EXCLUSIVE: RosterWatch 2018 Combine WR On-Field Testing Grades


Thanks to our affiliation with the Pro Football Writers of America, RosterWatch has yearly access inside Lucas Oil Stadium to view every route run by every WR in attendance who elects to take part in the on-field portion of NFL Combine drills. The RW crew is a few of only 20-or-so media members allowed in, and certainly the only media entity in the world who grades each rep in Indy in order to create a quantifiable “grade” or score for the on-field portion of drills.

While there is much to be learned from the numbers that come from quantitative testing such as the 40-yard-dash and the vertical leap, it has been our experience over the last half-decade-plus that the on-field portion – and how the receiver runs his routes and catches the football comparatively to the others – is perhaps more predictive of future NFL success and subsequently fantasy relevance. In short, if history is any indication, this is very likely the most important tool of our offseason.

Every rep by each receiver is graded by the members of RW on our proprietary grading sheet per the scale noted in the sheet’s bottom right corner. The average is taken from all graders for each rep. The sum of those averages equals the player’s total score.

Since 2012, this painstaking and maniacal practice has helped us identify under-the-radar prospects who had the movement skills, receiving abilities and general fundamental bases as pass-catchers and/or route-runners (such as John Brown, Albert Wilson, Martavis Bryant, Stefon Diggs, Jamison Crowder, Tyler Boyd, Cooper Kupp, and numerous others) that forced us to go back to the tape and examine them more closely.

It has also helped immensely in validating our initial positive thoughts on players such as Justin Blackmon, Odell Beckham, Jr., Deandre Hopkins, Michael Floyd, Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans and Kevin White (among others) while giving us pause on certain others who the draft industry seemed significantly higher on (ahem … Dorial Green-Beckham … ahem)

This season is no different. In fact, it may be the most interesting and surprising set of numbers we’ve accumulated to this point. This is RosterWatch and these are our 2018 NFL Combine Wide Receiver On-Field Testing Scores.

To view the official scorecard results for Groups 4 and 5, click HERE for the PDF.


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  1. RW staff,

    What numbers are important, when reviewing the “WR workout evaluation” spreadsheet (ex. quick slant vs out route)? Basically, how can I tell which WR is elite, good, or just average? Thanks..

    1. We like to look at the quick slant as the Odell Beckham rule – guys who are good at that display skills that show likely clean separation in routes. The over-shoulder, gauntlet, go, and post-corner fade show adjustment of the body and tracking of footballs which is very helpful for guys who are going to be deep threats.

  2. There is a key on the bottom of the chart.

  3. Post By mjgoodsman@live.com

    Need help dynasty trade I give M Ingram & Jamaal Williams and get Mike Evans, My WR are R Anderson, A Jeffery, C Coleman, M Crabtree, Marquise Goodwin, Zay Jones and Golden Tate, my RB’s are M Ingram, J Williams, David Johnson, D Freeman, & I Crowell. Should I do this trade?

    1. You will be able to reload at the RB position in this draft but I’d like more than that for both those guys. Can you get him to throw in a 2?

      1. Post By mjgoodsman@live.com

        Thank you Alex, I made the trade and gave Ingram & Williams and received Evans and a 2nd round pick. When we will see the Dynasty draft sheet?

  4. Can Quinn be this years Kupp? You guys had the close up look..what happened to Jaleel Scott? He looked pretty good on tape. After seeing Valdes-Scantling’s 40 threw on some tape and this kid looks like a potential superstar, what’s your thoughts? I can go on and on you guys absolutely killed it here!

    1. Thank you sir. Quinn was off our radar but his on-field performance was VERY Kupp-like. We are intrigued by him and will have video of his entire pro day in the master file for everyone later this month. Jaleel Scott has been underwhelming at every turn but his tape is good. He’s an enigma for us but we aren’t high on him from our evals. We;ll see how that turns out because he has great talent on film. Valdes-Scantling is a huge surprise, we didn’t even know who he was before the this week but it’s pretty eye opening with 40 and good on field performance. We are going to ask some USF people about him and move forward accordingly. Some of his tape shows a lot of body catches but he caught it away from his body well in drills.

  5. And what about James Washington?

    1. we aren’t worried, he’s still a top WR in this class. had some tough reps in Indy but we saw what we needed to at the Senior Bowl. Reminded me of Michael Thomas who had a tough day on -field in his year it happens sometimes.

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