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  1. Got a keeper question for a couple leagues..

    league one. .5 PPR 14 team. 6 pts for QB td pass..
    Julio and Hopkins are the obvious ones and i get one more.
    choices are… Mark Ingram, Russell Wilson, Jared Cook or tyler lockett.. no draft pick penalty

    league 2. .5 ppr
    I pick 1 overall.
    Bell (1st round)
    Chris Carson (8th round)
    A. Miller (9th)
    S. Michel (10th)
    Sutton (14th)
    then these three undrafted (last round) can only choose 1
    Damian Williams/Chris Godwin/Guice

    Im leaning Carson, Michel and Williams here and if there is noone better than bell at one getting him back during the draft. Thoughts?

    1. League One: Wilson or Ingram. All depends on how your league values qbs and which ones will be draftable.
      League two: If you can keep three those are good choices. Might pick Sutton over Carson just so your not so rb heavy.

      1. Thanks for the input! I’m on a similar thought train

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      1. Mark Ingram

      2. I’d go w/ Carson or Michel—probably Michel

      — Have to keep KC DWill

      1. Thanks! Yes DWill in the 16th round is a must have. Can keep up to 3 so i was leaning with Dwill and michel as the must with value on their side. Carson has good value on adp with a 8 round designation but hesitant on keeping 3 rb (can always trade for a wr) thoughts on sutton this year and potentially keeping him in the 14th

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    Trade offer:
    Give up David Johnson to get Devonta Freeman and Justin Jackson in a Dynasty Non-PPR? Only other back is Guice. Picking 7th in upcoming draft.

    1. Keep DJ

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        Thank you both!

  3. Post By Chad Westgerdes

    8 Team .5 PPR Superflex Dynasty League:

    Looking for Rookie/FA draft advice for my first pick (1.8)

    QB-Watson, Luck, Allen
    RB-Gordon, Fournette, Damien Williams, Ekeler, Ballage, Ito Smith, Gus Edwards, Collins
    WR- Hopkins, Allen, Boyd, Lockett, Kupp, Anderson, Pettis, Watkins, Tre’quan
    TE- Kittle, Ian Thomas

    -Roster is still locked from last year at this time

    -Notable F/A available: Godwin, Engram, Samuel, MVS, Ronald Jones, Jordan Reed, Hines

    My question is if Engram is available come my pick do I draft him to solidify my TE position? Do I pick up Ronald Jones if a lot of rookie RB’s come off the board before my pick? Do I take one of the rookie RB’s over Jones? If so where does Jones fit between the rookies in my situation in your guys opinion?

    Any advice will help, thanks in advance!

    1. you can hardly go wrong with any option outlined. Of course we’d take Kyler if he is there, if not we’re fine with the Godwins, Engrams, Samuels etc. certainly before ROJO.

  4. 12 team Dynasty PPR

    Currently in round 3.

    Debating between Ryquell Armstead, and Dexter Williams. In a vacuum I’d tale armstead but I do own Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones could be available in a trade. Any suggestions?

    1. in that situation, we’d go Dexter.

      1. What if a trade could not be worked out? It’s gonna cost me and he has been put on the trading block but if I can’t work it out to get Jones would you still draft Dexter? Thank again for answering!

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    Any advice on drafting a defense this year? I stream throughout the season, but you gave good feedback last year on who to keep an eye on and to grab one when they started going off the board. Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Post By The Flex Network

      In DFS there is some correlation between your RB and DST. So if you have a decent RB on your team, you could try to stack with that DST. DST can be a crap shoot though so I would generally target teams that are going to be good. Seems obvious but you want a team that is likely ahead more often than behind because it creates opportunity for int and sacks if opposing qb is holding on to the ball for a big pass play. KC was decent last year not because they were a good NFL defence, it because teams always had to throw against them. Seems general but with DST, it is general best to stream. I like to use the RW Matchup tool and use the Vegas point spreads as a gauge for teams to stream. Hope that helps.
      -Flex Shane

    2. I always stream but if you want to try to draft a good one I like to focus on sacks. Sacks = points and the pressure normally leads to even better things. So focus on the dline and defensive style. Good return games are also something to look at. As for streaming a defense Flex Shane has the right idea but I like to think of it in an opposite manner. I play the DST that is playing the bad team. Bad teams normally turn the ball over and give up sacks. They also play from behind and will have to put the ball in the air. Also when streaming play the defense that is playing a backup QB. Sometimes that defense is tough to get off waivers though. Stay ahead of the game look ahead a week or two and find a team that has 3-4 good matchups and stick with them. I normally have good success with those few things.

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    Thanks all!

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