Tuesday Lunch Break

Tuesday Lunch Break
Byron Lambert, Rosterwatch.com

– Matt Ryan is an overrated fantasy football QB while Matt Stafford looks great.
– Roddy White, Vincent Jackson, Larry Fitzgerald, Dwayne Bowe will get theirs.
– Matt Forte is a stud especially in the passing game. He is in for another great year.
– The Ryan Fitzpatrick to Stevie Johnson connection in 2010 does not look like a fluke.
– I hope you were not relying on Matt Cassel as your starting QB.
– Holy Cam Newton! This makes Steve Smith owners a lot happier.
– At this rate it will take Donovan McNabb 13 weeks to match Tom Brady’s week 1 yardage.
– Mike Tolbert is going to hurt a lot of folks again this year.
– What is wrong with Pete Carroll? Tavaris Jackson really?!?
– Redskins may be much better than expected. Grossman was really spreading it around.
– Is this the most passing yardage we have ever seen in one week? Henne for 400+?
– Reggie Bush looks like a solid flex play every week. Fins offense really opening it up.
– What is wrong with Tony Romo in crunch time? Dez Bryant is an abolsute freak.
– Don’t expect Mark Sanchez to throw for 300 yards every week.
– Plaxico Burress could go for 10 TDs this year.
– The Patriots TE’s are fantasy football gold.
– Run DMC is going huge this year. Surprisingly DHB got a lot of targets and looked good.
– Speaking of DMC; I think the 3rd year breakout rule will apply to Beanie Wells in 2011.

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