PRO Trashman’s Fantasy Playoff League Rankings Cheat Sheet

Please note, these are not weekly rankings to be used in “one-and-done” formats, but rather, rankings for if you are drafting a team with plans of using the players selected for the duration of the playoffs. For this reason, I’ve taken into account which teams I believe will advance throughout the playoffs in sorting the various players’ values. It is set up like the RosterWatch Cheat Sheet, but you can be more liberal with the rules in this one and don’t necessarily always have to select the highest available player if two players are relatively close and you need positional help at a position that is lower on the sheet. There are a few small injury situations we are still monitoring, so make sure you DL the sheet at the nearest-possible time to your draft in case of updates.

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  1. Thank you so much! Will you update at all?

  2. Happy and healthy New Year, Trashman!!!

    10 of us are doing a weekly fantasy pool for the playoffs.
    You can only use a player once.
    Each of the 4 weekends we each pick:
    1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1te, 1flx, 1k, & 1dst.
    It’s not a draft. We each pick from all available players that each of us have not used the preceding weekends.
    e.g., I can only use Michael Thomas once. All 10 of us can use the same players.
    You have to save some players for the SB.
    I’ll let you know how the software works.

    Best Wishes,


    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      those leagues are super challenging
      I will say this – maybe keep the kicker and def for a team u think will be in the bowl.
      for me its lutz and saintz def
      Thomas likely opponents are min – gb – then sea or sf
      the saints WILL beat gb – but will u want to keep him to play vs sf ?
      maybe this week is the week we play MT vs Min

  3. Post By Byron Lambert

    Thanks fellas– Happy and Healthy New Year to all of RWNation!

    Baron- may the cock stay strong in 2020– just answered your dynasty question inside the previous post on the Ticker…..

    1. Post By

      That just sounds wrong…

      1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

        BUT FEELS SO RIGHT !!!!

  4. Thanks Trashman. Think you missed Deshaun Watson though.

    1. jesus, thanks for the heads up, I added him in.

  5. Wanted to throw out a thank your for the continued good advice from the Roster Watch team this year, won a back-to-back championship in a 10-team league I have been a part of for 25 years.

    In a playoff fantasy league (1-point PPR), is it safe to say that Goedtert will be the play over Ertz? Not looking good for Ertz, and even if Ertz plays, Goedtert will be a factor, right?

    1. thanks for all your support Daryl, I don’t think Ertz is going to play and Goedert should be a great option either way. I don’t really know how you can push Ertz back so quickly with a lacerated kidney when he wasn’t cleared for contact yet on FRI.

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