Preseason Week 4 Pre-Roll

The last week of the preseason. You can smell football in the air. And Preseason Week 4 is what football is all about.

I know, its the last week of the preseason. Preseason is meaningless to begin with, I get it.  Even in this strike-shortened year, teams are not taking any risks coming into Week 1 of the regular season with their stars.

What you watch this weekend  is grown men fighting for their jobs. Make no mistake, these men have made the first two rounds of cuts and the property manager at their apartment complex is telling them there is a deadline to re-up the lease. They are having to figure out what city their kids are going to school in. They desperately just want to make this deal easy and not see a pink slip in the locker. For their sake, their agent’s sake and their family’s sake. You bring a man’s family into his business, and you wake up a monster. Ask any father who depends on a commission of some sort. There is no motivation to produce like your family.

But this week isn’t ALL about scrubs trying not to be the 54th man on a 53-man roster. We have interesting battles that are pertinent to us fantasy-wise. We’ll see Ryan Torrain and maybe get a little clarity on the Redskins RB situation. We’ll get to check out Delone Carter in extended series for Indianapolis. We’ll also be keeping a close eye on the Philadelphia back-up QB situation with Mike Kafka popping up as a name who may be pushing former Titan offensive rookie of the Year and All-Pro Vince Young.

Keep an eye on the Watch List to see what we’re seeing.

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