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Five Last-Minute Tips Before Your Fantasy Football Draft

5 Tips Before You Draft
by Alan Seslowsky – Twitter: @Alanseslowsky

RosterWatch Nation, you have done your research. You have studied the Ultimate Draft Cheat Sheet. You are updated on injuries, rookie breakout candidates, and late round value picks. It is time to draft. Below are a few tips and things to remember as you enter into battle with your leaguemates.

Tip #1 Pay Attention to Position Runs/Scarcity

Many times when we draft we fall victim to ADP. You say things to yourself like “Jerry  Jeudy” is supposed to be a 7th round pick, I can wait for another round to get him.” Then what happens? Click! Someone takes him in the 5th round. The Ultimate Draft Cheat Sheet is designed to give you value at every pick, but it is important to keep an eye on how your particular draft is valuing certain positions. 


Tip #2 Remain Flexible In The Early Rounds

Don’t get locked into thinking that you have to take “one RB and one WR” in the first two rounds. Take the best players that fall to you. Rosterwatch was recently in a high-stakes draft picking from the 12 spot. We planned on getting at least one RB there. The Cheat Sheet directed us to take Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill. Though it is uncomfortable to not take an early round RB, trust the cheat sheet will balance your roster. 


Tip #3 Kicker Strategy

RosterWatch usually recommends taking a kicker and defense with your last two picks, It is ok to “reach” up a round or two if there is an elite kicker with a late round bye. The purpose of getting an elite kicker on a high powered offense is that that kicker will theoretically score a lot of points. The purpose of the late round bye is that you will not feel obligated to hold a kicker through an early season bye. Our top choices in 2021 are the kickers on:

Kansas City Week 12 Bye

LA Rams Week 11 Bye

Baltimore Week 8 Bye


Tip #4 Defense Strategy

Similar to kicker it is ok to reach up for a defense you can play in the first few weeks. Trying to predict what defense will be good for the whole season is a tough task. Focus on the first two to three games. Understand that you will need to add/drop DSTs all season long to stay competitive. A few early season plays worth reaching a round for are:

LA Rams 

Week 1 vs Bears (Andy Dalton is the QB)

Week 2 vs Colts  (Wentz coming off injury)

San Fransisco 49ers

Week 1 vs Detroit (Lions project to struggle offensively)

Week 2 vs Philadelphia 


Tip #5 Load Your Bench with RBs

A sound fantasy football strategy is to load up your bench with running backs that are one injury away from starting. Similar to what we have witnessed with Darell Henderson and Gus Edwards. Henderson was going in the 11th round prior to Akers’ injury and Edwards even later. Both are rock solid 5th round picks right now. Try to identify those players and add them. A few suggestions are Sony Michel, Rhamondre Stevenson, Chuba Hubbard, and Ty Johnson. All will be ranked as a top 15 weekly RBs if the starter in front of them misses time. 


  1. Hello RosterWatch Nation.

    I have a draft tonight and need your advice.

    12 team, .5 per, 1 IR spot

    What round would you recommend to draft Michael Thomas and send jim to my IR spot?

    Thanks for your help

    1. If you want Thomas, you’re probably going to have to take him in the ninth round as he’s generally going somewhere in the ninth and tenth rounds in most cases

  2. Post By John Hunsberger

    Is it with stashing troutman in a redraft or just cut him loose ?

    1. Yes, he’sa true wild card te with immense upside.

  3. Superflex PPR Dynasty League –

    Should I drop David johnson or Kadaraius Toney in favor of Gus Edwards (FA bid)

    1. I think we know what we have in dj at this point. No sense in holding him in dynasty

  4. Post By

    Thoughts on Mac Jones? Not high on him?

  5. Post By

    Do I follow the cheat sheet in a 10 man league the same as I would in a 12 man league? Should I be more aggressive in the 10 teamer? Thank you

    1. Maybe grab Kelce or Waller earlier to ensure that elite level at TE… but TRUST THE SHEET!

  6. Will there be a update to the ppr draft sheet by the 5th?

  7. How do we feel about Damien Harris now that Mac is the starter? Would you rather have Damien or Kareem Hunt? I was offered Damien Harris for my Kareem Hunt and Michael Pittman. Thoughts?

    1. Edge still to Kareem Hunt and Pittman looks to be the Number 1 WR in Indy so don’t make this trade. Good Luck!

  8. 10 team PPR draft was last night


    RB-AJones, Gibson, Jacobs, DHarris, AJ Dillon, Gio

    WR-Jefferson, McLaurin, Boyd, Sutton, MWilliams, Myers


    I reached a bit on the sheet and took Jacobs over Julio thinking there was a big RB run coming for that group of backs and it didn’t I could’ve still ended up with Harris. I regretted it instantly, think I should stay pat with the squad or try and shop Jacobs for a WR in that range?

    1. You’ve got great depth at RB and WR. This team is a league winner! Stand pat and ride this squad to the championship.

  9. We have a little controversy
    This is a 10 year league, but the 1st year for a keeper.
    Our keepers were submitted August 17 and out draft is September 8th the day before the season starts.
    One guy kept Dobbins, and I believe he should be given an opportunity to keep someone else.
    In a keeper league, how many days before the draft should keepers be picked
    I believe our mistake was 3 weeks before our draft

    1. I believe for this season that player has to go through with Dobbins as his keeper. Once a date is set that should be the final decision. In the future (next season and on) make sure your keeper date is not further than 1 week before your draft and definitely should be after the last preseason game.

  10. Of the 4, which 2 would you keep.
    Ruggs, J White, J Meyer and P Campbell.

    1. Are there any draft pick/round penalties?

  11. When I use the cheat sheet on fantasy pros mock drafts my grades always come out C’s or C-. Am I doing something wrong? I’m following the steps on the sheet

    1. Lol, those grades are worthless. We wear them as a badge of honor.

      1. Here is a mock I did if you could give me a review. Ppr picked 9 spot out of 10 teams
        Tom Brady
        Aaron Jones
        Kareem hunt
        Tyreek hill
        Justin Jefferson
        Logan Thomas
        Keenan Allen
        Bills d

        Bench. Amari cooper, mostert, jamar chase, Antonio brown, Tyler Boyd, gio, jakobi Meyers.

  12. why is micheal carter higher than coleman? by all accounts coleman is the number one. he is still undrafted in my league. what am i missing?

  13. Have you seen Coleman the last 3 yr? We like him as a later rd pick- but Carter has the receiving upside. He’s a Gio Bernard type

  14. Good day RW Fam….. I am an LA guy born and bread…. I am hearing rumors that Sony Michel is THE GUY! I don’t know if this is legit or not so I wanted to ask what you guys are hearing??? I assume you have not being Michel is buried on the sheet. Good luck to all in your drafts and season!

    1. I wouldn’t consider him “buried” on the STD/.5PPR sheet which is where he his most likely to have the most value. We have not heard that- depends on what exactly you mean by the “lead guy”. He could feasibly play a lot on 1st and 2nd down we shall see. The big question is whether his very balky knees can hold up- we have our doubts

      1. I do think he will steal goal lines

        1. In the end- I think they are both mostly flex plays

          1. Gotcha…. Thanks for the quick response Byron!

  15. Post By

    NFFC 12 team keeper league. I have Elliot, Adams, Gaskin, The Gus Bus, M. Gordon and T. Pollard. I am being offered Waller and 15th for Gaskin and a 2nd.

    The best of the rest of my squad: Mahomes is my only QB, AJ Brown, A. Cooper, A. Robinson, Thielen, T. Locket A. Brown, Shenault, R. Anderson, only TE is Trautman.

    What do you think?

  16. Need ONE Keeper…RW Pro member since 2013(?)
    10 team auction keeper league; (1) keeper at projected offer amount (not 2020 price paid).
    $200 budget…actually paid under NFL Offer Amt in every case.
    Offer Player
    $19 Kareem Hunt RB – CLE
    $45 Nick Chubb RB – CLE
    $30 James Robinson RB – JAX
    $44 Antonio Gibson RB – WAS
    $39 A.J. Brown WR – TEN
    $48 Calvin Ridley WR – ATL
    $29 Chris Godwin WR – TB
    $28 Cooper Kupp WR – LAC
    $38 Allen Robinson WR – CHI
    $4 Dallas Goedert TE – PHI

    thank you in advance for your response.

    1. Godwin looks like the best convergence of upside and price to me.

      1. oooh that smell! thanks Trashman!

  17. 12 team .5 PPR

    Can keep 1

    Ceedee Lamb (Round 8) or Brandon Aiyuk (Round 14)

    1. Nvm just saw Aiyuk is dealing with hamstring issues

  18. Hey there, is there a way to sync the Cheat Sheet to my draft room ? Draft pace accelerates in later rounds to the point that I can’t keep up. Thanks in advance for any solution.

    1. Best option there is to use the cheat sheet to load your draft rankings so if it goes auto-draft you are covered- you may be able to copy / paste them in

  19. Post By

    Good morning! The magical Cheat Sheet helped me build this amazing lineup! I need advice on a trade proposed to me.

    NFFC 12 team keeper league. I have Elliot, Adams, Gaskin, The Gus Bus, M. Gordon and T. Pollard. I am being offered Waller and 15th for Gaskin and a 2nd.

    The best of the rest of my squad: Mahomes is my only QB, AJ Brown, A. Cooper, A. Robinson, Thielen, T. Locket A. Brown, Shenault, R. Anderson, only TE is Trautman.

    What do you think?

    1. Which Adams? Davante?

      1. Post By

        I’m an idiot. A Jones. Freudian slip.

        1. Post By

          Adam…….Adams…….both Packers

  20. Good afternoon,
    I am a new subscriber as of this week. I have been listening to your show on SiriusXM and always loved your content. I decided to sign up, as I wanted to use your Ultimate Draft Cheat Sheet for last evening’s 12 team, full PPR draft. I drafted out of the 3 hole. I utilized the sheet to the “t” with three exceptions. My team is below and I’d like your opinion.

    Brady, Roethlisberger, Kamara, CEH, M. Sanders, Ridley, Thielen, DJ Moore, Rondale Moore, Everett, Michael Carter, Moestert, Boston Scott, P. Campbell, T. Marshall Jr., J. Meyers, Mooney.

    The exceptions were:
    1. I decided to jump down your list and pass on a few WRs to draft Darnell Mooney. The players (in order) that I passed on were Rondale Moore, Terrance Marshall and Parris Campbell. That said, the league kept passing on those players and I was able to subsequently draft all three;
    2. I passed on a few remaining back-up QBs to take Roethlisberger. The QBs I passed on are all still undrafted, but I felt I wanted Ben here;
    3. I picked Boston Scott with my last pick; he wasn’t even listed on the cheat sheet, but I wanted some insurance against my pick of Miles Sanders.

    FYI, I was planning on drafting Latavius Murray, but someone drafted him wayyyy earlier than the cheat sheet suggested. TYIA !!

    1. Mitch this is an excellent PPR team. With those RBs you are doing to dominate. I think later in the season you may be able to upgrade Thielen or Moore but who knows those guys could surprise us, and appears you got great value on them. I think going off the board for Mooney was fine- I like him- and to your point you got the other guys anyways 🙂

      Wouldn’t worry too much about backup QB- Big Ben could obv be very sneaky. There’s prob a few others I like more. But, mostly you need to look at the schedules. Thank you for your support!

  21. Someone stupidly dropped Javonte William’s in a 12 team ppr. What % of faab do I throw at him?

    1. I’d say 25%-30%

  22. Post By

    I have my keeper draft on Sunday night and have pick 1.7. Based on who’s been kept, I’ve mocked myself into the following 3 guys available at my pick. It is 1 pt. ppr, 0.25 pt per carry. What do you guys think?

    Travis Kelce
    DeAndre Hopkins
    Najee Harris
    Saquon Barkley – he seems to be moving up on rankings, but I think my league will be down on him. I own pick 2.2 via trade, so I could potentially wait on him


    1. I’d prob take Najee-

      1. Post By

        Thanks! Both Kelce and Najee ended up being taken in front of me, so I went with Hopkins over Saquon. Looking at how the rest of the draft shaped up, I never liked any of the other backs when they became available to me, so I’m awfully thin at RB. I should have taken Saquon.

  23. Lost jk last week sony is on the wire high stakes tournament 1000 faab how much faab would you use to get sony

    1. Maybe 30%

      1. Max

  24. I a little thin at rb without the pickup

  25. 12 team .5 PPR

    Have to drop one , for a kicker

    Rondale Moore, Will Fuller, Jonnu Smith , Gerald Everett

    1. Jonnu

  26. sometimes when using the cheat sheet in mocks, i find if i follow the sheet blindly, i’m left with some teams super rb heavy or conversely WR heavy if there is a run either way. Do i draft off the cheat according to needs? like if in round 5 i have 3 RBs and the sheet tells me to draft another rb , look at wr/te? Thanks!!

    1. If it’s early in the draft and your team unfolds 3-4 RB or 3-4 in a row- that is the only time I recommend reaching by a few spots (only a few) to keep your team balanced. Do not get scared though and bail early, you will regret it. Depending on roster limits I’d wait until I was 3 RB deep right off the top to even consider it, I would def make an adjustment if you go 4/4 RB in the first four rounds (which you should not be scared of if you can start 4 RBs in your league and maybe only 2 wr).

      As far as WR if somehow I went 2-WR in a row the first 2-3 rounds then I might consider balancing with RB in RD4 etc

  27. 12 team league 0.5 pt ppr.1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 flex. My team is T. Lance, J. Fields, Zeke, J. Robinson, M. Sanders, M. Gordon, D. Hopkins, T. Higgins, C. Sutton, M. Pittman, J. Landry, M. Jones Jr, H. Ruggs III. I need to know who to drop to pick up a “bridge” qb? Also which qb should I pick up: S. Darnold, R. Fitzpatrick, J. Winston, or Tua Tagovailoa? Thanks!

    1. Awesome haul! I think you might have to drop Fields. If not I’d probably say Marvin Jones is who I would drop. Look at the upcoming schedules for the QBs! I also like Baker in WK1-2 and Cousins is mostly solid the first half of the season. Big Ben is interesting too. But, in the end I would play the matchups. Check the QB sos schedule too. Also, the matchup tool for WK1 will be up soon

  28. The squad
    QB – Matt Ryan and Justin Fields
    RB – A Gibson, Gus Edwards, Damien Harris, Tony Pollard, AJ Dillon and A Mattison
    WR – CD Lamb, Chris Godwin, Tee Higgins, C. Sutton, T Marshall Jr.
    TE – Kelce

    How do you guys like it?

  29. Very nice! Especially for a Kelce squad! Congrats and best wishes this season!

  30. Post By Robert Braswell

    KING OF THE NORTH HERE….its magical its mystical.. you guys have done it again and are why Im in contention for the title every damn year in my home leagues…2 drafts down one moe live one to guys got this thing humming…2 rosters so far

    10 teams 1pt ppr picking 1st
    Kyler Murray , Justin fileds
    CMC ,Swift,Javonne williams,Sony Michael,Pollard ,Hubbard
    Keenan Allen, Lamb,DiontaeJohnson,Ja marr Chase, Antonio Brown,jakobi meyers,Terrace marshall jr
    logan thomas
    Pats Def, Blankenship

  31. Post By Robert Braswell

    King of north continued..Team 2.this is my #1 home league ..won the chip last season..

    12 team 1pt ppr….picking 7th….James robinson keeper from your intell last season 11th rd

    Jalen Hurts,J Fields
    Jon Taylor, Miles sanders, James robinson , Trey sermon
    DK Metcalf, Godwin, Thielen Jakobi Meyers , Hollywood Brown,Curtis Samuel
    Dallas Goedert, Gerald everett
    Koo, Colts def……Thanks boys another great draft more tuesday

  32. Ten team ppr. Keep zeke or adams. I change my mind daily,,
    Sheet has zeke 2 spots ahead,but y’all know backs go fast,,

  33. Morning gentleman, had a 10 team full PPR draft last night and followed the cheat sheet. Ended up with a draft of:
    QB Herbert
    RB Zeke, Taylor, D.Harris, Trey Sermon and Javonta
    WR C. Ridley, AJ Brown, Amari Cooper, Godwin, C.Davis, Jeudy and Laviska
    I feel like I’m light at RB, should I drop Davis or Laviska and pick up the likes of Jamaal Williams, or S. Michel for added depth or hold what i have for the time being? Thanks.

  34. Good Morning All. I used cheat sheet last night for 12 Team PPR Ended up with:

    QB-Kyler Murray
    RB-Aaron Jones, Damien Harris, Trey Sermon, Tony Pollard, Gio Bernard
    WR-Stefon Diggs, CeeDee Lamb, Brandon Aiyuk, Antonio Brown, Dj Chark, Elijah Moore
    TE- Kyle Pitts, Robert Tonyan.

    Feeling kind of light at RB but I love using the cheat sheet it is definitely magical

  35. Post By

    Howdy! Used the cheat sheet for 10 team PPR draft this weekend:
    Herbert, Fitzmagic
    Scary Terry, Woods, Lockett, D Johnson, Cooks, Meyers
    A Jones, Ekeler, Javonte Williams, Dillon, Jamaal Williams
    Min D
    Thoughts on who to drop for a kicker? Was thinking Fitz but I have McClaurin. Meyers?

  36. Post By

    How many Trash Man specials am I realistically allowed to roster lol? I have Quez Watkins, but I also have Amon-Ra St. Brown, and that feels like 1 too many dart throws at receiver. Should I drop either and pick up one of Tyrell Williams, Rashod Bateman or Parris Campbell?

  37. Post By

    I’m drafting a 12 team td only league. Which cheat sheet tools are best to use? I’m a new member. Thanks

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