perine, Calais, McCoy, Gore, McKinnon, Ogunbowale, Burkhead
    WR: Tyler Johnson, J. Gordon, D. Jackson, Conley, Reynolds
    TE: Hurst, B. Jarwin, D. Knox, Sternberger, Hollister

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