Cowboy’s Draft Nugget from Rob Ryan @ Senior Bowl

Cowboy’s Draft Nugget from Rob Ryan @ Senior Bowl
Byron Lambert,

I had a chance to catch up with Cowboy’s defensive coordinator,Rob Ryan,towards the end of today’s North squad practice (2nd practice). My specific question was whether he had noticed a couple of the defensive lineman and what his initial feelings were regarding those players.

Rob’s answer? He hadn’t paid one ounce of attention to the lineman and was completely focused on evaluating the defensive backs.

This should give Cowboys fans a pretty good grasp on the Cowboy’s draft priorities this year and how they will approach April,2012. Take it for what is worth but we did also over hear that Ryan was speaking with his scouts and praising Iowa State DB, Leonard Johnson.

In other news, Rob’s more famous brother, Jet’s coach Rex Ryan wouldn’t give up any juicy information. I guess he is a little more tight lipped than his brother!

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