Byron Lambert Live from Falcons Training Camp


  1. 12 team Dynasty PPR

    Currently in round 3.

    Debating between Ryquell Armstead, and Dexter Williams. In a vacuum I’d tale armstead but I do own Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones could be available in a trade. Any suggestions?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Big Armstead fans, but would have to recommend Williams in this situation

  2. Post By Chad Westgerdes

    8 Team .5 PPR Superflex Dynasty League:

    Looking for Rookie/FA draft advice for my first pick (1.8)

    QB-Watson, Luck, Allen
    RB-Gordon, Fournette, Damien Williams, Ekeler, Ballage, Ito Smith, Gus Edwards, Collins
    WR- Hopkins, Allen, Boyd, Lockett, Kupp, Anderson, Pettis, Watkins, Tre’quan
    TE- Kittle, Ian Thomas

    -Roster is still locked from last year at this time

    -Notable F/A available: Godwin, Engram, Samuel, MVS, Ronald Jones, Jordan Reed, Hines

    My question is if Engram is available come my pick do I draft him to solidify my TE position? Do I pick up Ronald Jones if a lot of rookie RB’s come off the board before my pick? Do I take one of the rookie RB’s over Jones? If so where does Jones fit between the rookies in my situation in your guys opinion?
    Any advice will help, thanks in advance

  3. Post By Byron Lambert

    Would def take the top 3 rookie RBs over Jones.

    If it’s between just the FAs you list- it would prob be a close call b/t Engram and Samuel, neither of whom would I take over a top 3 rookie RB

  4. Again, missing Delanie Walker (TE) from 2-QB sheet v1.5
    There must be a ‘hole’ in your database/spreadsheet…

    1. Again, the sheet is hand-made each time and sometimes errors occur with copy paste, thanks for pointing this out, but Walker is by no means in any of our plans and you will not be drafting him using our products under any scenario. I may add him back on the sheet for the next update or I could just leave him off entirely.

    2. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      f@ck delanie walker !

  5. 1) PPR league $200 budget, Keeping Kerryon for $11 and Kittle for $6. For my third should I keep Sony for $10 or Chris Godwin for $6.

    2) I bastardized the cheat sheet last year with Chris Carson and it paid dividends. Feeling another big year for him. Why does Rosterwatch Nation hate Chris Carson?

    1. We don’t hate Carson, he’s been consistently moving up the sheet, he’s not without risk, though, and in PPR we like James White, etc. better in that same tier.

  6. Post By

    Which sheet would you recommend using for a 12 Team, .75 ppr, 4pt QB td league?

    1. points for quarterbacks never move the needle with them all scoring the same .5 uses the standard so I would guess the .75 ppr would be using the PPR sheet rather than standard

      1. Post By Baron VonIronCock


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  7. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    In this vid frame above, Byron looks like he’s eaten a bad egg salad sandwich and needs to run to the toilet ASAP.
    He’s even starting to sweat from it.

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