Trashman’s Garbage Grab: Week 5

Trashman’s Garbage Grab: Week 5

It’s Week 5, and I have a lot of options for you. Remember, it’s a garbage CAN not a garbage CAN’T…



Joe Flacco, Ravens: Flacco is averaging over 300 yards and 2 TDs a game this season with the best receiving corps he’s had in a minute. He should have a solid day against a Cleveland defense that gives up yards.


Running Back

Latavius Murray, Vikings: Murray isn’t a sexy play, but he looks to be the main rushing option for the Vikings in Week 5, since Dalvin Cook isn’t ready to go. The matchup against Philly stinks, but Murray could see several goal line opportunities behind the fast paced Viking offense.


Ty Montgomery, Packers: Montgomery benefits from a depleted Packer receiving corps. Davante Adams, may be the only regular WR starter to step onto the field Sunday.


Corey Grant, Jaguars: Grant gets to be the 3rd-down back and primary backup against a lackluster Chiefs defense that only gets saved by their unreal offense.


Wide Receiver

There are a lot of upshot WR plays this week, so I’m just going to list them in order of priority:


Keke Coutee, Texans

Taywan Taylor, Titans

Donte Moncrief, Jaguars

Christian Kirk, Cardinals

Antonio Callaway, Browns

Mohamed Sanu, Falcons

Marques Valdez-Scantling

Tre’quan Smith, Saints

Michael Gallup, Cowboys


Tight End

C.J. Uzomah, Bengals: Uzomah is replacing Tyler Eifert as the primary pass-catching TE for the surprisingly proficient Bengals. Cincy is down a receiver in John Ross, so that may open up some targets for Uzomah.


Antonio Gates, Chargers: Gates is getting more involved in the offense every week, and though he’s mostly used as a redzone option, the Chargers should get numerous scoring opportunities against a soft Oakland defense.



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    Who should I play? Kerryon Johnson or Marvin Jones in my flex? .5 pt ppr

    1. I think Kerryon

      1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo


  2. (PPR) drew Brees or Blake bortles

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo


  3. 1/2 point ppr need either Austin Ekeler or Keelan Cole for flex

    1. I would go with Austin Eckler

    2. Post By woo.jonathanwoo


  4. Flex need one full point PPR-Keke coutee, Nelson Agholar, Moncrief or Vance McDonald?

    1. Tough choice here. If Fuller can go I would probably go with Vance since Fuller will take away from KeKe’s targets. It is the SNF game so I would say go safe, not wait for Fuller (which is slated to give tonight a go) and go with McDonald.

    2. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Sushi is on track here. Hard to wait on Fuller, but I love the Keke play. Better to play it safe and not be pigeon-holed into a matchup that won’t bear a ton of opportunities if Fuller goes.

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    Have Lamar Miller as RB2…could pick up Lat Murray, Ty Montgomery, Duke Johnson or Mike Davis as 1 week play.

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Murray gets the volume.

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    Ppr league mixon or Chris Thompson in the flex ???

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Wow, your RBs must be good. In 1 PPR, it’s Thompson. In .5 PPR, I’d almost be more inclined to go Mixon. Mixon will get volume, but Thompson could easily see 10 targets in a shootout.

  7. Post By

    1 Point PPR – Should I go with Sterling Shepherd or take a shot with Marquez Valdes-Scantling?

    1. Shepherd since Engram is still out.

    2. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Aye, it’s Shepard.

  8. Post By @VeganPhoPlez

    Pick 3 for my DFS line up

    Ty Montgomery,
    Dion Lewis
    Corey Grant

    In the FanDuel SuperFlex competition with a ATL/Pitt on slot.
    Big Ben/AB/JuJu/McDonald with Matt Ryan and Julio.

    Just need 2 RBs.

  9. 1 ppr Past Due Bills 3-1
    Need 1 of these guys to play in my flex.
    J. Mixon, A. Collins, C. Ridley and M. Jones jr.

    Thanks RW Nation

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I think Mixon.

  10. Post By Michael Bender

    First tough week for PPR, I need 4 of these 6

    K. Allen

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      Wow, that is tough.

      Diggs, Allen and Mixon for sure.

      Personally, the fourth is a toss-up between Ingram and Boyd. I’m just not that enamored with Lynch, but I wouldn’t blame you for playing any of them.

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    today, 1.5PPR, E. Sanders or Joe Mixon for flex?

    1. Hopefully Mixon isn’t limited but reports suggest that. With it being 1.5 PPR, I am leaning Sanders. But I am rolling with Mixon in my 0.5 PPR league.

    2. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      1.5 PPR is really tough to ignore a top WR option like Sanders.

      We’re expecting Mixon to get volume, so I’m with Sushi on Mixon for .5PPR, but anything more in terms of PPR should really learn towards a volume pass-catcher.

  12. 1 PPR Questions:
    TE: Vance McDonald or Jordan Reed?
    WR (Need 1): Amari, Marvin, E.Sanders, Boyd?

    1. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      TE is close. Both games could be high-scoring. I like McDonald a little bit more, but it’s almost a dart throw between the two.

      WR. I don’t trust Amari, and I have him. This is a tough four to pick from though. I think Boyd. Dalton has been playing much better.

      1. Agree for both. Rolling with Vance since he has Big Ben vs Smith. Also rolling with Boyd since he has been playing lights out with Dalton at the helm. Thanks!

  13. Standard scoring need 1

    D. Freeman
    E. Sanders
    M. Ingram

    1. Freeman probably. Might not go wrong with Sanders either.

    2. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

      I kind of like AP here, but Freeman should get plenty of work.

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    Flex. Sanders. Royce Freeman or john brown. Need 2.

    1. Woops answered in another section. Freeman and Brown would be my choice.

  15. Another one: Drop Callaway for Taywan?

    Stashing for long term (not dynasty).

  16. Freeman and Brown

  17. Trashman – so low on Dede vs KC? Flex tool says play Brieda over him, the knee makes me a little nervous

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      agree w/ Trash here

    2. it’s just a coin flip over which jags wr gets left out every week. i think breida has a beter shot to score. i don’t mind dede if you’re looking for an upside play

  18. .5 PPR Alex Collins or Latavius Murray?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Prob LM

    2. collins is safer, tough matchup for murray

  19. .5 ppr

    Drop Agholor for coutee, sutton, or Montgomery ?

    Will not play this week, looking for long term and potential trade value.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Coutee or Sutton- I lean sutton

    2. i think coutee has the longterm value with the better qb than sutton. i could drop agholor for him. it is a risk though

  20. Post By Kenneth Bone's Mustache

    John Brown or Marv Jones .5 ppr?

  21. Post By madhatterd417

    Funchess or Dion Lewis @ flex? Ppr

  22. really John Brown over Kerryon in the flex?

  23. Post By

    10 Team PPR

    Doug Baldwin is available. Is it advisable to drop Crowell for Baldwin?
    My roster WR- Sanders, Thielen and Hilton.
    RB’s- White, Barkely, McCaffrey, Lewis, A..Jones and Crowell

    1. I would. You look good at RB. However, after this monster game from Crow, you may need to think about flipping him on a trade for a sell high.

  24. Post By "Dirty"(Shaunanigans1980)

    What you ya thanks about trading mixon for k. allen and d. Henry 14 team standard

    1. Tempting but I would not unless you’re okay in depth at RB. Given that it’s a 14 man league, I would not trade Mixon at all right now. This guy is an every down back and is very valuable.

  25. Would you drop Ekeler or Dion Lewis for a DEF

  26. Foreman worth a stash. Would drop Keke but it seems WR a lot deeper.


    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  27. Sooo I’m not smart and hadn’t paid attention to my lineup this week. I left Lamar Miller in my lineup and didn’t realize till now that he’s sidelined today. I’m winless and need to win this week or the season is a wash.

    Should I pick up Blue and drop Miller for the W?

    1. If you are to winning then maybe but too far in points after these afternoon games then I would suggest not dropping Lamar. Either way I would not drop Lamar at all at this point.

  28. Alright – dude is coming back again to get C Kupp from me in a trade!
    I have D Adams, C Kupp, T Boyd, A Robinson, J Gordon; and A Hooper (yea WK5 results!), E Engram & J Doyle….

    I get Ertz and I give up Kupp.

    I would trade two TEs to get RB support (I have Gurley, D Freeman, A Peterson, A Collins) and WR support, keeping two TEs, given my injury history and 1-4 start ( with a victory this week, based on WWCS and Trashman’s flex rankings, and of course the PODCASTS (regular and trade) and XM broadcasts!)
    What say ye, RosterWatch BrainTrust, from a (mostly) focused, maniacal, (usually) clear sighted member of RosterNation, IMHO!

    1. Oops – I will be 3-2, not 1-5!!!

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Getting Ertz for Kupp is a fair deal. Prob helps you win now. Make sure you check the Eagles BYE wk. You’ll need to be prepared to make more deals when Engram returns. Can you flex a TE in your league?

      I’d rather send him Boyd, Arob, or Gordon and throw in Hooper or Collins.

      1. Yes to flex – TE…
        Got it on alternate trades, keeping Kupp.

  29. Post By

    Standard league was offered D Adams and Drake for David Johnson. Do I give up DJ?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  30. Guy dropped giovani Bernard worth a big waiver budget spend?

  31. Team Name – Mother Tucker!
    8 team standard league

    Morning Gents,
    I find myself heading into Monday night 15 points behind with two positions yet to play, I have Michael Thomas as my WR1, but I cant decide on my flex for tonight, do I play Mark Ingram or Chris Thompson? I’m nervous about Ingram because it is his first game back, and I am nervous about Thompson because we have seen him neglected based on game plan and flow, and we know Thomas isn’t a lock for 15 points either based on last week. It’s all so confusing….

    I’m conflicted and would greatly value your input!


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    Hey RW Nation,

    Standard league…

    I was offered Dalvin Cook for my Royce Freeman and Marvin Jones. I do not play Marvin, but my only other RBs are Saquon, Fournette/yeldon, and Foreman. Kinda like the idea of getting Cook at a low-price…

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    Hey Trashman, who is Washington’s secondary WR given all the injuries(aka who plays the role of sterling shepard ton?) luv the show! Thanks Lukecage78

    1. Paul Richardson, thanks brother

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