2019 RosterWatch Ultimate Draft Cheat Sheet (PPR) Updated to V2.1


RosterWatch Nation, the time has come to once again dominate your fantasy drafts. The original epic three-step cheat sheet is now available for download to RosterWatch PRO members. Most of you have used the Cheat Sheet in previous seasons and you know it’s the simplest, most effective and most easy-to-use fantasy football draft tool on the market. The sheet has been receiving multiple updates since v1.0 as we work to firm up the initial structure to ensure balanced roster-makeup and the ability to target value with each pick.

The Cheat Sheet is a sheet of paper you print out, then mark off names as players go off the board. A few years back, we added the online tool with functionality to be used in the same way — either on your computer or any mobile device you’d like. If you follow the three simple rules (even a toddler would have no problem understanding them), you are, as always, GUARANTEED and expert-quality draft.

Just don’t break the rules by bastardizing the sheet.

DOWNLOAD V.2.1 of the 2019 RosterWatch Ultimate Draft Cheat Sheet (PPR) – START HERE!!!

We’d wish you good luck but you don’t need it. Don’t believe us? Just read the testimonials.


***The cheat sheet will be updated frequently through the NFL preseason. RosterWatch PRO users will have access to all cheat sheet updates, so PLEASE check to make sure you are using the most recently updated version before utilizing the tool in real drafts.

****Standard/.5 PPR and 2QB/Superflex sheets will be added soon.

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  1. Post By rw-RH3Y8l6Xw

    hey guys will fuller on the list twice

    1. I meant to swap him and Christian Kirk, will fix that.

  2. Im in a keeper league for the first time this season. Would you use this cheat sheet as a basis for selecting keepers? Its a pretty large number (up to 10 keepers out of 20 roster spots)

    1. You could, but the sheet doesn’t really work like that. Can you list off your eligible keepers and we can tell you who we would keep?

      1. Sure thing, and I appreciate the input, you guys are awesome.
        Andrew Luck, Case Keenum
        Melvin Gordon, Kenyan Drake, Tarik Cohen, Isaiah Crowell, TY Montgomery, Duke Johnson, Royce Freeman, Jaylen Samuels
        Michael Thomas, Albert Wilson, Devante Parker, Donte Moncrief, Geronimo Allison, John Ross
        George Kittle, Austin Hooper.
        Its a 12 team league and everyone can keep up to 15 players.

  3. Post By mjgoodsman@live.com

    What happened to Christian Kirk, I do not see him on the sheet?

    1. Ha, good eye, I meant to swap him and Fuller, looks like I forgot to paste his name, will fix.

  4. Curious how much longer for the standard cheat sheet? I know you state soon; but that has been the case since the end of May. Thanks.

    1. Byron is in charge of it and as always it will be up before he leaves on the training camp tour.

  5. Auction league with a $200 budget can keep one player for $10 more than you paid the previous year.

    Would you keep either Lockett or James White for $11 (got both for $1 last year) or just start from scratch?

    1. Oh also: 1/2 pt ppr

    2. would definitely keep Lockett for $11.

  6. Are you going to post 2QB-PPR and 2QB-Non-PPR version cheat sheets? If so, when?

    Also, along those same lines, it would be great if you devoted a podcast to the 2QB/QB Flex style leagues and requisite rankings and strategies.

  7. Post By DROCK_in_NC

    When you do your sims on the radio and pods how do you do them so fast. takes me a while to cross off all the taken players but you do them like instantly?

  8. Picking 12th (last) in a PPR league and based on mocks I’ve done, my first two picks have been OBJ and JuJu with the next two picks being a mixture of Marlon Mack, Damien Williams (falling to the end of the 3rd Rd) and Brandin Cooks. Thoughts?

  9. I just did a mock draft using the sheet and I got a awful grade

    1. On fantasy pros

      1. Post By Kwillee@hotmail.com

        Come on Rocky….. you have been here a year or two if I recall. Just because some other site does not like your draft because of their rankings etc does not mean squadooooosh! I laughed at that last season as well as the yahoos at my drafts! I had an awesome season winning 2 out of 4 of my leagues and and in the money in all of them! Stick to the plan follow the simple rules and have a great season!!!

        1. Hey thanks man I’m glad you remember me! This will be my second draft with the sheet and ur right last year I lost in the semis but I blamed that on losing Melvin Gordon when I needed him most. Trust the sheet

  10. Post By bjstix@yahoo.com

    When I use these in mocks I love the results, but tend to end up with very heavy WR teams. What positional breakdowns is the sheet to be used for…my league is 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1 Flex. I suspect the sheet was made for 3 WR starting leagues?

  11. When is the update happening?

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