RWi DRAFT GUIDE – Average Scoring Margin vs. Opponents by Team 2012

Average Scoring Margin vs. Opponents by Team 2012
Byron Lambert,

We’ve all been hurt by team average scoring margin before. When you have a fantasy running back posting a semi-monster in the first half, raising your hopes through the roof.

They come out in the second half and fall way behind quickly. All of a sudden, in catch up mode, the game plan shifts to an all out aerial attack. Now your first half stud of a running back gets blanked in the second half, while you dreams of grandeur crash through the floor.

Teams that tend to play with leads, tend to shift away from the passing game and towards the run game as the contest progresses. Vice-versa for teams that tend to play from behind. It’s good information to know when making tough roster decisions in upcoming Fantasy Football Drafts. Running backs on teams that play with leads and receivers on teams that play from behind get an uptick in this evaluation.

Thanks to Chase Stuart of for taking the time to calculate the data used here.

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