Dynasty League Spotlight – Marion Grice, RB Arizona State – 2014 NFL Draft

Dynasty Spotlight: Marion Grice
The Trashman, Rosterwatch.com
Marion Grice RB, Arizona State

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 207 lbs
40 yard dash: 4.54 (estimate)
NFL Comparison: Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush might sound like a lofty comparison, but at least I didn’t go as crazy as NFL.com’s Dan Greenspan who views Grice as more worthy of LaDanian Tomlinson companions.

In fact, not even Grice’s coaches have a good comparison for the young man as he seems to be truly one-of-a-kind. Grice can do it all in the NFL, much like he did it all for Arizona State in 2013.

A JUCO transfer from Blinn College, the once-alma-mater of both Cam Newton and the NBA’s disgusting mess of a tattooed-spectactle-freaskshow Birdman, Grice led the Sun Devils in all purpose yards this year with 996 yards on the ground and 438 in the air.

The Houston native is an elusive runner with hips on a swivel who doesn’t absorb a lot of contact, so it’s hard to say just how tough he is. All in all, that’s probably a good thing though, as it keeps him relatively healthy. What’s most impressive about Grice is his nose for the end zone. In that regard he resembles Jamaal Charles more than a Reggie Bush. Grice alone accounted for almost 40% of ASU’s touchdowns this season with 20, and he did it on limited touches. That means he doesn’t need a ton of carries to do his damage, which in the ever-shifting backfields of today’s NFL, truly means the world.

Rarely do teams rely on one back to carry the load anymore, so it helps that the guy knows how to make every carry count. You may not have heard much about Grice yet, but that will all change come next fall when the NFL season rolls around.

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