Byron Lambert’s Week 10 TradeCast (2018 Season Finale)

Byron Lambert discusses the Week 10 trade market in fantasy football and advises pro members about who they should and should not be targeting while integrating key aspects of game theory in the 2018 Season Finale of the TradeCast. Note: To download audio file, right-click on podcast player, and select “download” or “save as.”

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  1. Common sense probably tells us to be cautious on Fournette’s return, but we probably feel compelled to start him as a risk/reward RB1 over other flex players like CThompson, Ito, McGuire, etc, even in PPR right?

      1. Thanks Trashman. You the man.

  2. Post By

    12 team standard (5-4) got offered a trade. I receive dalvin cook and marvin jones, he gets juju and Lamar miller. Worth it Or should I stick with what I have?

    My team
    QB: Trubisky
    WR: Keenan, juju, djax, miller, coutee
    RB: Fournette, yeldon, ito, lamar miller, kerryon
    TE: OJ howard

    Appreciate the advice, thanks RW.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Usually hate those kind of deals- but that’s a good trade for you. I’d go for it.

  3. Post By

    Dynasty league, .5 PPR. Out of it this year so building for future. Been offered a trade and wanted to get your thoughts on if I was getting enough back in the long run for Gordon?

    Get: David Johnson and George Kittle
    Give: Melvin Gordon

    Other RBs are Lindsay, R Freeman, Collins, Ingram, Henry, Thompson and my TE are Reed and McDonald. However, I did just trade Collins and A Cooper for Keenan Allen

    Appreciate all the help and advice!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Yeah we’d do that deal. Great work on Cooper and Collins for a Golden son Keenan allen

  4. I need to choose two out of the three this week (PPR). Fournette, Duke Johnson, or Valdez. What do you think? Any help is appreciated!

    (Right now is assume Fournette is a lock, not sure between the other two).

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Crazy close call b/t MVS and Duke. Like Duke a lot circumstantially this wk. MVS feels like a wave we shld keep riding. All great options- wait for Trashman’s flex ranks

      1. Will do, thanks!

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    I have burton now but is it worth picking up Doyle too? Just sorta looking ahead to the stretch run here. Would need to drop someone like Yeldon. Worth it? I do own Fournette. PPR.

    1. Prob so yeah. Would not drop Yeldon though

  6. Is this trade highway robbery?

    Julio Jones for Dion Lewis, Mark Ingram, Greg Olsen. The guy is pretty hard up for Rb’s and TE

    1. Is this trade highway robbery?

      Julio Jones for Dion Lewis, Mark Ingram, Greg Olsen. The guy is pretty hard up for Rb’s and TE

      I could also interchange any one of those guys with Breida\Duke Johnson

    2. That would be a good deal for you to acquire Julio as long as those are low end starters or bench guys for you. Nice work.

  7. Post By Flying Toilet

    Safe to drop Tre’Quan after the Dez signing for say a Malcolm Brown?

    1. If you own Gurley yes. If not, not losing sleep over it.

  8. 0.5 PPR
    Flex: Elijah McGuire, Amari or Golden Tate?

    1. Prob McGuire or Amari. Wait for Trashman’s Flex Ranks

  9. Byron! Will listen tonight, but I’ve got an offer on the table- my Melvin Gordon for Nuk, full PPR. Have Diggs/D. Adams at WR and Conner/McCaffery/Lewis at RB. Ready to do it based on Nuk’s target share and Gordon’s historical fade

    1. That’s fine. In a ROS PPR flex decision we like Hopkins more than Gordon. Best would be to trade Diggs + Lewis for a WR upgrade, but maybe that’s not possible.

  10. Who do we like better, Mark Ingram or Aaron Jones ROS?

  11. Godd Turley II, 7-2

    I picked up Fitzmagic in 2 leagues as a defensive move last week so my opponent couldn’t start him.

    Now I have the Trashman idea of starting Fitzmagic over Matt Ryan and Andy Luck.

    Would you do either??

    Thank you!

    1. haha, i like your style, but ryan has a nice matchup with an injury riddled cleveland def this week

  12. 12 team standard, Golden Tate or Valdez-Scantling?
    Thanks a million

  13. 0.5 ppr – Start Chubb or Fournette?

    I know FPros rankings says Chubb & I also lean that way, but not sure if RW had a different take.

    1. Chubb is definitely safer. No risk of a setback like fournette. If fournette is really healthy, of course i le him more though

  14. Post By Travis Bradley

    Hey guys. 2 keeper league, have Hopkins, Barkley and hunt who would potentially be my keepers. Would you trade Barkley and Mack for Dalvin Cook and mccaffrey. I’m 7-2 in first place. Thanks!

    1. Could definitely be a case of not fixing something that isn’t broken. You don’t need to make this trade. Barkley is the best prospect we’ve ever seen. That being said, the combo you would receive does have higher upside

  15. Post By

    Great year for the tradecast. Thanks.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Thank you for your support Mark. Best wishes.

  16. Post By

    Rorthlisberger or Fitzpatrick this week?

    Also should I pick up Valdez-scantling and drop Sutton?

  17. I’m 4-5 in a 10-team, standard league (and other teams won’t trade) and all but two teams are 4-5 or 5-4 so fighting to make playoffs. Current roster is RB-Fournette, KJohnson, ACollins(bye),ISmith & MDavis (has the later game & would have to gamble CCarson doesn’t play). RBs available are McGuire, Barber, CThompson, JWilliams & JRichard. I’m planning on Fournette as RB1 (see no choice) & Smith as RB2 unless better to pick-up and play one of the above. Play Smith, wait and risk MDavis or pick up one of these five for this week?

    I could drop MDavis, Ridley or Baldwin and leaning Davis or Baldwin (if his current injury tweak continues).

    I have Kittle and grabbed a bye-week dropped Olsen off waivers for SF bye next week. Based on match-up and other factors now considering playing Olsen this week. Do you agree or is Kittle still the better choice?

    Thanks for everything you all do!

    1. McGuire shld be owned. Ito is a decent flex play this wk

      Very hard to bench George Kittle right now.

  18. PPR: I see you guys have Auden Tate, but i what do you think about Erickson or Malone over Tate and Ross?

    1. Sorry in regards to the waiver wire

  19. Post By RAWC n Roll Express

    Would you trade DHop and Kerryon Johnson for Keenan Allen and David Johnson.

    1. Close, hate those trades- but yes prob so. DJ a solid upgrade at RB. Keenan will be fine

  20. Hi Byron
    12 team, .5 ppr, I am 8-1. Typical 3WR, 2RB 1TE 2Flex
    If you had to drop 1 of the following which would it be D. Cook, S Michel, A Rogers?
    I already have Gurley, Mcaffrey, White and Chubb.
    I was thinking of running without a def this week in order to keep Bal (wk 15 vs TB) and not dropping any RB.

    1. If I simply have to drop one of those guys it might have to be Michel. Very hard to do that, though. As for running without the D, I never do that. I want to win every week and waiver wire defenses are always available with good enough matchups. IT’s your team, though. If you know the matchup you are facing in a cupcake and you think you can pull it off, you’re the boss!

  21. Post By

    12 team ppr (8-1)

    Trading: Roethlisberger, Juju, and S Barkley
    Getting: Newton, M Evans, D Lewis, and E Sanders.


    I have Sutton, Diggs, Connor, J Howard, I Smith, and Ebron

    1. No, we want to be consolidating at this point, not picking up more spare pieces.

  22. (3-6) Standard Trade Questions:

    Giving: Howard and Sanders
    Getting: Zeke

    RBs: Coleman, Chubb, Hunt and Mcguire
    WRs: Julio, Fitz, Cooper, Davis, Tre’Quan and DJ Moore

    1. I would want to get Zeke, yes.

  23. Post By

    Should I trade Robert Woods and Giovani Bernard for TyreekHill?

  24. It would probably be a fair deal, however, Hill is a little banged up. One thing to keep in mind about the Rams is that they are going to wrap up homefield and a bye early, maybe even during the fantasy playoffs. We could see McVay put the stars on the shelf just in time for our most important games of the fantasy season. Just something to keep in mind. The trade proposed here is very even. Maybe I would stand pat in PPR but would be tempted to make the move for Hill in standard.

  25. Would you trade Edelman + Duke for Diggs + Ekeler? My purpose would be to upgrade my WR spot to pair with Keenan and Jarvis.

  26. Standard non ppr. Wouuld you trade M Mack and Boyd for E Sanders? Mack is on my bench (behind gurley and gordon) so looking to upgrade at wr for playoffs.

    1. only if you can’t flex mack

  27. Is this an EGREGIOUS trade? I’m in first place and traded with the last place team to get Robert Woods (who still has a bye and will be sat for the last three weeks of the season due to clinching) for Austin Hooper and Mike Davis – both which are an upgrade for the last place team? The second place team, which is the commish, lobbied the entire league and blasted me as a cheater essentially. I ge three weeks from Woods and they get 6 weeks of Hooper and Davis, is this unfair?

  28. Ppr need 2? Cohen, ekeler, howard, Lewis, peterson, Golladay or tate? And matt Ryan or trubisky?

  29. Post By

    I was offered josh Gordon for AJ green. I feel I should accept it. Agree?

  30. Post By

    .5PPR Kerryon Johnson or Ito Smith? I also have Hooper as my TE.. Is Doyle or Ricky Seals-Jones a better play?

    Thanks RW.

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