PRO Preseason Week 2 Saturday Slate DFS Player Pool Cheat Sheet

Here is a tool to use if you are playing the Week 2 Preseason Saturday Slate on DraftKings and Fanduel. You will see in the shared sheet a tab for each game where certain player options are listed, along with a front page listing core plays. Use your favorite core plays on the first sheet and mix in other plays from the individual game sheets to put together your favorite roster.

Please check the sheet up until lock to see if any changes are made as news comes out very late about playing time and inactives that could open up value or change the outlook for players recommended here.

Click here to go the shared spreadsheet.


  1. Yea buddy! Time to keep the winning going

  2. $$$$

  3. I’m in an 8 team PPR league. I draft second in the first round.

    I need to keep one out of Chubb, David Johnson or Mahomes. Only 3 points per TD pass.

    There is not a round penalty for the keeper.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      DJ or Chubb- DJ ranked higher wouldn’t fault somebody for feeling safer about CLE/Chubb – both are great options- if in doubt just pick the guy you want to own the most / are most excited about personally

  4. Post By

    Hope its ok to ask trade questions… I was just offered this trade: My James White, Christian Kirk , Vance McDonald, and Mitch Trubisky for his Aaron Jones, Courtland Sutton, Evan Engram, and Andy Dalton. 16 team PPR, my team: Kyler Murray, Hopkins, Cooks, Fournette, Kirk, John Brown, McDonald, BENCH: Trequan Smith, Jamaal Williams, Ryqand Armstead, Gerald Everett, Trubisky. Should I accept? Thanks in advance!!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Fournette is your only RB?

      1. Post By

        Sorry Byron, My RBs are Fournette and James White, with Jamaal Williams, Ryquan Armstead and Brian Hill on my bench. Its a 16 player league.

    2. Post By The Flex Network

      It’s a pretty close trade but:
      Jones> White – white could be more volatile week to week whereas Jones should have a steady floor. White could be game scripted out in that crowded rb room.
      Sutton McDonald- Engram should have a very sold floor in ppr. Industry expects a VM breakout though.
      Mitch>Dalton, but as your qb 2… doesn’t move the needle.

      Seems like a trade for the sake of a trade so I would probably hold tight and get real sick with the Murray to Kirk connection. But not crazy You you love any of the one guys on the other side.

      -Flex Shane

      1. Post By

        Thanks. He did cancel the trade and came back with a slightly better offer: His Aaron Jones, Evan Engram, Andy Dalton and Robby Anderson (instead of Sutton) for my White, McDonald, Kirk and Trubisky. Does that improve enough to accept? Thanks… weird having a complex, 8 player trade before the season starts.

        Thanks everyone for all advice!

  5. First draft of the year. Ppr. 12 teams.

    QB: kyler murray
    RB: Conner/Freeman
    Wr: Beckham/ A Robinson/Kupp
    TE: Reed
    Flex: Damien Williams
    DSt: Pats
    K: gould

    Bench: C. Samuel/josh gordon/Hines/Valdes Scantling/A. Miller/ Jaylen samuels.

    Howd it go?

    Any areas i should look to improve

  6. Post By

    LOL, the owner must really want Trubisky and Kirk. He is now offering Jones, Engram, Taylor Gabriel or Mo Sanu, and MATT RYAN for my James White, Christian Kirk, Vance McDonald, and Trubisky. I want to get a bit more as WR (ask for Robby Anderson, settle for Courtland Sutton).

    Thoughts now?

    1. Post By

      And… the commissioner vetoed the trade, saying it was so one-side it bordered on collusion.

      1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

        this would set me off
        Like RIGHT OFF ON TILT

        The only way a trade should be ever vetoed is collusion – catch 22 is you need a smoking gun to call out collusion.
        usually before the damn season starts – you have to find a real corrupt bunch of assholes to start planning to collude right off the bat.
        I will often see it when 1 team is almost out of the playoffs and there are only a few weeks left, but in preseason …
        BS man !

        especially considering it isnt that one sided…
        i like engram alot but vance is supposed to be good this season ..
        aaron jones vs james white is marginal

        Now I am upset

  7. Post By

    Dynasty question. Would you trade Philip Lindsay and Mike Williams to get Brandon Cooks and Alex Mattison?

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      if you’re thin at rb i am not sure i would do it.
      Word on the street is that mattisons been outplayed by this other cat Boone.

      So if you go back to the draft
      youre trading Lindsay ( what 5th round ?_)
      and MWill (7th?) for Cooks (late 4th round )

      i – myself would pass
      though moving lindsay isnt a bad idea ( him for cooks is close to a 1 for 1 in my mind )

      1. Post By

        Thanks and I already have Boone so I’d love for that to come about. I think I’m lower on Lindsay than most but agree that I shouldn’t be in a rush to just get rid of him.

  8. Post By

    Silly question,how is this sheet used.There are four columns,do you suggest to take the best player listed on a particular line in one of the 4 columns listed ?In other words,if I selected the 5 th pick am I either choosing David Johnson or DeAndre Hopkins in the 5 th spot providing the top 4 players listed were already selected?
    Thanks in advance,

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