Will Ronnie Brown Have Value in DET?

Will Ronnie Brown Have Value in DET?
Byron Lambert, Rosterwatch.com

Yes, I think he will. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not expecting  huge returns but I think low end flex potential is a definite possibility. The real question is will you be the one to own him when he does?

I’ve said for quite some time that the Lions will need a power compliment to Jahvid Best. That was evidenced when they drafted Mikel Leshoure. Unfortunately, Leshoure was lost for the year to a preseason injury. Then after seeing the early season struggles in the Lions power run game I asked Paula Pasche of the Oakland Press, during our week 4 interview http://rosterwatch.com/?page_id=10 , whether the Lions would start to integrate a complimentary back and she thought probably so. One Jahvid Best head injury later it turns out that man is Ronnie Brown.

I believe  the terms of the trade tell us something too. It doesn’t make much sense to trade RB for RB to increase depth, that sounds like more of a style issue. Then you factor in the draft pick the Lions threw in and the Best injury. That tells me it was DET that solicited the trade. Which causes me to believe they have a plan or a vision for utilizing Brown.

We have all witnessed the fantasy fruits of the complimentary power/goal line back who is part of a good offense. 15 TD Jerome Bettis,Brandon Jacobs, Willis McGahee, Mike Tolbert, Michael Bush, etc…  The extensive list goes on and while I’m not expecting Brown to be as good as any of the aforementioned players you can see where this is going.

The problem? If you want him you probably have to pick him up now. There is a chance he has immediate value if Best is out for extended time with the concussion. More likely though is Ronnie Brown’s value developing over the course of the season. The challenge will be holding on to Brown during the bye weeks and through his transition. You may just have to time it right and wait for him to struggle and be dropped so you can swoop in and vulture him at just the right time.

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