Senior Bowl Stud: Mike Martin, DT Michigan

Senior Bowl Stud: Mike Martin, DT Michigan
Byron Lambert,

My #1 weigh in warrior from this year’s Senior Bowl, I noticed Mike Martin from the minute I walked in to the hotel. Built like a truck this guy looks like he could wrestle a bear. Actually, it turns out Martin was a wrestler in addition to playing football. He says that experience was very helpful in developing his leverage and technique.

Martin’s size is a concern for scouts because he is only 6’1″. They think he may fall in to the “tweener” category.Too small to be a true NT and may have trouble beating the double team. Scouts also wonder if he has the athleticism to be a penetrator.

I asked Mike Martin about these concerns at Media Night. He says he played 0 NT in the 3-3-5 his first three years and moved to 3 technique with outside shade his senior yr. in the 4-3. He is confident in his experiences at both spots. Martin does feel he excels a bit more in stopping the run than he does at rushing the passer.

The eyeball test tells me he is going to be a very difficult man to move and will be able to hold his ground in the NFL with his low center of gravity, wide base, and enormous upper body strength.

This all came to fruition at today’s practice when Mike Martin was dominating the line of scrimmage for the North team defense. #68 was wreaking all kinds of havoc on day 2 and had scouts singing a slightly different tune.

** Update 10:30 pm 1/24: Tonight I had a chance to speak with North Team coach, Vikings head coach and defensive guru, Leslie Frazier regarding Martin. He says he is really impressed with Martin being powerful and explosive on the line. Frazier believes Martin is already looking like a solid DT prospect.

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