PRO Exclusive NFL Combine Audio: Our Full Library of Fantasy Questions to all GMs and Head Coaches

If you’re anything like us, you’re tired of reading some sausage-fingered mouth-breather’s interpretation of a beat writer’s interpretation of a fantasy-relevant tidbit from an NFL Head Coach or GM.

Instead, we go straight to the source (GMs / Head Coaches) for direct audio that can’t be mishandled before reaching the ears/eyeballs of RosterWatchNation. After 5 years, we’ve learned how to ask these questions in a fashion that elicits the nuanced responses which provide substantive analysis.

For example, listen to Hue Jackson’s response on Gary Barnidge , opposed to Rick Speilman’s rebuttal to a Cordarrelle Patterson question– or even worse- Todd Bowles’ feelings about Geno Smith.

To view our full library of NFL Combine Audio, here’s the key to the vault of every 2016 fantasy question we directed at each of the 64 Head Coaches and GM’s

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