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  1. Haven’t had a chance to listen yet – however with a 12th round keeper – you get one out of Paul Perkins, Martavis Bryant or Jamison Crowder? 1 PPR.

    My other value comes in at 11th round for Moncrief.

    We get two keepers but only one per round which they’re keeper cost is.

    Other considerations would be Derek Henry in the 6th, Demarco in the 2nd, Greg Olsen in the 3rd. To me, feels like I get these guys back if the cheat sheet allows it, their keepers seem to be their value.

    So, back to the original question; which of the 3 would you keep in the 12th and of the other options – it feels like Moncrief in the 11th, correct?


    Love the podcast you added this year (yes I gave my review)

    1. Thanks brother, we talked about this on Sirius today, we keep Martavis.

  2. I was just offered Cooks for DeMarco straight across, In the long run I think I should do it, but I won the championship last year and I should have a chance again this year. I don’t know if I should mess with a good thing. Then again, D. Henry will take some of the work. Should I pull the trigger or stay with what I got?

    Its a dynasty league with 1/2 ppr

    1. Post By Oldschool92

      PPR its DeMarco over Cooks. 1/2 pt its even wider gap for DeMarco. He needs to sweeten the deal for you.

      1. Tend to agree with OldSchool here but we must take into consideration the Murray doesn’t have the expected longevity of a Cooks. If you’re in win-now mode don;t make the deal. If you’re building for the future, I’d consider making the trade. Either way, try to get him to sweeten the deal and see what he comes back with.

        1. Alex is right of course. What I didn’t mention is if this is a vacuum player for player this year, the deal has to be sweetened. If your team is loaded with running backs better then Murray and you need wr’s then you could say yes. In a Dynasty wide receivers last longer but I see too many teams look ahead when the NFL landscape changes constantly. Murray has a definite shelf life as do all running backs. Cooks has been serviceable to good with Brees and should have a decent to awesome year depending on how New England uses him. Any player for NE can not be trusted week to week but if Cooks will be good for winning game scores some weeks if you can figure it out.

          1. Post By jhubert28

            It’s a 14 team league, so talent is pretty spread out. And we can start any combination of 6 players (RB’s, WR’s or TE’s), minimum 1 at each spot, so 1 RB, 4WR’s and 1 TE or 3 RB’s 1 WR and 2 TE’s etc…

            My current roster is:

            QB: Carr, Prescott
            RB: L. Bell, Marshawn, DeMarco, Prosise, J. Stewart
            WR: M. Bryant, R. Cobb, Garcon, Treadwell, K. White, C. Beasley, M. Jones
            TE: J. Graham, A. Hooper

  3. I caught the XM Show this afternoon… just jumped in the truck when you were discussing those three guys in the 12th and had to rewind my online listen to hear it was this question.

    I appreciate the conversation between those players in the 12th. My assumption is you’re taking Moncrief with the 11 over Henry, Murray, Olsen provided the value.

    Thanks a bunch for taking this one the radio.

    1. I didn’t see there was this second aspect. Yes, keep Moncrief, the others you should be able to get in those spots or later if you want them.

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    Keeper question involving Martavis….can keep two players….i was fortunate to have Julio and Zeke last year and can keep them but have to burn my first two picks. Or I can let Julio go and keep Martavis Bryant 16th.

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      ^^^Standard Scoring by the way

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