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PRO 2017 Fantasy Football Early ADP Consensus Top 140

Here is a simple tool that can help you with navigation of early mock drafts. It can also be used as a gauge of value when considering pre-draft trade and/or keeper scenarios. It is simply a Consensus Top 140 of offensive fantasy players’ average draft positions taken from five different draft and mock-draft providers: ESPN, FantasyFootballCalculator, MyFantasyLeague MFL Public Drafts, FFToolbox (Scout) Mock Drafts and NFL.com.

As industry ADP consensus comes more into focus in late July, August and leading up to Week 1’s kickoff, sites like FantasyPros.com will have terrific Consensus ADP data that will evolve in an all-encompassing manner with the changing landscape of top industry opinions and fantasy-drafter tendencies. For now, in order to gain a broader view of how communities are aligned and/or differentiated regarding player-specific ADP, this tool will hopefully serve as an early guide to the Top 140.

Remember, this is not a rankings tool or a drafting guide. It is simply meant for use as a supplement to aid in understanding the general landscape and value of these players at this early point in the fantasy football cycle. ALWAYS REFER TO THE EPIC AND MYSTICAL ULTIMATE DRAFT CHEAT SHEET FOR ALL REAL-DRAFT DECISIONS.

Click here to access the shared “Early Consensus ADP Top 140” spreadsheet on Google Docs.


  1. Post By carolinafirefighter03@yahoo.com

    Hey guys listen to you on the radio and just signed up for Pro. Quick question about keepers, not sure if this is right place to post as I’m new but here goes. I can keep 7 offensive players as long as at least 1 is a rookie if not only 6. It’s PPR and I’m keeping Newton and Olsen. Now RB and WR where it gets tricky. I can keep 2 at each spot but if one is a rookie I can keep 3. RB I have Howard, Perkins, Powell, and Procise. WR I have Diggs, M Thomas, Allen. So my question is which 5, M Thomas and Howard are locks. So really it’s only 3. Thanks for your input

  2. Post By jdecr@spectrumct.com

    Are you guys going to put out an updated ADP report??

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