All Cheat Sheets Updated for First Big Weekend of Fantasy Drafts


RosterWatch Nation, the time has come to once again dominate your fantasy drafts. The original epic three-step cheat sheet is now available for download to RosterWatch PRO members. Most of you have used the Cheat Sheet in previous seasons and you know it’s the simplest, most effective and most easy-to-use fantasy football draft tool on the market.

All sheets (Standard/.5 PPR, PPR and 2QB/Superflex) have been updated with up-to-the-minute news in mind, and may continue to be updated through the weekend depending on news. Please always make sure you have the latest version.

The Cheat Sheet is a sheet of paper you print out, then mark off names as players go off the board. A few years back, we added the online tool with functionality to be used in the same way — either on your computer or any mobile device you’d like. If you follow the three simple rules (even a toddler would have no problem understanding them), you are, as always, GUARANTEED and expert-quality draft.

Just don’t break the rules by bastardizing the sheet.

DOWNLOAD your preferred version of the 2019 RosterWatch Ultimate Draft Cheat Sheet – START HERE!!!

We’d wish you good luck but you don’t need it. Don’t believe us? Just read the testimonials.


***The cheat sheet will be updated frequently through the NFL preseason. RosterWatch PRO users will have access to all cheat sheet updates, so PLEASE check to make sure you are using the most recently updated version before utilizing the tool in real drafts.

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  1. Post By

    With David Johnson, Kallen Ballage, and Darius Guice as my only RB keepers, am I crazy to target guys like Tony Pollard, Alexander Mattison, and Darwin Thompson with my first couple of picks? I pick 7th in a Dynasty league, and the top rookie RB’s will be gone.

    1. Yes it would be. You should always draft the best player available in dynasty. You can then trade those guys for your needs

      1. I tend to agree, either that or trade down to where those guys are being picked and see if you can get extra 2020 draft equity.

        1. Post By

          Thanks, fellas!

    2. Post By

      How do I factor a kicker and defense into the cheat sheet?

      1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

        Last pick of all

        Choose a kicker from a team with a good offence, but one that just cant seal the deal in the redzone

    3. Pineback Punter here, I’m in a new .5 PPR Super Flex dynasty league, .1 point per yard, and have the first pick in a snake draft… yes snake . We can start 2 RB, 3 WR, and 2 WR/RB FLEX’s… I know the cheat sheet says to pick Barkley, but any trepidation picking an RB who’s more injury prone and shelf life expires way faster than a WR… thinking of going with Hopkins 1st overall.

      1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

        I like it man !

        But since the consensus is saquon why not try to move that pick ?
        then you can have your pick from Nuke, Adams, MT, JJSS PLUS another pick (the one they give you to move up) . Alternatively, you take Barkley and then try to trade him after the fact, but for what ever reason the draft pick trading always gets more return. I think the donkeys in the draft dont realize at the time that if they move from 109 to 101 plus they give you a 4th ( that fourth gets you 1st round talent ) like a kirk, or maybe a top qb, ( i like stealing goff in dynasty he should go later than 4th in startup).

  2. Post By

    I have a draft question. I’m keeping Kamara, Mahomes and Conner. I also moved players and picks and am drafting 1.06, 2.01 and 2.03 in a 12 team ppr.

    The Zeke holdout is turning my mock drafts upside down. I was targeting either Julio Jones or Davante Adams at 1.06 (Beckham is kept), but it looks like neither will be there. If Zeke falls to me at 1.06, do I take him or try to trade down and target Mike Evans/ Keenan Allen?

    1. Take Zeke

      1. agreed at this point, things seem to be looking up.

        1. Post By

          Thank you!

  3. Give us a Saturday slate sheet!!

    1. I’m hoping for this too!

      1. As long as you don’t ask for sheets on the last week of preseason, I’ll see what I can do ; )

  4. Post By

    Happy new year gents

    10 team PPR

    Must keep two (third costs $50 & lose 3rd round pick) I have the 6th pick.

    I have to consider
    T. Hill
    Dalvin Cook

    Leaning kamara, beckham and hill but with 4 of teams ahead of me only keeping two, would it make sense to risk the 50$ and keep only Kamara and Beckham and end up with probably Cook again, then draft WR in 4th or 5th?


    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Depends on what your total prize pool is- if it’s big I’d pay the extra 50 to keep an extra guy. If your total buy is only 50-100 to begin with, I might pass. I’d prob keep Cook- but if you can get him anyways- then keeping Hill instead is fine.

  5. 2QB Cheatsheet v1.6 – Delanie Walker is finally on the sheet at bottom, but Emmanuel Sanders is missing.
    Only thing they have in common is both were on injury lists for long time..

    PS Thanks for all you do 🙂

    1. I took Sanders off a while back, but I Will consider getting him back on.

  6. Post By Dumpster Fire

    I need to turn in my keepers for my 10 team, 2qb, ppr league. I can keep Mahomes in the 7th round, so I will do that. Then I have to decide between Joe Mixon in the 4th, Michael Thomas in the 8th, Sony Michele in the 11th and Julian Edelman in the 15th. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    1. Thomas in the 8th easy money.

  7. Post By

    Hi, 10 team ppr league. We changed our format to 1 RB, 2WR, 2 flex.
    We changed because of the often RB injuries. It still includes the TE, K, D.
    I have 4th pick (snake). Do I focus on grabbing WR’s early being it’s only one RB required? Can start up to three RB’s or four WR’s.with this format.

    1. draft as you normally would and follow the sheet. draft balanced, you can start up to 3 RBs and between 2-4 WRs, you need all those. Don’t change strategies over little things like this. This is a rule that makes your cross-positional in-season decisions harder, but should not affect your draft strategy.

  8. Also Carlos Hyde on 2QB sheet twice…. 🙂

    1. there were a few duplicates for some reason among players we shifted up on the sheet but those were taken care of within like 30 min of publish. If you notice anything still whacky let us know.

  9. 10 team standard. I pick #9
    I can keep Saquan at #9 in the first or Dalvin cook in the 5th. All top running backs will be kept. I can keep one.

    I can also keep a WR. Micheal Thomas at #12 overall, Hilton in 3rd or golladay in the 5th. I can only keep one wr. What’s best value ?

    1. At the RBs It’s virtually a coin flip for me. I wish you could just keep two RBs because your WRs are basically priced at their ADPs. With that in mind, I’d probably Keep Thomas as he’s the best overall option and others like him won’t be available at the turn given your keepers. Now that I think about it I might just start out Saquon and MT. Just lock in the two studs despite that great value on Dalvin.

  10. 10 team PPR monster

    QB- Kyler
    RB-Kamara, Conner, D. Cook, D. Williams, L. Murray, D. Henderson, and K. Ballage
    WR- Cooper, Boyd, Robinson, Ridley, Kirk, and Funchess.
    TE- Doyle.
    two flex league so not worried about heavy RB squad. Cheat sheet is MAGICAL

  11. 10 team PPR monster draft
    QB- Kyler
    RB-Kamara, Conner, D. Cook, D. Williams, L. Murray, D. Henderson, and K. Ballage
    WR- Cooper, Boyd, Robinson, Ridley, Kirk, and Funchess.
    TE- Doyle.
    two flex league so not worried about heavy RB squad. Cheat sheet is MAGICAL

    1. PPR drafts are going to be a little RB heavy by design. Great draft.

  12. Post By

    I did my first draft using the cheat sheets last night. Pre queued everyone up according to the cheat sheet. The draft went really well. 12 team league half point PPR league. I picked 9th in snake format (in order).

    Michael Thomas
    James Conner
    Marlon Mack
    George Kittle
    Kenny Golladay
    David Montgomery
    Tevin Coleman
    Corey Davis
    Kalen Ballage
    DeSean Jackson
    Lamar Jackson (small benches means plenty available if he gets injured)
    Anthony Miller
    Chargers (I’ll stream defense all year like usual)

    (no kickers, small bench, start 1QB, 1RB, 1WR, 2RB/WR, 1TE, 1Flex, 1D/ST)

  13. Thoughts on this team drafted with the CheatSheet – 10 team PPR. I kept Jaylen Samuels in the 16th.

    I picked 8th overall in a snake format – In order from 1st to 16th round.

    1. Julio Jones
    2. Dalvin Cook
    3. Kerryon Johnson
    4. Kenny Golladay
    5. Jarvis Landry
    6. Christian Kirk
    7. Latavius Murray
    8. Josh Gordon
    9. Kyler Murray
    10. Courtland Sutton
    11. Kalen Ballage
    12. Mark Andrews
    13. Jags D
    14. Wil Lutz
    15. Jared Goff
    16. Jaylen Samuels

    1. that a CS team for sure — LFG!

  14. 12 team very competive league 0.5 ppr ended up with:
    AJ Green

    Like the haul?

    1. think you did fine, I don’t know the structure of the standard sheet like Byron does, but looks very solid to me, top to botoom.

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        Think there may have been some bastardization here, but yes very solid haul

        1. Post By Baron VonIronCock


  15. Do you have any kind of cheat sheet for auction draft, with values of what you should bid for individual players?

    1. we don’t assign values for auctions because every auction is different and the sheet is about leveraging ADP and pricing vs. opponents – click on the link in the downloads section about how to use the special auctiion sheets in auction drafts.

    2. I do mostly auction drafts and the sheet can still be very useful. It’s always good to have an idea in mind on where the top guys will go but once you have 10+ players drafted you can start seeing where prices line up on the sheet. Obviously, I bid on the players that are much lower then the guys ranked in their range that have already sold. I’ve always been able to find “value” buys in the auctions.

  16. Love the Cheat Sheet. Any chance of adding Bye Weeks?


    1. We’ve asked about this before and with our current setup, adding anything besides team abbreviation breaks the code for the online tool. We will eventually get this remedied. In the meantime, you should have bye weeks available next to the player you draft in the queue of the site you are using.

      1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

        it could work by putting the bye right next to the players name ?

  17. Keeper question:
    12 team, standard league, fairly competitive

    Can keep up to 2 players (would lose pick 1-8 and 2-5): James Conner, Joe Mixon, Todd Gurley and Juju would likely be the top 4 options available to me. Worth keeping any of them or just roll the dice?

    Thanks in advance

    1. I think it’s fine to keep Conner and Mixon or JUJU in this case.

  18. We have a keeper league. My two best players are Devante Adams and Nick Chubb. Which one would you keep?

    1. I would keep Adams in a vacuum.

  19. Post By

    Hi , love the cheat sheet for draft however in later rounds the picks are happening so quickly that I find it impossible to keep up. Any thoughts? Any way to tap my draft room to maintain order?

    1. You gotta keep up! Just click each name as it goes off the board.

      1. Post By Zero Fcuks Givenm

        Man I see players I think should have atleast made the list & they aren’t even on there? KC RB Darwin Thompson could potentially be RB2 in the KC Offense. Carlos Hyde has looked like a slug in camp. Some KC Writers are saying they don’t even think he’ll make roster cuts. That’s a HUGE Opportunity for the kid. Andy Reid loves the kid.

  20. What’s up RW gang! Been using RW for as my go to Fantasy option for a few years now. If it wasn’t for injury or suspensions, I would have been champ three years in a row! Been high point champ two years in a row and because of injury and suspension just been edged out in playoffs. Finally got our commish to change to FAAB this year which is great! We are 14 team PPR 2-Keeper. I’ve got Chubb in the 9th and Mahomes in the 13th. I’m 7th pick but based of keepers I actually have the third pick. Looking in the Fornette, Gurley, Allen, Evans range. Am I crazy to reach for a different RB? I’m not 100% on those two, so then maybe pivot and go Evans? Thoughts?

    1. We are fans of Fournette but if you feel strongly about pivoting to Evans, it is fine.

  21. Auction Draft Tonight and this is what I got last night. 10 team .5 point reception
    QB-J. Winston, K. Murray
    WR-Mike Evans, Jarvis Landry, Mike Williams, Curtis Samuel, Josh Gordon
    RB- Zeke, D. Williams, Fournette, Mark Ingram, Tevin Coleman
    TE- Hunter Henry

    1 qb,2 wr,2 rb, 1 te , 1 flex
    I’m used to using the cheat sheet in a snake draft so curious if you think this is a good draft for auction redraft. I feel it is solid but will look for comments before my winners draft tonight for pointers.

    1. it looks like an RW team, good job.

      1. That was what I wanted to know thanks. Did a winners only yahoo auction that they stuck me with Amari for 31 and Michael Thomas for 40. I had AB and Mike Evans already and you can only start 3. I also got Zeke for 40 and got his backup make that solid. I then had to choose between getting Hunter Henry at tight end or someone from the RB3 range with upside and stuck with Henry. All trade offers so far has improved the other team more. So I am going to roll with my Ballage, Breida, Samuels, Chris Thompson hopefuls to get 10 points a game or so in .5 ppr and keep my eliteness off the other teams.

  22. 10 team PPR. I have 8th pick. Need 1 keeper:
    Tyreek Hill in the 3rd
    Damien Williams in the 8th
    Tyler Lockett in the 12th
    I know Lockett in the 12th seems like incredible value but am I crazy to just go with tyreek in the 3rd?

    1. Not crazy. Tyreek is 2cd round value and elite. 10 team leagues need eliteness as there will be a lot of depth on the waiver wire. PPR I would probably go with Damien Williams in the 8th. Leave it for others to give their thoughts too.

    2. Post By Zero Fcuks Givenm

      In the FFWC Drafts I’ve done so far Tyreek Hill has usually gone beginning of the 2nd round Picks 14-18 range. 3rd Round on a guy who won’t be there if you throw him back is pretty good value to me.

  23. Are you guys adding emmanuel sanders to the cheat sheet after a strong outing last night and the improbable recovery? Where if so?

    1. he’s on the newest PPR and superflex sheets. He looks like he needs to be taken around where Sutton is going.

      1. I don’t know, he said he felt amazing in his preseason start so I’m expecting vintage Emmanuel Sanders this year. You guys might have him ranked too low. Hopefully he falls in the draft, he has been one of my most dependable WRs on fantasy teams in years past regardless of team and quarterback.

  24. Choice between picks 8-12. Full point ppr and I’m keeping Aaron Jones in the 7th round, what spot do you like?

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      10 for me

  25. 10 man league full point PPR ….Am I crazy for going WR,WR,RB,RB??? If I am drafting outside the top 5 spots
    All my mock drafts I have been drafting like a Julio/Odell/Fournette/Kerryon or DHop/JuJu/Aaron Jones/Freeman.

    Is this a good strategy or should I go top WR/RB in the first 2 rounds?

    I do not want to bastardize the cheat sheet…. =)

  26. Post By

    Stand scoring keeper
    Henry round 5 or A.Jones round 7.

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      i really dont like jones personally but its great value
      id lean henry just because i am biased

  27. Post By

    Keeper question. Can keep up to 3

    10 team PPR

    Dalvin Cook in the 1st
    DeAndre Hopkins in the 2nd
    Joe Mixon in the 4th
    Mark Ingram in the 8th
    Duke Johnson in the 10th
    Kalen Ballage in the 16th

    Thanks for the help…

  28. Hopkins in the second for me. Mixon in the 4th is good value too if you want to go running back in a PPR.

  29. Post By Zero Fcuks Givenm

    What about KC RB Darwin Thompson… I keep reading buzz about Carlos Hyde not even making roster cuts. Andy Reid is praising this kid and his grasp of the offense and what they are trying to do. I don’t even see the guy on the cheat sheet?

  30. Post By

    Is the 2QB Sheet PPR?

  31. Picking #5 in PPR league. My gut says Bell but the sheet has him at #8. Is it the o-line or lack of preseason carries scaring people off him? Fear of the unknown?

  32. Post By

    I am in a full point 12 team PPR league that requires us to roster the following:
    2 – QB
    4 – RB
    4 -WR
    2 -TE
    2 – K
    2 – DEF

    Each week we have to start the following:
    1- Flex – TE/WR/RB

    Will the Ultimate Cheat Sheet work well within this format?

    1. Post By

      Any help appreciated.

  33. Need to drop 2 in full point PPR league standard scoring with 2WR, 2RB, 1 Flex, 1 Qb and 1 TE league (for kicker and Dst)

    QB – Andrew Luck/Lamar Jackson

    WR – Hilton/Cooks/A Robinson/ Watkins/Sutton/D Jackson

    RB – Kamara/James White/Latavius Murray/J Samuels/Damien Harris/ Justice Hill

    1. 12 team league

      1. Also have Kittle at TE

  34. Post By

    10 Team PPR, 6 points passing touchdown. How much should I move up the QB position on the draft cheat sheet?

    1. Post By

      I’d love to know this as well

  35. Picking 4th in a 12 team .5 PPR keeper, have a feeling I will be choosing between Zeke or DeAndre Hopkins. Thoughts? I have Aaron Jones as a 7th round keeper

    1. Of course now if the Zeke deal just reported gets done then I have my answer

  36. Post By Turd Ferguson

    2 years on Rosterwatch 5 championship games so far!

    2 Keeper scenarios both .5ppr leagues

    League 1 Pick 1
    Tyler Lockett for a 9th rd
    Robert Woods for a 6th rd
    Dante Pettis for a 9th rd

    League 2 Pick up to 2
    Andrew Luck for a 9th rd
    James White for a 10th rd
    Hunter Henry for a 9th rd
    Matt Breida for an 8th

    Thanks RW4L!

  37. Post By Undisputed247

    I can keep Gurley and lose a first round pick or Keep Devonte Adams and lose a second? I’m leaning adams based on ADP. 12 team PPR thoughts!

  38. 12 team PPR draft w/ the 9th pick using the cheat sheet (light bastardization)
    A Jones
    M. Sanders
    D. Henderson
    M. Jones Jr.
    K. Murray
    J. Brown
    R. Wilson
    D. Thompson
    Tre’Quan Smith
    Ravens D
    P. Campbell

  39. Post By

    When will the next list come out? I draft tomorrow (25 AUG) evening.

  40. Might want to check your cheat sheets. You have Duke Johnson listed twice on the standard one. I’m assuming you meant to list Damarea Crockett as the second Houston back.

    1. When is next sheet coming out. Alot of things happened yesterday (luck/miller/Duke all affected)

  41. boys

    lone wolf is back

    i will need to drop 1 player to pick up a kicker before week 1 and i don’t know who to drop
    12 team 1/2 ppr all teams have 2 qb’s and 2 te’s

    droppable guys are royce freeman, kalen ballage, jaylon samuels(i don’t have conner) or dontrall hilliard(i do have chubb) or my wr5 is desean jacskon behind tyreek, edelaman, chris godwin and curtis samuels

    appreciate your thoughts

    Lone Wolf out

    1. boys

      little change since i just traded royce freeman for Rasheed Penny, i have chris carson, everything else above stays same, really thinking i need to keep samuels and ballage for RB depth and drop Desean


      Lone Wolf

  42. Will an updated sheet come out before this evening thanks

  43. Although TreQuan Smith is higher on the sheet would you take any receivers below him as just an upside bench stash ( Deebo Samuel or Adam Humphries or D Hamilton)?

  44. thanks for updated sheets

  45. Drafted yesterday out of the 9th spot…10 man league, 1 pt ppr

    Aaron Jones
    Trey Burton
    Brandon Cooks
    James White
    Robby Anderson
    Miles Sanders

    Available guys on the waiver wire:

    Curtis Samuel
    Royce Freeman
    Hockenson (TE Detroit)
    Darrel Henderson
    D Jax

    Would you drop any of my guys for any of these guys that are available?????

  46. 2 drafts today with the magical sheet. 1st was 12 team ppr:
    David Johnson, D Williams, D Henry and Duke
    OBJ, ARob, Samuel, Moncrief
    HHenry, MAndrews
    12 team 0.5ppr
    Dalvin, Chubb, Kerryon, Lat Murray
    Woods Godwin, ARob, Mike Williams, C Davis

  47. I’m in a 12 team PPR Keeper league. When I use your sheet on fantasypros, i end of having a plethora of WR and a deficit in RB’s. I kept Ertz in the 6th and Golloday in the 11th. My final roster would have been Goff, Fournette, Ballage, Beckham, Hilton, Ertz, Golloday, Lockett (we have two flexes)

    Am I missing something? Feel like my RB2 is EXTREMELY weak.

  48. Post By bloomincookie

    hmmm, Saturday late afternoon draft –TY Hilton 3.08 my WR2, now has Brisette to fling the ball at him. Lockett, Edelman, Godwin and some others were still on the board. Not the End of the world Just Venting some frustration but now have a low WR2 at best with a mid QB2…oh well…

  49. Post By

    does their Draft Cheat Sheet allow for custom scoring?

  50. Post By

    So, I listened to the radio show this afternoon and you said you were updating the ppr cheat sheet right afterwards to put Elliot in a special position to choose more carefully or some shit. Headed to my draft now feeling slightly let down only because I checked it several times when I COULD HAVE TAKEN A NAP!!!!

  51. Was wondering how you would approach using the cheatsheets in a 2QB, PPR, 2 flex RB/WR/TE league?

    Do I use the 2QB/Superflex cheatsheet or the PPR cheatsheet?

  52. Post By

    Better handcuff, Justice hill or Malcolm Brown?

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