Shopping for Week 4 Deals

Week 4 Buy Lows
Byron Lambert,


Mike Vick:
43 fantasy points through week 3 which is less than Colt McCoy, Jason Campbell, and Rex Grossman. He has gotten hurt in consecutive weeks, might be out this week, hasn’t looked that good so far this season, and Philly has been shaky. Vick owners are still going to want something significant in return but this may be the lowest you can buy him all year and he still has monster upside which equals value. If you can get him this early in the season that would be lucky too because you will be getting a ton of play. Could turn out to be a season changer.

Tony Romo:
46 fantasy points. Yes he is hurting and Miles Austin is out. I believe though, he is still a top tier fantasy QB with big upside especially after the week 5 bye. To put it in perspective guys like Fitzpatrick, Rodgers, Newton, Stafford, and Brees have scored in the 70-80 point range through week 3. I believe Romo is in this category over the long haul. Try to get him cheap if you have anything less than a top tier starting QB on your fantasy football roster.

Philip Rivers:
40 fantasy points! See:Tony Romo and replace Miles Austin w/ Antonio Gates.This is a terrific opportunity. He has a great track record and was in most prognosticators top 5 preseason. Not much has changed and the Chargers are notoriously slow starters.


Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson, Frank Gore, DeAngelo Williams:  In that order. These guys are pretty much in the same boat so far; major under performers and/or injury risks on bad teams. All have a track record of big production and all were top flight picks. Something seems a little bit wrong this year with all of them and I don’t completely trust any of them. CJ is the one guy that is legitimately in the middle of his prime. If you need to take a risk and shake things up this may be a good route for you because there is big upside. The deal needs to come at a significant discount though.


Hakeem Nicks, Desean Jackson, Dez Bryant: I don’t see owners of any of these players parting with any of these guys on the cheap. It is worth noting though that they have all relatively underperformed and have been generally underwhelming by posting numbers outside of the top 36 WR through week 3. All three have also been dinged up. It may be worth throwing a feeler out to see if any less educated owners in your league might bite. It would be a major coup. You may also be able to get a decent discount on these players as part of a multi player trade.

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