Trashman’s Favorite 2020 RB Sleepers (Video)


  1. Hunt should be flex worthy good call there. What about Lyndsay? With improvements to that Bronco offense do you see enough there for Melgo and Phillip to both eat? Surprised you didn’t jump on the Antonio Gibson train here, he should have some immediate value in ppr from the rip, no?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Likely too many mouths to feed for a non traditional RB prospect (Gibson- who we loved before anyone else back in Jan) – to carve a big role early in an extremely crowded backfield. Although, we are happy to hold out hope!

      Not very hot for Lindsay, supposed he could be an occasional match-up based flex play— will be very difficult to choose when to start him…..that said if his ADP takes a dive, might be worth a flyer

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