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PRO Exclusive NFL Combine Audio: All of Our Fantasy Questions For NFL Coaches and GMs

If you’re anything like us, you’re tired of reading some interpretation of a beat writer’s interpretation of a fantasy-relevant tidbit from an NFL Head Coach or GM at the Combine.

Instead, we go straight to the source (GMs / Head Coaches) for direct audio that can’t be mishandled before reaching the ears/eyeballs of RosterWatchNation. After 8 years, we’ve learned how to ask these questions in a fashion that elicits the nuanced responses which provide substantive analysis.

Please note, more audio will be added through the week and weekend of the combine. The library should be completely uploaded by Monday, March 5th.

To access all NFL Combine Audio, here’s the key to the vault of every 2018 fantasy question we directed at each of the 64 Head Coaches and GM’s


  1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Hey guys, Thanks for covering the combine again this year !
    I am glad I could contribute to a shrimp cocktail for you guys !

    Listen, I am lined up nicely to make a power run at one of my deep dynasties this year (baring injuries)
    I have a tight end question, all my life I have struggled finding a nice tight end I could just plug when needed and not worry about it.

    I have a mandatory start of a tight end (IF I choose to run with 2 rbs ) – I am wondering if you’d recommend I trade some draft capital and prospects for a more sure thing at TE or trade freeman for a studly wr to get optimal offensive firepower in my line up

    Here is my line up

    D Johnson (just traded pick 104, godwin, and davis for him) I also got back his 201
    M Thomas
    H Henry

    Presently I have the option to sit Freeman and Henry then plug in 2 more wrs (but as it stands I am better off with freeman and henry)
    my next best are :
    P Richardson

    My question is would you try to trade freeman for a top 15 wr + ?
    Do you have any projected under the radar wrs that may shoot into the top 20 this yr , that i might buy cheap?
    ” ” ” TE’s ” ” ” ? (already own hooper and Kittle)


  2. Henry is just fine at your TE spot. Expect a nice breakout year from him this year. Also Kittle should start to become a solid TE moving forward. I would not trade Freeman for a Wr. You have a very good WR core with a couple of solid subs. Amara Darboh is a nice breakout option that you might be able to buy for a couple of wooden nickels right now.

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