PRO Wild Card Draft Kings Value Finder (RB)

Here is a tool you can use in your Wild Card Weekend DFS Research for DraftKings.

The spreadsheet features fantasy running backs and their DK salaries. We’ve also provided average DK points per game, median DK points per game, average salary on the season, median salary on the season, average and median ROI, season-frequency of 3x value on a given week’s salary and expected ROI on Wild Card Weekend salaries based solely on season average points per game. It’s also a good way to see whose prices are inflated or deflated for this week.

Use this tool in conjunction with the forthcoming RW DFS Cheat Sheets, Associated Trend Tools and Vegas Tool in making your lineup decisions.

Click here to view the spreadsheet


  1. What stats are the most important on this chart?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Average vs Median scoring, average pricing vs current pricing, expected return.

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