Byron Lambert’s Week 6 TRADECAST

Byron Lambert returns with the epic RosterWatch TRADECAST for Week 6 in fantasy football. He’ll help you — through classic game theory and a deep understanding of fantasy market values — to identify which players you should be targeting in trades, as well as which players you should be selling.

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  1. Post By

    10 team 3 wr standard league

    RB: Kamara, Fournette, Jacobs, Hyde, Coleman

    WR: Julio, Desean Jackson, Curtis Samuel, Landry, Dorsett

    Would you guys trade Jacobs and Landry for Devante Adams or Keenan Allen?
    feel like I could use some WR help but also feel like I could have 3 running backs that finish the season in the top 10 of their position

    1. Post By

      I also have AJ green and frank gore

    2. Definitely need WR help but I would be hesitant to trade Jacobs as Hyde just has no upside and Coleman can’t stay on the field and is in a time share.

      I’d try to trade Coleman and Landry. Sure you won’t get a Keenan Allen caliber WR with that (you could try at least) but you will be able to get a good WR.

  2. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    I dunno

    In a vacuum i would
    But u know one of them backs will miss time.

    So u cant start 3 rbs ever?

    Maybe id move LF since his bye is forth coming
    And he should be worth more.
    So maybe u get a startable rb back in that pkg.. ?

    1. Post By

      I start all 3 of them because its 3 wr 2 rb 1 flex im looking at Coleman as a low end RB2 SF runs the shit outta the ball and they are effective doing it so if I moved Jacobs or Fournette I was hoping to get a WR1 straight up just wasn’t sure if it would be better to start Coleman in my flex with another stud WR next to Julio or be starting a mediocre WR and have Jacobs in my flex. Trashman, Alex, Byron any ideas if you see this?

  3. 4 -1 in a 12 team standard, not sure if I’m thinking this out like dfs too much but would me trading away Fuller for Jeffery to go with my QB wentz be a good trade?
    I have Kupp, Godwin and Boyd as well.

    1. I would not do that. You want to max the trade value on Fuller. Maybe you can package him with another player and go for someone who is grossly underperforming like OBJ or try for Keenan Allen or Mike Evans coming off of terrible games.

      1. Thank you

      2. Post By Byron Lambert

        Totally agree- thanks Gutsman

  4. Post By

    Pro Member
    1 point ppr
    Was offered David Johnson and Chase Edmonds for Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman

    My other running backs are Chubb Bell Chris Thompson

    Mind you I traded John Ross for Freeman straight up the week before Ross was hurt and picked Coleman up when someone dropped him for a defense last week not like all that matters but for 2 players I didnt have to begin with to turn them into the ability to roll out chubb bell and dj also I have Kareem Hunt on IR since we can stash suspended players

    Current team is

    Matt Ryan
    Chargers (I stream dst)

    A. Tate
    Mark Andrews
    AJ Green
    Kareem Hunt

    1. I want to say do the deal,but if you do,you will basically have zero depth behind those 3 RBs. Edmonds is still a cuff and Thompson is just a WR who lines up in the backfield.

      I would try to rework the deal to where you give up 1 RB and 1 WR instead,like Freeman or Coleman and Sutton for DJ.

  5. guy in my league who has Bell wants josh jacobs. im not knee on trading position for position like that, but noticed yall saying you though Ball was about to start having some big games. is Bell the better RB for ROY over jacobs, or nah?

    1. Bell has some really gravy matchups coming up.

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      I would def take Bell for Jacobs in any .5 or full point ppr format- and probably still even so in STD

  6. Trade thoughts please:

    Sutton and T. Coleman for Josh Jacob’s. I get Jacobs.

    I have Evan’s, Adam’s already. David johnson, Breida and Hyde. Need another RB.

    1. Love that deal! Do it!

    2. Head is in right place since you own Breida and he and Coleman are stand alone players — doesn’t make too much sense to roster both if you can use one to upgrade your starting roster elsewhere.

      However, I think you can get more. If the deal is done– we like Jacobs a lot — and urge you to work the waiver wire hard to replace the value you gave up in Coleman and Sutton. If you got Jacobs- you may try to trade Hyde or Breida sooner than later in a deal to upgrade your starting lineup as well

      1. Byron, Breida for Diggs? or do you think I need to offer more.

  7. Was offered Rodgers and Shady for Mack and MVS. I have Goff currently and also David Johnson, Cook, Kerryon, and Coleman as other RBs. Does Rodgers get back on track enough to make this move?

    1. I would not do that deal. Shady will fade and you don’t need to trade for a QB.

    2. God no! You guys quit over-paying for QBs!!!!!!!

      Shady was on the sell list last wk and then shit bed! We don’t him back this wk!!!

  8. Someone dropped Robby Anderson during the waiver period. Given that Darnold is coming back, I have the top waiver priority, and the Jets are going on an 8 week cupcake schedule,. Is Robby a player worth pulling that trigger on? Or gamble and wait until he clears his waiver period?

    1. Depends on what your WR situation looks like. If you need help,sure.

  9. Post By

    I need a flex this week. Sending Allen Robinson to receive Diggs. Thoughts on ROS?

    1. Like Diggs a little better as I like his QB situation and schedule more .

  10. Greetings Rosterwatch Nation! In a bit of a mess this week as I just picked up Herndon after someone dropped him and now he’s hurt. I’ve been streaming the te position all season and I’m looking to pick up Noah fant this week but I got to get rid of one of the following for the week.
    Buffalo D
    C. Herndon
    C. Sutton
    T. McLaurin
    Or c. kirk

    1. Easy,Buffalo D.

  11. Post By

    Ok. My Dak, Devin Singletary, Ju Ju and OJ Howard for Saquon, Duke Johnson, Hunter Henry and Josh Allen. Remainder of my team is ARod, Cam, Derrick Henry, Josh Jacobs, Hyde, Darrel Henderson, Julio, Davante, Fitz and Hollywood.

    1. That’s to cockamamie to read through- Please make it easy and give me the net fall out. Where are you improving significantly? What of meaningful value are you giving up? Who is getting the best player? Who are the principal players in the deal?

      1. *too

    2. Post By

      Byron what say you??

      1. Post By

        I’m gaining Saquon Barkley, Hunter Henry, Duke Johnson, and Josh Allen, giving up ARod, Ju Ju, OJ Howard and Devin Singletary. The rest of my roster is in the original comment.

        1. Post By Byron Lambert

          Sounds amazing- congrats on Barkley

  12. Post By

    1 pt ppr… do I go with Freeman, or play Mitchel tonight in my flex?

    1. Post By

      Ugh sorry met Michel (not mitchel)!

    2. Wait to check rankings later – probably DF in PPR

  13. Post By

    Nobody in my cockamamie league will entertain trades or offer trades. It’s been like that for the 12 years i’ve been in this league!

    1. Jesus, those dudes wives are prob bored as hell in bed!! Same tired old moves! Time to join a new league!

      1. Post By

        I dominate this league (been in playoffs 9 of 12 years) thanks to the epic cheat sheet… so i’m staying!

        1. Post By Byron Lambert


  14. Post By

    Chark and kerryon for sanu and Mack? I don’t start chark at the moment..

    1. Love the spirit here! All you need is an avatar!!!! No – wait for a better deal. Try to do a 2 for 1. You don’t want some shitbird back like Sanu– those are the guys we want to ship out!!! Find a bigger upgrade over KJ than MM if you are set on improving your starting RB

    2. Post By

      Current rbs-kerryon, bell, Hyde, dam. Williams, white.
      Current WRs- D Hop,Godwin, Boyd, a rob, chark

  15. Post By

    Great podcast as always, thank you for all the insight. 2 questions.

    1. In standard someone just dropped Robby Anderson. Should I drop Preston Williams and if so how much would you recommend spending on him? Other WRs are Keenan Allen, Tyler Lockett, Allen Robinson, courtland Sutton, Curtis Samuel.

    2. In PPR, my RBs are Alvin kamara, Leonard fournette, Chris Carson, tevin Coleman, Alexander Mattison. Would you do a Carson and Coleman for Bell? I will never play Coleman, and Bell is an upgrade to Carson.

    Thank you RosterWatch.

    1. Such a close all– if you are a winning team that doesn’t need Anderson now- I might do that. Maybe even drop Samuel. Hate to drop either, though.

      Really best idea is do a 2:1 trade to clear a roster spot — then pick up Anderson. You could drop your kicker in the meantime if you aren’t sure- then work the rest of the week to make a trade and clear a spot to pick a kicker back up– That’s your best bet

      Also– Anderson could have another bad wk or two and may hang out on your wire or trade market. Would def be nice to get him now if possible—

      Prob bid 15-25%

      1. Post By

        I don’t see myself playing Preston over Sutton this week anyways, at least according to the rankings on the site, but I will see if I can get a 2 for 1 going. What do you think about the 2 for 1 I mentioned above for Bell?

        1. Post By Byron Lambert

          The move above would be fine if we were closer to fantasy playoffs and were all in on our starting lineups— this early in season Carson + Tevin is prob too much for Bell alone. Is there another buy low on his roster he can send back in addition to Bell to even things out?

          1. Post By Byron Lambert

            Full PPR does make this a little closer – but still- I love the idea- but think you can do a little better. If not– it’s going to be close call that could go either way— in that case follow your gut– keep or acquire the players you want to own!

  16. 10 team, standard and have DST=Chargers. The Bills were dropped due to their bye week> Which team is better ROS?

    I like Buffalo’s match ups and can hold both for at least this week but would probably need to drop LAC next week.

  17. Then pick up hold both and play LAC in a monster matchup this wk— make the decision later. If you can only hold one– hold the one you need to win this wk

    1. Thanks Byron. Enjoyed the podcast.

  18. Byron replying in your suggestion to offload Breida and Hyde to replace Sutton.
    Would you do Breida for Diggs? or do you think I need to offer more. He is 1-4 and has Lockett, Landry, Sanu, Diggs, Mixon.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      That’s a fine trade if you need a WR. Would love to get Lockett. If it’s a flex play you are trading for— prob more interested in Mixon than Diggs depending on cost differential

      1. Offer Breida and Hyde for Mizon? I also got Kirk and Crowder. Breida and Kirk for Lockett?

        1. Post By Byron Lambert

          I like both of those — depends on if you need a WR or a RB.

          Can you do Breida and Kirk for one and Hyde + Crowder for another?

  19. PPR – giving up Keenan Allen to get Alvin Kamara? Yes or no?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Oh HELL YEAH

  20. Chris Carson + Watkins for Fournette. I would be receiving Fournette. The only issue is I’m playing the owner I would be trading with this week and it is a must win week.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      That’s a fine trade- if you are in a must win this wk- default to whichever side of that trade gives you the best start lineup this wk per the rankings. Head is in the right place!

  21. Post By Talltannleggy

    16 team PPR. I have RB issues and got offered Damien Williams for Allen Robinson. Thoughts? Or should I offer up thielen for fournette? I have Adams, Thomas, thielen, Robinson, Westbrook.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      AT for LF would be awesome!

  22. Post By

    I’m currently 4-1, looking to upgrade my WR corps:

    QBs: Mahomes, Murray
    RBs: Bell, Henry
    WRs: Evans, Samuel, Kirk, John Brown, Preston Williams
    TEs: Howard, Henry

    Should I try and move Mahomes for a top-tier WR?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Don’t think so- not at 4-1- PM is a top player in all of fantasy

      Unfortunately you don’t really have any sell highs rn

      Don’t really want those other 4 wr on bench every wk- prob wait for their value to go up then consolidate

      NOW- I Don’t see an RB3 or Flex here. If you can play one- then I would trade PM for a top notch WR and rock solid flex- throw in one of your low end wr or backup te in return to balance if necessary

      1. Post By

        Great advice as always, thanks Byron!

        UPDATE: I was just offered Damien Williams and DJ Chark for Bell, should I do it?

        1. Post By Byron Lambert

          Hell no- keep Bell! Somebody else was listening to TradeCast!

  23. Post By

    Would you trade Ingram, Waller, and McLaurin to get Lev Bell and Kittle? I also have Conner, Mel Gordon and Josh Jacobs at RB and looking to upgrade RB, TE.

  24. Byron- Thank you for another epic Tradecast!
    I gotta tell you that I got hyped while listening because I took your advice from two weeks ago and made a combo deal last week and packaged Allen Robinson in a deal that brought me back this week’s big fish! (It was actually a 4 for 3 so that I could get back my beloved Bears D)
    All in I sent ARob, Jags D, Darell Williams and Kirk and got back Bell, Dionte Johnson and The Bears.

    My quandry is that I’m 2-3 and left myself pretty thin at WR. Any suggestions for packages that I could shop to possibly net me a true WR1 would be much appreciated.
    Current Squad (14 team PPR):
    QB: Murry, Winston
    RB: Kamara, Bell, Damien Williams, Gore
    WR: Lockett, Samuel, P. Williams, Johnson
    TE: Kittle, Herndon

    Keep up the stellar work!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Hells to F Yes, Kondo! Nice work! That’s my guy!

      FYI- That is a really nice 14 tm squad- esp w/ those RBs- think you’re about to go on a nice run- those WR plenty serviceable IMO for now

      Not seeing a ton of trade value to make a move- maybe in 14 tm QB is thin and / or someone having a must win bye wk issue- maybe ship them a QB and/or TE depending on what they need(unfortunately Herndon hurt and we want to keep Kittle) could throw in Gore , Johnson, maybe Samuel on top for the right guy if you have to. Target a team in a must win- see if there is something mutually beneficial – otherwise I think you wait for a more opportune time

  25. Trade question for .5PPR. Offered Gurley and Diggs for MVS, Dissly and Robinson? Currently RBs are Coleman, Montgomery, Chubb, Gore. WRs Woods, Mclaurin, Sutton and JuJu

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      If you are getting Gurley and Diggs that’s fine as long as you have another good TE once you ship Dissly out

      1. Yeah I have kittle

  26. Post By Byron Lambert

    Guys- I’ve answered a bunch of your questions above- make sure you check

    1. Byron – one more for you! 0.5 PPR
      QB: Watson
      RB: Saquon, Kerryon, Hyde, Mattison
      WR: Godwin, Lockett, McLaurin, Tate, Preston
      TE: Delanie, Henry

      Was offered Mahomes and Lev for DeShaun and Godwin. Help!

  27. In a PPR superflex league, would you make a move for OBJ by giving up a combo of Woods/Juju & Hollywood Brown/DJax? I have a very deep team and feel that I need a top end player to minimize start/sit decisions.

  28. Team name – 100% that Bitch, 1-4 record :*( 12-team, 0.5ppr

    Trade Q –
    Give-up: M. Thomas + Zeke
    Get: CMC + B. Cooks or C. Ridley

    Would you do this trade? And would you take Cooks or Ridley?

    Rest of my team: Rodgers, Evans, J. Howard, AP, P. Barber, Metcalf, Doresett, D. Samuel, and Bonnafon.

  29. Post By

    Byron – PRO member for years and thank you as always for the TRADECAST!!

    10 Man PPR League: Based on the Podcast my two “sell” players are Chris Carson and Allen Robinson. I want to package both in a trade but have been finding it difficult to a) find the right 2 for 1 trade and b) if I should even move Carson without receiving an RB back. Goal is to improve WR as I only have TY/Allen Rob/Sutton/Kirk (drafted AB).

    Any suggestions Byron means a lot – thanks again!!

  30. Standard 10 team league. Would you trade away Julio for Kupp and James White? Thank you.

  31. Post By

    12 team standard. Team is:
    Bell, Henry, Mack, White, M Sanders, R Jones
    Golladay, D Moore, Metcalf, MVS

    Want to improve on WR, but not a lot of trade options. Would a MM for Breida and Lockett make sense?

  32. Hey guys love the content as always and the pro membership… do you think Carlos hyde and Greg Olsen is a good offer for hooper?? Guy offered me DJax for my hyde. I declined. He has no RB2 to start this week but he has kelce, and Hooper on the bench.. I have Olsen and just picked up Everett.. so i thought this deal would help both of us unlike the cockamamie Djax trade that only helps him. Also please repost instructions for acquiring an avatar. Thanks!!!

  33. Post By

    4-1 In a 12 team ppr keeper (2) lg we start 2rb 2wr 2flex. only able to roster 5wr an 5rbs with IR spot.
    Barkley (IR) K.Johnson R. Jones D. Johnson L.Murray T.Pollard
    Juju C. Godwin T.Y A.Robinson T.Boyd

    was trying to make a move today for Kamara (Juju/Johnson) and got countered with Zeke/J.Gordon for Barkley/T.Y wanted your thoughts?

  34. Love the tradecast, Bryron! Secured Saquon from a 1-4 team for Mark Ingram & Shady! Feeling great.

  35. Start/Sit Question: PPR – Tyler Boyd or Matt Brieda

  36. Post By

    Trade question- Would you trade Ingram, Waller, and McLaurin to get Lev Bell and Kittle? I also have Conner, Mel Gordon and Josh Jacobs at RB and looking to upgrade RB, TE.

    1. Yes.

  37. Trade dilemma – I get Gurley and Hilton for Golladay and Ingram – he needs help Sunday with byes hitting him. PPR league – thanks!!

    1. Post By

      I wouldn’t trade for gurley.

  38. Post By

    I was offered OBJ for Chark and AJ Green – Already have Tyreek and Robert Woods as starters. Chark is my every week flex option. Do I give up the hot handed Chark and my (hopefully) end of season trump card Green for an inconsistent star player? 0.5 ppr

  39. I’m in a 10 team standard and I have someone who wants me to trade Julio to them for Melvin Gordon and one other player. Noteables on their team would be Mahomes, Kerryon Johnson, Dissly, Locket, Metcalf, Shepard, and Breida. My team is Watson, Chark, Fournette, Bell, Sutton, Coleman, Waller, Desean Jackson, R Jones, Robby Anderson. Would you do this trade and who would you target as extra pieces? We also have an extra flex spot. Thank you for your help.

  40. Deflated balls 1-4: Ppr, ydg bonus for recieving over 100/200… start 2rb, 2wr, flex

    I give up David johnson for Dhop?

    I have arob, godwin, crowder, Preston William’s. RB: DJ, d freeman, dal cook, mel Gordon,Singletary, mattinson ,

    Should I do this deal?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      give up Freeman + ARob instead

      1. That’s the exact offer I made initially and was countered w rhe above. Damn great minds think alike!

  41. Post By "Dirty"(Shaunanigans1980)

    I havw evan and godwin who should i shop for trade. What kinda players should i expect in return?

    10 team standard

  42. Bryon, someone dropped Malcolm Brown Wed. How much Faab would you bid on him. I have $75/$100 left.

  43. Post By

    Need Input,

    Full point ppr. Record is 2-3. In need of a TE. The waiver options are Mcdonald, Akins, Sprinkle, Higbee, Fant, Hurst.

    I was offered Greg Olsen or Delanie Walker in a trade for Carlos Hyde. Would be left with only breida/coleman/hines at rb after the move.

    Yay, nay, or would one of the waiver options do?


  44. I have Devonta Freeman and Carson as starters with Barkley out and then only Ito Smith and Murray on bench. Would you trade Freeman for Zak Prescott? I have Baker and Brissett is on bye. Could drop Murray for Garappolo. Thoughts?

  45. So I trade Carlos Hyde for golden Tate ? Need receiver help

  46. shall I offer TColeman for their TMcLaurin?

    I have:
    RBs – LevBell, 4Net, CarryonJ, TColeman, CThompson (sending him to the WW) and RArmstead
    WRs: MThomas, TLock, CRidley and Mr. RAnderson
    Can then look for 2:1 trades!!!
    Waiting on the next Tradecast, even though one one in this league is trading!

    1. Or , same league different opponent (both 1-4, I am 4-1): I give cridley and I ask to receive DWaller or HHunter?.

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