Moving Time

Week 3: Moving Time
Byron Lambert,

Right now your team’s record is either: 0-2, 1-1, 2-0. Its week 3, accounting for almost 25% of the fantasy football regular season. By now you are starting figure out what kind of team you have. This is the week to set a tone for the season and forge the path your team will take this year. Its time to move away from choosing your starting roster based on draft position and start making plays based on anticipation, intuition, and production.

Teams that are 0-2 absolutely cannot afford to lose this week and start 0-3 or, I hate to say it because you might stop reading my articles, your season is already virtually over. The vultures will be circling. What a major flop of a season that would be.

If you are 1-1 this is your opportunity to begin operating from a position of strength by winning and going above .500.  If you go 1-2 your team is now 2 consecutive wins away from going above .500 or 1 loss away from being on life support. Its time to come strong and set your path as a winning team and give yourself the 2 game cushion against a role reversal.

Obviously, undefeated teams going into week 3 can already begin setting themselves up for the playoffs. If you can pull off a win and go 3-0 your team is obviously good.Your record will be such that you are almost a lock for the playoffs only needing 4 wins in the next 10 games to most likely qualify for your league’s playoffs.

Now that its week 3 antes and blinds are going up. This is when successful owners take that leap of faith. Be willing to start taking some risks. Trust what you have seen and start following your instincts. No more wait and see.

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