Fantasy Thoughts Preseason WK 3 Redskins Ravens

Preseason Week 3
Redskins / Ravens Thoughts for Fantasy FootballOn the highlights, you will see Joe Flacco drop back to pass (with excellent blocking from Ray Rice) for a thread-the-needle TD pass to Anquan Boldin. He pumps his fists with emotion after capping a 12 -play, 80-yd drive against the Redskins. It makes for good highlights.

This was in the 3rd quarter.
This was against the Redskins #2 defense. Well, the #2 defense and rookies.

This is why I say don’t buy too much into preseason. Preseason stats and production are clouded with so many variables. This is game mechanics. These plays are install-related scripts for which no method exists to examine and/or quantify their results as they relate to Fantasy Football regular season production.

Santana Moss had a nice TD reception tonight from Rex Grossman.  I had to stop the DVR, thinking to myself- “Wait- it’s 3rd and 15. The Redskins are inside the Baltimore 30. How on earth is he that open?” I also thought- “That’s Grossman. No way he looked anybody off.”

Sure enough- a rookie  (a very talented rookie who could kick my ass) blew the coverage. Jimmy Smith bit on the slant and opened up the deep void to the sideline and back over the top. Basically, Santana Moss ran 20 yards and had Grossman throw him a pass like they were throwing in the back yard. (without Grossman breaking his ankle on the sprinkler head)

What do I buy?
Wahington Redskins RB Tim Hightower.
I hate to say it, but I do.
He seems to be the starter, and all indications are that it is his job to lose. He has played well, looked explosive in the cut-and-go, made big runs and held onto the ball.

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