PRO VEGAS TOOL: Week 2 DFS Values Based on Vegas Player Props

alex bylineHere is a tool you can use in your Week 2 DFS research. We’ve aggregated all the open NFL player props available to us to identify how Vegas sees the fantasy production occurring in this opening weekend of action.

By gathering the Las Vegas over/unders on receptions, rushing and receiving yards, we can compare the projected output to the DraftKings/FanDuel pricing as a tool in gaining an edge.

We can, of course, also use it as a tool in making decisions for our season-long leagues as well.


– This is not a comprehensive list of all players, but we do our best to find as many props as we can across dozens of different sports books. Players will be added into the spreadsheet as the bookmakers get them to us through Saturday evenings in-season and later in the week during the playoffs. Please check back leading into lineup lock if you don’t see a player you’re interested in listed on the sheet.

Due to the fact that we pull props from numerous sources both online and private, sometimes props between books and line-makers can differ, especially when getting them as early as we do. If we notice a major difference between two reputable books, we’ll update the sheet to use the average of the two props given, while accounting for juice.

– These are not RW official projections, but rather, an additional tool to aid our members in decision making.

– This is not the RosterWatch DFS Cheat Sheet. Cheat Sheets can be downloaded here once available.

– Players with no over/under receptions props available have been supplemented with implied associated stats based on season averages and/or recent trends.

– The “Bonus” column is indicative of the three-point bonus received on DraftKings for rushing or receiving for 100 yards. Players with organic production projected by the bookmakers at 89.5 yards (rushing or receiving – not combined) or over receive three points, 79.5-89.5 receive two points, 69.5-79.5 receive one point.

Click here to go the shared spreadsheet (PRO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED TO ACCESS)


  1. Post By

    Yeldon or TY in flex. PPR

    1. tough, probably hilton

  2. Post By Austin Benedict

    Assuming Fournett is out, who to start in a flex spot in a PPR:

    -Golladay (already starting Marvin)
    -Anthony Miller

    1. burkhead if he’s cleared, golladay if not

  3. Ok….now I’m sure Fournette is not worth starting. Here’s the deal….12 team PPR. Going to start L.Miller and C. Hyde, but I have Yeldon also. Considering starting him in my flex. I currently have A.Robinson in my flex, but I’m starting T.Burton as my TE. Could be too much Bears offense? Should I divide then up, and roll with Yeldon in the flex? Maybe leave Robinson and start Yeldon instead of Hyde? Please, your thoughts. Thanks guys!

      1. Yeldon in the flex, or for Hyde?

        1. Yeldon is the safe play. Like them both

  4. Crucifixion? Good.: 1-0 – 10/team PPR
    need (1)RB + (2)FLX of these (5) players
    starting: k.hunt / j.conner / juju smith-schuster
    benched: s.diggs / e.sanders


    1. Looks solid!

  5. Drop Josh Gordon for any of Enunwa, Doctson or Calloway? 1/2 pt ppr.
    Doesn’t this have to be league discipline around the corner?

    1. No. Let’s just see what happens. There are always WW wr avail. If you did it, Doctson is not in the equation

  6. Njoku or Callaway Rest Of Year? Lost Walker but picked up Jared Cook. Thanks!

    1. As a straight flex close call. If my only TE was Cook, I’d prob hang onto Njoku for a few wk. This is his chance to break out.

  7. I picked up Pettis earlier this week. Drop him for Calloway now?

    1. Probably, yeah

  8. Would you start Garoppolo or Mahomes this week?

    1. Go with the rankings!

  9. Are the ranking on the rankings tab for standard or ppr?

    1. .5 ppr

  10. I have RB problems next 4 weeks. I have both Mixon and Freeman. Rb now Gurley, kerryon, and Aaron jones. Are any of the following worth picking up ( could drop k Cole or Miller time)
    Buck Allen


    1. Need to start 2 RB. 1/2 Pt ppr

      1. I think I will go for G Bernard and drop Cole.

        1. All Mixon owners should own Gio. It’s fine to drop Cole

          1. Post By

            Short bench, and I have Barkley, Gordon, Conner, Mixon, Michel, and Kerryon. Drop Kerryon for Gio?

          2. I don’t think so unless you need to start gio, which i don’t think you do. Johnson has a higher upside than gio on the season

  11. Post By

    Standard scoring….. Yeldon or Hunt??? I keep flipping the coin.

    1. Post By

      Assuming Fournette is out of course…

    2. Yeldon is the safe play if Fournette is out. Hunt is the upside play.

  12. Full point ppr
    Current RBs: Saquon Barkley, Joe Mixon, Rex Burkhead, Sony Michel, Derrick Henry, Mark Ingram, Rashaad Penny

    With Joe Mixon out for the near future, would you pick up Gio Bernard or Aaron Jones to fill in the next couple of weeks? If so, who would you drop?

    1. Yes, all Mixon owners should own Gio!!!! Prob drop one of the patriots RBs

  13. Post By

    Drop DJ Moore for Callaway?

    1. Yeah

  14. Wait, it is Calloway or Higgins that we want with gordon leaving the team???

    1. This week prob Higgins, on the season prob Callaway.

  15. I have Fournette, if he is out, am I going Yeldon or Chris Thompson in a 1 pt ppr

    1. Prob Yeldon just based on volume. Close call, 2 good options

  16. Drop Chubb to pick up Calloway?

    1. Prob so, yeah

  17. Standard league, I have Gurley, Howard Chris Carson and Kerryon. Just picked up Michel. Was offered Doug Baldwin for him. Have AJ Green, TY Hilton, Josh Gordon, Marv Jr, Agholor and Cobb. Would you do the deal?

    1. I think it could pay off, you have the depth to wait for Baldwin


  19. Who to start in place of Gordon this week? Chris Carson, Dion Lewis, Corey Davis or Chris Godwin? 16 team standard league so the wire is trash, ex: someone already grabbed Callaway.

  20. Saquon Barkley owner here. Is there a definitive handcuff for Saquon?

  21. Post By

    Hey Byron… higher up you said all Mixon owners should add Gio. I have #1 waiver claim position so can add him. But we have a short 5 player bench, and my RBs are Barkley, Gordon, Conner, Mixon, Michel, and Kerryon Johnson. Drop Kerryon for Gio?

  22. Njoku or E. Engram? Or add Hooper or Ebron and drop one of the two before. 1 ppr. Thanks. Listening to the show as well !!

  23. Ppr league, RW with L. Fournette most likely sitting out today I need with my flex spot.
    C. Thompson
    Tj Yeldon
    M. Jones jr
    R. Cobb
    Thanks RW you guys rock!

  24. Post By

    14 team PPR (Trashman’s Listener League). Lost Delanie in Week 1. TE –> Jesse James, Ian Thomas, Will Disley? George Swaim….ugh.

    1. James if no vmac. Otherwise, I’d probably go for disley’s upside

  25. Mixon owner here. I just traded Mike Williams to acquire Gio. Good deal?

  26. need 2 out these 4 in PPR flex:
    Jordan Howard
    Tevin Coleman
    Golden Tate

  27. Great work guys. O appreciate your assistance.


    Would you drop Jordy Nelson for either B
    Marsh or Callaway?

    My other WRs. Julio, Ju Ju, Watkins.


  28. 1pt ppr A Miller, Hogan, Kupp, A Robinson need 1

  29. Byron/Alex/Trashman,

    Is going Big Ben, AB and Conner too much for a cash game?

  30. Should I drop Falcons Def and pick up Jets now that the two corners for the Falcons are out?

  31. 1 point PPR
    Pick up TE J Cook. Or A S-F. To play instead of Njoku I would have to drop Njoku and those 3 are all that’s left of TE on the wire

    Who do you like better for ROS? AMiller or CHogan

  32. Need 2 in 1pt ppr: E Sanders, L Miller, D Adams

  33. Post By

    1.5 PPR, who for my flex week 2 do you think?

    James White
    George Kittle
    Phillip Lindsay

    Thank you,

  34. PPR play 2RB 3WR 1 flex Have CHogan and A Miller I have MGordonIII so thinking of picking up Eckeler for insurance Which of the 2 WR do I drop?
    My other WR are THill, JuJU Smith-Schuster, NAholorMarvinJones (and the 2 above)

  35. Guys help! Need 3 of these beasts! Juju, diggs, Sanders, hill.. I know crazy production this week. Help plz.. I mean I can’t go wrong?!

  36. Guys, true update that Greg Olsen is out 5-6 weeks?? If so, should I drop?

  37. Standard scoring, based on current update on Fournette, need to choose my RB2 between Yeldon and Hyde; leaning Yeldon. Agree?

    For my Flex, deciding between Hyde/C Carson/Hilton/Kupp and leaning Hilton. Agree?

  38. .5 PPR Yeldon or Agholor?

  39. trade question: I trade away Kerryon Johnson, i get Amari Cooper in return. Neither will start this week.

  40. FFPC league where TE gets1.5 per catch. Need a flex Williams of Green Bay cook of the raiders or Godwin

  41. Post By

    Would you trade alex Collins for brandin cooks straight up in ppr? I have saquon, mixon, burkhead, Crowell, Hyde and ekeler at rb. Wr I have Keenan, juju, agholor, Cobb and Brandon marshall

    1. I think that’s a solid move

  42. Who would you rather pick up standard scoring?

    Dante Pettis or Callaway?

    Dropping DJ moore

  43. Trashy, 1pt PPR, hogan has the tough matchup. Pu Calloway or a Pettis for today but I may have to drop Anthony Miller or Godwin

  44. Yeldon or Royce Freeman?

  45. PPR flex CHyde or JWhite?

  46. 1pt PPR should I start Jordy or Dorsett?

  47. I switched Big Ben to Watson at 12:55 in all of my cash lineups…that did not work out well.

  48. Trade offer I receive Yeldon for Lindsay. My current RBs are: Fournette, Collins, Hyde, K. Johnson, J. Williams, M. Breida

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