Adrian Peterson Fantasy Playoff Schedule

Adrian Peterson Fantasy Playoff Schedule
Alex Dunlap,

A trade in one of my leagues today brought up an interesting topic. Adrian Peterson was traded for what I regarded as a steal. In fact, had a winning team not been on the losing end of this trade, I would have honestly thought it may have been collusion. Soon, you will see our Rest-Of-Season rankings and he will be RB1 coming into Week 7.

The owner said he was worried about Peterson’s fantasy football playoff schedule, facing the Lions in week 13 (the first week of the fantasy football playoffs)

1) Get to playoffs and then worry about playoff schedules unless you are undefeated or a 1-Loss team. Week 9 should be when you are starting to gain an understanding of how you will seed, and the only time you can make a move to address this.

2) When in doubt, Get Sick. RW Doctrine.

We are talking about This Guy. vs. This Team





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