Donnie Avery joins Titans- Fantasy Football Relevance

Donnie Avery joins Titans
Alex Dunlap,

Free-Agent Wide Receiver Donnie Avery, formerly of the St. Louis Rams has joined the Tennessee Titans as of this afternoon.

Avery was somewhat of a budding star in St. Louis, having been awarded the Team offensive rookie-of-the-year distinction in 2008, but failed to really take off into 2009 the way some thought he may; catching only 5 TDs with mostly pedestrian-to-crappy yardage production.

He was injured in the 2010 preseason and has not played since.

Donnie Avery told reporters today that “he already knew half the playbook” and that he was ready to step in play a role in the offense. He also indicated that his knee was completely healed, claiming he was clocked at 4.27 in the 40 yard dash recently. (No reporters asked whether this was hand-timed by his boy at the park or electronically timed like we here at RosterWatch would have asked.)

Obviously, this move was spurned by the season-ending injury to Kenny Britt- and besides Nate Washington (no superstar himself) who else is there? Damian Williams is the “starter” opposite Nate Washington with an occasional dash of Lavelle Hawkins. That is ridiculously awful. Let’s all stand up and give Matt Hasselbeck a round of applause. Jeez. If he keeps playing well, he sure will have earned it with this receiving corps.

There could be something to Donnie Avery talking about his speed being back, though. Sources close to the organization have made mention of Johnny Lee Higgins trying out, who I can assure you is a true 4.4 guy who plays even faster. They are looking to bring an element of speed to a WR corps whose #1 WRs are taller, bigger players with slightly less big-play ability. So, you have to keep an eye on him. ¬†Using Hasselbeck’s recent consistency as a constant variable, probability says one WR in this group will emerge to fantasy relevance in Britt’s absence.

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