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Week 5 DFS Main Slate Breakdown and Walk-Through: The BLITZ (Premium Video and Podcast)

Alex Dunlap, Derek Carty and Will Priester walk through the Week 5 Main Slate on DraftKings and FanDuel. This week only, the BLITZ is free to all to watch on a preview-basis.


  1. Would you start Ryan Tannehill or Trevor Lawrence in week 5?

    1. tough decision but I lean Tanny

  2. Post By

    With CMC probably out this week I need one of the following.
    M. Carter
    Tim Patrick
    Z. Ertz
    E Mitchell
    R. Cobb
    M. Sanders

    1. Patrick in PPR Mitchell in everything else for me

  3. Need to put Kittle on IR but it’s taken up by TY and Jeudy, which would you drop to make room for Kittle?

  4. Ppr. With kittle now on IR should keep will fuller who’s on IR or should I drop him for Elijah Moore, Alex colins or hold him?

    Also last flex spot tee Higgins, Sutton or Emanuel sanders?

    1. Fuller is droppable but I’m not sure I’d do it for either of those two. Sutton out of those guys now that we know he’s active.

  5. Post By

    1 PPR need 1 Kyle Pitts, Amari Cooper or Damian Harris

    1. Prob roll with Amari

  6. Post By

    Need Help Half Point PPR in a couple of leagues

    Flex position

    Pollard,JuJu,Mel Gordon, K Toney. Singletary

    TE Kittle down
    J Smith or Seals Jones

    Lamb AJ Green or Mike Williams


    1. Pollard Jonnu and Lamb for me, tough one. GL

  7. 12 team PPP. Flex question – Eli Mitchell, Curtis Samuel (if he plays), or Kadarius Toney?

  8. Mike Will, J.Chase, Diontae, & Mac Jones need 3 in ppr super flex. Got the big performance from DK Thursday and Adams is my WR1(it’s a 12 teamer lol)

    Also, Tee Higgins or Zack Moss in ppr?

    1. Mac Jones and Mike Williams, tough choice on the WR, they all project within a point of one another GL

  9. Post By John Hunsberger

    Asked yesterday before this news of Mixon playing

    .5 ppr (matchup tool says play bengals)
    Do I play Mixon , perine or lat Murray

    1. I am personally playing Murray over Mixon. I hate it but I think it is probably right. Who knows.

  10. Post By Colonel Jessup

    Standard scoring, flex spot Dionte Johnson or Swift?

    1. I go with Swift there.

  11. AJ Brown, Fournette, or Chubba in a flex spot.

    1. AJB but gotta kinda like Fournette for sure. tough call, GL

  12. QB today 4 points per pass TD,, 6 poins Run TD
    I have Cousins Play today or pick up DArnold, DJones, Taneehill,TLAnce or Burow?

    1. Prob just roll with Cousins, great matchup

  13. In PPR
    I am streaming TE
    I currently have Cook
    I am slated to smash my opponent today in head to head

    Available are Gesecki Knox and ty Conklin

    Drop Cook and pick up one of these?

    Is one of the above better for ROS and to pick up for today too?

    1. I like Knox and Gesicki both better than Cook today, so pick one of them up and don’t count a win before the games kick off!

  14. In PPR hurting at 1-3 slated to win big today though
    My team Play 2 RB 3 WR 1 Flex 1 TE
    RB AKamara, JRobinson, MSanders, CEdmunds, M Davis, E Mitchell
    WR DHopkins, J Chase, Ant Brown, HRuggs
    IR JLAndry
    TE JCook

    Should I dump any or all of these? MSanders MDavis HRugsIII
    For any of these to hope for better this season? Available are
    RB Rh Stevenson, Darrel Williams McKissick
    WR C Samuel AJ Green

  15. PPR in a smaller league
    I have Kittle
    Available are Knox, Brate, Schultz and Conklin
    Which to pick up and play this weekend?
    Any of these better for a few weeks until Kittle returns?

    thank you

    1. Knox this week and next couple. Has a bye week 7, but could be a good option ROS

  16. I have MGaskin and C Sutton in PPR
    Would I rather pick up any of the below for my bench and drop either or both of the 2 above ?

    RB Fornette N Hines Jamal Williams Lat Murray Z Moss McKissic
    WR T Higgins Dionte Johnson

    1. drop Gaskin for LF and Sutton for Diontae

  17. I am streaming defenses this year. Available defenses to pick up. Who should I pick up?


    1. Vegas this week for me

  18. need two for flex 1/2 ppr. – lamb, higgins, mattison, gibson, damien Harris or zach moss. thanks

  19. lamb and gibson unless Dalvin is out, then go Lamb and Mattison.

  20. would you call it a toss up between Gibson and Damien W?

    1. No- I’d play Williams

  21. PPR need 2 of these guys: D. Swift, Tim Patrick, A.J. Brown, Antonio Brown, Damian Williams. Thanks!

  22. Post By PhillysPhinest

    Need one in 0.5 ppr… Sutton, AJ Brown, Boyd? Already playing Chase and K Allen

  23. Appreciate the video

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