Trashman’s Garbage Grab: Week 11

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Had to wipe off a little who-knows-what off these guys to get them ready for game time, but they should all work in a pinch. Here’s the Grab for Week 11


Running Back

La’Mical Perine, Jets

The Jets have said that Perine would be the primary ball-carrier coming out of the bye, and that makes sense, finally. We all know what we have in Frank Gore. It’s time to see what Perine can bring to the table as a 3-down back. Perine should see double-digit touches this week against the Chargers, who are the 10th best matchup. 


Gus Edwards, Ravens

Edwards is part of a 3-headed committee once again, but he still looks like the most productive back of the bunch, if last week is any indication. If any Raven RB does anything of note this week against Tennessee, the 8th best RB matchup, it will probably be Edwards. 


Kerryon Johnson, Lions

It looks like D’Andre Swift is sidelined with a head injury, so it will likely be all Johnson and Adrian Peterson to get the backfield touches this week. Johnson should offer a decent floor in PPR formats. 


Wide Receiver

Mecole Hardman, Chiefs

Hardman has actually had a pretty decent flood in games that Sammy Watkins hasn’t played in this season, and he could be the no.2 WR this week against the Raiders, with Watkins sitting again. He’s always just a couple of big plays away from a fantasy monster, 


Jalen Reagor, Eagles

Reagor is on his way to being the Eagles’ no.1 WR, and he’s still unowned in over 70% of leagues. He’ll probably be in the grab until that changes. He’s got a sweet matchup with Cleveland, the league’s 6th best WR matchup, this week.


K.J. Hamler, Broncos

Hamler has had 10 targets in back to back weeks, which makes him very fantasy worthy, especially in PPR formats. It helps his cause that Drew Lock looks like he’s going to tough it out and play through his rin injury. 


Josh Reynolds, Rams

Reynolds has largely gone ignored in fantasy over the last month, despite putting up double-digit fantasy points in 3 of his last 4 games and averaging 9 targets over his last 3. Tampa is a tough opponent, but they’ll pay the most attention to Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp, as most teams do. 


Tight End

Dalton Schultz, Cowboys

Schultz has been a safety blanket for all the QBs who’ve played for Dallas since Dak Prescott had his season ending injury, and I don’t expect that to change this week against a weak Vikings secondary. He’s a high floor PPR play.


Quarter Back

Taysom Hill, Saints

It’s against my better judgement to put Hill here, as he’s largely unproven as anything other than a running back who plays under center, but his designation as a TE in some formats makes him an intriguing play. Even if he doesn’t do much through the air, he should do enough on the ground to provide a decent floor. 


  1. Speaking of Taysom Hill . . . do I start him over Matt Stafford with his thumb issue?

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      If you start Hill, expect Jameis to get a good amount of QB snaps too. I know Taysom is the “Starter” but you just have to figure the Saints are up to some QB swinde.

  2. Standard: Ahmad or Gio ?


    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      Gio is set up to carry the load. Ahmed might have some ceiling erased from a healthy Breida.

  3. Post By

    Need a Wr and a flex ppr

    Justin Jefferson
    Rex Burkhead
    Curtis Samuel
    Ceedee Lamb

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      Justin Jeff, and Ahmed stick out to me. But a bunch of great optoons. Good luck!

  4. PPR Hearst or Goedert? And, would you drop one of those for Reagor?

    1. (Hurst, auto correct lol)

    2. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      I like Hurst Floor, but we know DG has that upside. I would want both on my team. Reagor is a hold, but not a must hold. He could have a nice game any week. That breakout feels close

  5. Mecole or Cam Sims? Thinking Mecole is the safer play but the high snap count for Cam is enticing. Need this for my WR3. Thoughts?

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      Mecole has a way higher ceiling
      Go there.

      1. Thanks for talking me off the ledge. Rolling with Mecole!

    2. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      I agree with Baron. I’m in for Mecole…but def not a safe play. Anytime you see Hardman get 2 catches for 25 yards you are not surprised.

  6. Post By John Hunsberger

    If I win I make the playoffs I’m currently down 20 after his lockette and Edmonds against my Kirk

    .5 ppr rb would you play mckissic , JT OR Burkhead (was all in for Burkhead until this Sony news )
    I’m already starting gibson

  7. Post By

    Garbageman RB Fill in? You riding w Gus the Bus or taking a shot w/ Devontae Booker?

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      As a jacobs owner iam always cringing everytime i see booker with carries.
      And he has bern vulturing tds!

      Go with booker for a 7.5 pt game in ppr

    2. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      Gus has been getting the most rush attempts in that backfield. Ride the Gus bus.

  8. Need help! 12 team std, team name: Grogan’s Heroes. Brees down, picked up Wentz, and suffered last week. Keep him today, or pick up Stafford or A. Smith off waivers?

    Thanks guys

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      Stay with Wentz in my judgment. I understand why you are holding your nose. He is not a lock but I think its your best bet. Good luck!

  9. Need help in my flex spot, trying to make the playoff push. Full point ppr need 1 from these guys, Reagor, Crowder, Evans, Kerryon Johnson or A Peterson is still available on waivers.

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      AP set up to carry the bulk of the load today. Even in PPR he has a nice projectable floor. If you dont like AP its never a bad play to go with Evans.

  10. PPR
    Flex. Fulgham, Reagor, Curtis Samuel, Fornette.

    TE. Goedert or Tonyan.

    1. Fulgham for me, tough one.

  11. Of these QB’s which would you start?


    Thank you

    1. We have Ryan and Newton back to back with Ryan just one spot ahead, GL.

  12. Is Hill worth starting over any of Jefferson, Higgins, Claypool or Godwin in my flex this week while he still carries TE designation. A little concerned about getting swindled by the Saints, but liking the upside of a superflex without a superflex spot. Thanks!

    1. Hill projects better than all of those guys, but it’s a real pain to not be able to start Jefferson. If he gets benched half way thru, you’ll feel swindled for sure, but the process play is Hill. You should be playing Hill in your TE and not your flex. I doubt you have a TE in right now that projects better than J Jeff. So Hill to TE, J Jeff to flex.

      Also, make sure you put him in your TE for future weeks right now so if his position gets switched in the future, you can still use him there.

      1. Starting Kelce at TE. Between the cheat sheet and a trading I’ve been able to put together a solid roster with help from the Rosterwatch Nation!

  13. Real garbage question here. Standard league non ppr.
    Ballage or Bernard? Do I dare start both over CEH?

    Gesicki or Schultz at TE?

    Thanks trash man!

    1. Not the trashman but I’ll say Ballage and Schultz. I wouldn’t start Ballage over CEH personally.

  14. hill at QB or rivers..

  15. I have one bench stash position to fill. Who do you prefer?

    WR- J Reagor, M Gallup
    RB- C Akers, D Forman, D Oginbowlo (I have J Robinson)

    My WRs are J Jones, M Evans, C Godwin, D Johnson.

    My RBs are A Jones, N Chubb, J Robinson, J Williams and A Ekeker on IR.

    12 team .5ppr

    Thanks for your insights.

  16. Suck my koch 3-7
    1 ppr
    Bernard or Parker?

    1. Think I lean Gio but check Trashman’s flex rankings.

  17. PPR Flex

    Perine, Kerryon, Hock

    1. Hock is the guy. They are going to need him today.

  18. Post By

    Wasted talent 5-5

    Need two ppr

    Aj brown
    Dj Moore

    Thank you as always

    1. all the “J’s” you can fit

      Justin Jefferson


      JU JU

      1. Post By

        Thank you Alan, happy thanksgiving

  19. Flex – Reagor or Lat Murray or Lev Bell?

    1. Lev Bell is interesting this week. Id play him, but Reagor is on the verge of a monster breakout. Be warned you could miss it.

  20. Erect Decker. 5-5
    .5 ppr
    Bernard, Anderson, Cooper, Evans, Antonio Brown?

    1. Its a borning answer but Evans has that TYD equity you look for in .5 PPR

  21. RB Q — Gibson or Ballage ? Thanks

    WR Q — need two. – perriman, pittman or reagor ?


    1. Gibsons weekly upside is prob the way you should go, but Ballage is getting the workload. Its an interesting question but I’d play Gibson. I have low confidence I am right on this questions. Good luck brother.

  22. Post By

    PPR Duke Johnson or Ahmed…. Also different league Flex Position Hunt or DJ Moore…Thnx

    1. Duke just keeps disappointing. I’d give Ahmed a whirl. Hunt is a nice play today. Beter floor than DJM with the same upside.

  23. Need 2 WR and a flex
    Higgins, Godwin, Cooper, Meyers, Chark.
    APeterson available for flex.


    1. Godwin and Chark stick out. But all those players are startable.

  24. Need 2
    C Kupp
    T higgins
    C Godwin
    J meyers
    What you think?

    1. Godwin and Higgins are a nice combo or floor and upside as a WR unit this week.

  25. (1PPR)
    FLEX: Gio Bernard, Darren Waller or Jeudy?

    RB: James Robinson or Gio Bernard?

  26. Post By

    Who do I sit this week? 2 RB 2WR 1 flex – 0.5pt ppr

    Dalvin Cook
    Keenan Allen
    Justin Jefferson
    Mike Evans

  27. Post By

    Need help please 1 pt ppr need a wr and flex out of :
    Will Fuller
    Tee Higgins
    Jacobi Myers
    Armari Cooper
    Naheim Hines
    Lamichael Perine

    Thanks in advance!!

  28. Post By

    I have Ekeler, David Johnson and Mixon all on IR.

    Will Mixon be back this year? Or is he safe to cut?

  29. Dobbins, gus edwards, or kerry on johnson? .5pt ppr, need one. Have kj in there currently.

  30. With Bridgewater out, am I crazy for starting Rex Burkhead in the flex against Houston? I would be starting him ahead of DJ Moore and Mike Williams in a .5 PPR. Thanks

  31. PPR Yahoo league. JAllen on bye. Tannehill my backup. Am I better off dropping him in favor of Rivers, Dalton, Carr, Mayfield, Hill, PWalker, or Flacco?


    1. Alex Smith also an option

  32. Keeper Q for next year. In a 10 team 1/2 PPR league what round would you project for Gibson? Thanks

  33. What was that part about Gus Edwards?

  34. Allen Robinson was removed from Trash mans flex rankings? Was at 30 on Thursday. Now can’t find him listed.

  35. Obi-Won Iwobi. 6-5
    1 PPR
    Mostert or Davis?

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