NFL Scouting Combine Notes – Eagles Brass 2/21/13

Coach Kelly and Howie Roseman at the Podium
Byron Lambert,

Thoughts from The Eagles Brass:

Coach Kelly says he vacillated on his decision where to coach. Ultimately, he chose what he considered to be the best fit in Philly. When pressed repeatedly by a contingent of dissonant Cleveland-area reporters as to why he chose the Eageles over the Browns, Kelly wouldn’t budge. He shot down speculation by repeatedly saying the Eagles were “just the right fit.” Take that how you will Browns fans, it means he wanted nothing to do with your team, city, or factory of sadness.

Dion Jordan, defensive end from Oregon and one of the most polarizing prospects in this draft is a prized former pupil of new Eagles Coach Chip Kelly. When asked about Jordan at his presser today, the former Ducks coach was quick to say that Dion Jordan is a player very special to his heart. No wonder Kelly used him as a versatile chess piece like we’ve never seen before. Coach Kelly has taken personal pride in Jordan’s development from a boy to a man—from his growth as a football player—to his noted versatility as a 6’7 defensive focal point.

Kelly has not had a chance to evaluate the whole roster with respect to free agency. Explicitly, he will rely heavily on the Eagles personnell department for that.

Coach Kelly is steadfast in his belief that Nick Foles will not be a square peg in his round offense. Kelly says he’s very interested in working with Foles.

In a contemptuous manner, Kelly answers the question that he really hasn’t learned anything from Bill Belichick that is helping him become and NFL coach.

Demeco Ryans is physical and he is a leader.

On adapting a college playobook to the pros – says it begins with everything on the table \, trying to figure out what translates to next level. The process stsrts with more than less. Currently wide ranging with a lot of components. They will then scale back, sharpen, customize based on the personnel as well as the projected competition.

Kelly cannot expand on Vick’s comments about playing in the same offense in 2006, says he hasn’t made it that far back but he does know Vick rushed for 1,000 yards that yr.

Howie Roseman-

Says drafting for Kelly not that much different than drafting for Reid both great football minds, primary interest is still drafting the best player available.

Super excited about Fletcher Cox – loves his versatility in 4-3 and 3-4 can play 0,3,4,5 ,etc… Only 21 yr old and so athletic with upside still loving his prospects.

Drafting defense for Kelly offense – requires depth because the offense scores fast.

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