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PRO Trashman’s Week 1 Flex Rankings: RB, WR, TE

Trashman HeaderOften times, there is nothing tougher (or more important) than deciding who your weekly flex-plays are. It can be a mind-numbing experience having to make cross-positional projections.

This season, our RosterWatch PRO community will have personal and exclusive access to our very own disgusting Trashman, who has carefully curated his personal weekly flex rankings in order to help you in gaining input about your roster decisions. Please refer to the Rankings tab for our staff positional rankings.

(Based on .5 PPR scoring).



  1. curious about Tua — Hill and Waddle are in your top 10 WRs yet Tua is near the bottom. Is Tua’s ranking based on the assumption that he will quickly sustain an injury?

    Also any news on K Walker’s groin injury?


    1. We have Tua as QB9, I don’t really consider that near the bottom. Also, the target shares of those two players make them outliers as far as exact correlation with QB scoring.

      We are still awaiting word on Walker’s injury. We’re keeping a close eye on it for sure.

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    Tyler Actually Made it. 0-0 0.5ppr 10 team

    If Waller is ruled out, who do I drop to pick up either Ferguson or Conklin? Achane, Roschon, Spears, Warren or MMims?


    1. You should be good with Waller – but IF, than I’d drop Achane for the day because he is expected to be Inactive

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        Thanks CO-D

  3. With Kupp out, would you use Van Jefferson over; Mike Evans, or Miles Sanders, PPR Flex?

    1. Mike Evans > Miles Sanders > Van Jefferson for me.

      Good Luck, Zilly

      1. Thanks it worked like a Charm!

  4. Need a fill in for Andrews. Most of the Usual Suspects are available: Johnson, Everett, etc. Or do I go with Likely? Defending another league championship thanks to RW Nation!

    1. Gotta role with Likely in this scenario! Good Luck

  5. Need 1 FLEX (PPR):
    Marvin Mims,
    Tank Dell,
    or Isaiah Likely ?

  6. Different Leagu. 1 FLEX (PPR):
    Elijah Moore,
    Marvin Mims,
    or Isaiah Likely ?

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