GARBAGE GRAB (Video): Trashman’s Sophomore Slump Candidates


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    On the clock in a Dynasty Superflex TE Prem draft at the 2.12 – 3.01 turn. Roster construction is as follows:

    All starting lineups will consist of 10 players:
    1 Quarterback
    2 Running Back
    3 Wide Receiver
    1 Tight End
    1 QB, RB, WR, TE
    2 RB, WR, TE

    I picked Saquon Barkley at 1.01.

    OTB currently:

    QB: A Rod, Rus Willison, and Cam Newton
    RB: Gurly, Gordon, Lev Bell, Conner
    WR: Julio, AB, Cooper
    TE: Ertz, OJ, Hunter

    My thoughts were to for sure pick up 1 QB likely A Rod even though he is older and I considered Ertz since its TE Premium. Would it be too maniacal to double up on QB and not have to worry about drafting another one anytime soon? My hang up is all that value at WR and RB. What would you suggest gentlemen? Looking forward to the season fellas!!!!

    1. Don’t double up on QB, take your starter now and see if you can get Kyler and someone like H Henry at the 4/5 turn. Take QB and best available RB or WR, there are great options still on board.

  2. Post By @iHeartPhoChay

    Kyler got snatched up at the 1st turn dude picked him and Watson up. I probably should of waited but you know how these degenerates get in the off season when you take your time on the clock like football isn’t still months away lol. I ended up doing the opposite of what you suggested smh. Went A Rod and Rus anticipating a QB. Thanks for the feedback tho.

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    Great content, many thanks for your contributions! Keep up the great work!

    Pro Member with an upcoming keeper decision, please advise. 12-team; .5 PPR.

    -Damien Williams (13th)
    -Eric Ebron (13th)
    -Chris Carson (11th)
    -Sony Michel (5th)
    -Jerick McKinnon (13th)

    Thanks for your insight in advance!

    1. Let them know how many you can keep

    2. if it’s just one, williams

      1. Cheers!

    3. Can only keep 1..

    4. Williams all day

  4. Just finished my dynasty startup draft (superflex, te premium). Now I don’t have anything to do but hope my guys don’t get injured and work the trade market. What lower end rb, wr, or te’s are you really targeting that could breakout? I already drafted Mo Allie-Cox and Demarcus Robinson for cheap.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Just answered on air (SXM):

      Mike Gesicki
      Ian Thomas
      Josh Oliver
      Jonnu Smith

      *Hou and NO young TEs worth a deep look

  5. Nice to hear/see content from you Trashman and think its a great list well done, one piece of feedback for you though is cut down on the “Umm” I think you umm said it umm with every umm player 🙂

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