Trashman’s Garbage Grab : Week 1

Trashman’s Garbage Grab : Week 1

Can you believe RW Nation?! It’s already week 1 of the NFL season, and it’s time to start sifting through the trash! For those of you who are new to the GG, this is a run down of readily available players on your waiver wire who are in prime situation to provide fantasy value this week and perhaps beyond. You’re probably rolling with your studs this week, and I don’t blame you, but these are guys who you can add for depth or use in DFS as well. 





Blake Bortles, Jaguars: It’s rare that I advocate for the rollercoaster ride that is Blake Bortles, but his opponent this week is a Giants team that allowed the most points to QBs in 2017. Yes, he’s minus Marqise Lee, but Donte Moncrief, Keelan Cole, Dede Westbrook and Austin Seferian-Jenkins should offer Bortles plenty of options.


Andy Dalton, Bengals: Dalton threw for 243 yds and 2 TDs against the Colts last season, which is pretty respectable for him. He gets a new toy in now healthy speedster John Ross as his no.2 WR, and he has oft injured TE Tyler Eifert at his disposal, for now. I figure it’s only a matter of time before the wheels fall off in Cincy, but this opportunity as about as good as it gets for them.  



Running Back


Jaylen Samuels, Steelers: Looks like Le’Veon Bell is out for at least the first week of the season, and everyone is talking about James Conner in his backup role. Conner isn’t available in your league, if it’s any good, but it’s likely that Samuels is. He’s an asset in the passing game, so it’s likely he’s going to see action along with Conner. He played all over the field in college, and is actually listed as a TE in some leagues, so Samuels could be in line for even more time on the field now that Vance McDonald is out.


Jeremy Hill, Patriots: Sony Michel is likely to sit and Rex Burkhead may be eased in. Look for Hill to see the goal line and maybe more in the highest over/under game of the week.


Mike Gillislee, Saints: Gillislee is playing the Mark Ingram role, except for the exercise bike, for the first 4 games of the season. He was very effective in a limited role while he played behind LeSean McCoy in Buffalo, and I don’t see him being a dud in New Orleans. He and Alvin Kamara are literally the only RBs on the Saints’ roster – Strike that. Jonathan Williams was added this morning. Even so, he’s going to get snaps. Hopefully, a handful of them will be at the goal line.


Jordan Wilkins, Colts: Marlon Mack is questionable at best to face the Bengals this week, and I don’t like his chances. Wilkins is the Colts’ best option at RB in his absence as rookie Nyheim Hines can’t seem to hold onto the ball. Working in Wilkins’ favor is a Bengals run defense that allowed the 2nd most points to RBs last season.



Wide Receiver


Danny Amendola, Dolphins: DeVante Parker just broke his pinky finger, so you’ll have to wait awhile before he can disappoint you this season. This just frees up more targets for Amendola who will do his best to make up for the massive target share that was Jarvis Landry.


John Ross, Bengals: Ross is all upside, as possibly the fastest player to ever enter the NFL. Too bad he has perennial game manager Andy Dalton as his QB. I don’t know, maybe he’ll be a breath of fresh air to the stale Bengals offense. If there was a player who could be just that, it’s Ross. He should have an easy enough time getting open against the Colts.


Anthony Miller, Bears: If you’ve been a member of RosterWatch nation for any length of time, you know that Miller is one of our golden sons, but I would be remiss not to include him in the inaugural Garbage Grab, as he’s still unowned in the majority of leagues. Green Bay gave up the 3rd most points to WRs last season, not that Miller should have trouble getting open anyway, but the Pack actually defend TEs pretty well, so Miller may just be the primary option in the middle this week. Either way, he needs to be owned.


Geronimo Allison, Packers: Allison is one of those physically unspectacular but hard-working players who I liked before he entered the league, if only he would get a chance to thrive on the next level. Allison has gotten that opportunity and has played himself into the no.3 WR role in Green Bay of all places. If you’ve been listening to our radio broadcasts or podcasts, you’d know that fellow WR Davante Adams has arguably the toughest schedule for a no.1 WR in the league. That means that Aaron Rodgers is going to have to look elsewhere more often than you might otherwise think, and Allison is going to be a beneficiary. He gets a talented Bears secondary this week.



Tight End


Eric Ebron, Colts: The Colts have two good TEs in Ebron and Jack Doyle, which might make targets hard to predict or come by, but they only have a couple decent WRs so we should see a lot of two TE sets. We’ve seen two TEs be productive in Indy in the past with Doyle and Dwayne Allen anyway, and that was with a better WR corps, so it’s well within the realm of possibility for Ebron and Doyle to both thrive. They get the Bengals this week, and they’re easy on TEs.


Ricky Seals-Jones: RSJ is young and largely unproven, but it says something that the Cardinals didn’t add any TE help this offseason. They fully expect him to be the guy in Arizona, and based off of his almost 17 YPC average last season, he is a big play waiting to happen. Look for him to stretch the field early and often for the Cardinals.


Austin Seferian-Jenkins: ASJ has yet to live up to his pedigree as a 2nd rounder in 2014, but he’ll get his best chance yet to produce in Jacksonville’s short throwing game. He’ll get some help against a Giants team that was dead last at defending TEs, amongst other positions, last year.


  1. Chris Hogan huh trash man? Good thing I listened lol oh well on to juju for the rest of the season.

    1. Post By

      One week does not a season make…. Common sense tells you that in the torrential down pour in Cleveland yesterday that it could very easily effect the passing games etc. All things being equal in a vacuum yes JuJu would be the play. I too share your frustration as I had Hogan in a big lineup as well and it cost me a win. But I understand the reasoning behind the call.

      1. I agree I still won in 2 out of 3 season long leagues, just teasing a little. I’m loaded at wide out and was more hoping he would blow up so I could trade him for a marlon mack or McCoy.

  2. The Trashman is the Best in the Business! Be upset with Chris Hogan and the Patriots, you know this info set you up for the season. I look forward to the Garbage Grab every week, Thank You Trashman!

  3. Need some lineup help for tonight:

    Down by about 25 points in a 0.5 PPR dynasty league. I have Lions Def going, but I need to decide on my last flex spot.

    My options are Kenny Golladay, and Cooper Kupp…. I am currently leaning more towards Golladay, and hoping he goes off, but should I play the safer choice in Kupp, and hope that the Lions D and Kupp can get me to that 25 point mark?

    1. Post By

      Well if you have the lions defense going and if they stifle they do what you want them to do then the Lions would not have to throw as much. It is kind of counter intuitive. That being said I would have gone with Kupp either way.

  4. Post By

    Who are your Week 1 pick-ups for Week 2

    1. Post By

      Genius takes patience… At least wait for ALL of the weeks games to end first!

  5. Told ya…Philip Lindsay, RB Broncos, is going to need to be on your Garabge grab and wave wire cheat sheet. I drafted him last pick in all leagues and started him.

  6. Bruce Ellington lol love that it came through

  7. Chances are I’ll have one of the last 3 picks for the WW this week. I really want Ekeler or Lindsay from Broncos. If they go before I can snag them who’s another RB you guys recommend?

  8. Do you think bell is coming back? I’ve been offered bell and thielen for Hunt and Miller

  9. Post By

    I think he is coming back. The question is when….

  10. Is Ronald jones worth keeping stashed at this point?

  11. What Seattle wr would you go after on waivers?

  12. Good Afternoon,

    With Delaney Walker out for the foreseeable future, I have an opportunity to drop him and pick up a flyer before tonight’s games, he was on my bench and I had Olsen in my lineup.

    Of the three supposedly relevant players on the Jets, Anderson, Powell or Crowell, who do you think is most worthy of a flyer?

    Thank you!

  13. Post By boricuamenace75

    Team Name Bulldogs

    Flex Help
    G.Tate or C.Kupp ?

  14. Post By

    Blount or Johnson? Only need 3pts in half point to win…

  15. Post By

    Own Gurley, CMC, Jamaal Williams, Conner. Should I keep Alex Collins and Clement or pick up someone on waiver wire?

    1. i could drop clement for a hot pickup

  16. Post By

    Still see Bell NOT reporting to camp. When or should I make an offer for Bell? Or do I ride the Conner train until he is of no value. Know he may not come back all season But if he wants to be FA at end of year he NEEDS to play at least 6 games.

  17. Trade question: I have ertz/Devante Adams got offered Hopkins/Eifert/Duke thinking about passing. Have Lewis/D Johnson starting as rb. Should I pass

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