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PRO Week 9 DFS Main Slate Breakdown and Walk-Through: The BLITZ (Premium Video and Podcast)

Alex Dunlap, Derek Carty and Will Priester walk through the Week 9 Main Slate on DraftKings and FanDuel.


  1. Post By

    Drop Dernest Johnson or AP for Jeff Wilson? Or keep what I have

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d probably drop him for AP – it’s close though- not thrilled about any of them. Wilson is quite interesting if Mitchell sits or gets re-injured

  2. PPR flex pick 2

    David Montgomery
    Van Jefferson
    Javonte Williams
    Darrel Willams

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Van Jefferson and Darrell Williams

  3. Need Input,

    Full point ppr. Can start 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, and 2 w/r/t flex. Record is 3-4, and I keep running into highest scorer most weeks. Need a win to stay in the standings logjam. Would you make this deal or hold tight?

    James Robinson, Hyde, and Tee Higgins

    To get:
    Sanders, Gainwell, and Justin Herbert (going to counter with having him add Diontae Johnson to make up for Higgins loss and he keeps pushing Pitts, Mark Andrews, or Etiene keeper rights as a throw in too)

    Rest of team
    QB- Hurts, Taysom Hill
    RB-Kamara,Mike Davis, AP, Jamaal Williams(IR)
    WR-Ceedee, Keenan Allen, McLaurin, Agnew, AJ Green(IR)
    TE-higbee, Freiermuth, knox(IR)

    If I stay put who would you start at rb2 and flex from
    Mike Davis


    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I don’t think so- I don’t love getting Sanders / Gainwell, Herbert is nice but I think you are fine w/ Hurts, Diontae would be a upgrade over Higgins- but I like Higgins so that is not a mega selling point- and you are giving Robinson a very valuable player away. I’d prob stand pat.

      In your flex you should play Higgins this wk. The other guys in PPR crazy to say is probably Agnew

      1. Okay. I’ll keep chugging along and try and weather the storm.

        Would you go with , ap, or hyde at rb if robinson is out?

        Thanks Byron

        1. *davis, ap, or hyde

  4. Post By Show Me Your TDs

    Full PPR, Flex out Higgins or Jeudy? leaning Higgins Thanks

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Tough call, I like them both this week. I think I would go w/ Jeudy in a better matchup – higher game total- projected to be playing from behind

  5. 12 team PPR—
    In my flex should I play Tee Higgins or Eli Mitchell?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d roll Higgins

  6. Standard league need 1 of these three… C Hubbard, T Boyd or AJ Dillon? J Wilson or Hyde are available on waivers also. Currently I have Njoku at TE. Fants backup is available on waivers, thoughts?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Probably. Dillon in Standard-

      if James Robinson sits there’s also a decent case for Hyde but even still that’s a pretty ugly matchups vs BUF—- so I’d probably like Jeff Wilson more there esp since JJ Watt is out in ARI now. But, I’d still probably give Dillon an edge over Wilson at this point

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Can you get Dan Arnold, Evan Engram, or Pat Friermuth at TE?

      I’d prob go Njoku over Albert O- esp w/ Odell out

      1. Arnold is on wire other two are not. So Njoku or Arnold, tight call. You like Dillon over Chuba in my flex so I will switch.

  7. Post By

    1 Pt PPR – Need one RB Between Herbert or Montgomery, McNichols, Boston Scott or Tony Pollard.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d probably go McNichols if you think it’s going to be a split time or a cockamamie MNF swindle b/t Herbert and Montgomery.

      Scott and Pollard are also decent- I’d probably rank them Scott then Pollard.- but I think they are the last two options here.

  8. Must win this week:

    Pick two (half-PPR)

    Mitchell vs. ARI
    Scott vs. LAC
    AP @LAR
    Gainwell vs. LAC
    Gore vs. GB
    J. Wilson vs. ARI

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d go Mitchell- w/ the plan if Mitchell sits slide Wilson in

      Then I think you have to choose b/t Scott and Gainwell. Hard not to roll w/ Scott after last wk but for some reason I have a sneaky feeling Gainwell will get more involved this wk. If you absolutely cannot decide b/t those two I don’t hate rolling out Gore- but I really do think the best play is probably picking the correct SF and PHI RBs!

  9. Post By John Hunsberger

    .5 ppr bye week issues

    gore or AP

  10. Full PPR Gaskin or Jacob’s…

  11. One more J Cook or Higbee
    Thanks RW

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