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QB Starters Named for 2021: Fantasy Football Fallout

As the NFL offseason comes to a close, quarterback competitions are coming to an end and teams are finally making their decisions on their QB1s! 

The Denver Broncos named Teddy Bridgewater their Week 1 starter after a long offseason battle with Drew Lock.  Both QBs were evenly matched during the preseason but the Bridgewater edged out Lock in the eyes of the coaching staff.  Last year with the Panthers, Bridgewater supported two 1,000 yard WRs in DJ Moore & Robby Anderson and almost a 3rd with Curtis Samuel who ended with 851 yards in 2020.  Bridgewater also had a blistering 69.1% completion rate in 2020 which was the 4th best amongst QBs last season.  Meanwhile, Drew Lock finished 2020 dead last amongst QBs in completion percentage at 57.3% which heavily impacted Jerry Jeudy and the Broncos WRs.  On top of that, according to SIS Data Hub, only 70.4% of Lock’s passes were deemed catchable compared to 78% of Bridgewater’s passes.

Jerry Jeudy fantasy managers should be doing jumping jacks right now as this is a massive upgrade for him at the QB position.  The 2nd year breakout is coming and a 1,000 yard season is most definitely coming for him.  Jeudy could see similar numbers to DJ Moore from 2020 who amassed 1,193 yards and 4 TDs.

For those who fear Teddy Bridgewater’s arm strength when it comes to passing the ball downfield, fear not because Bridgewater was actually T-10 last season in yards per attempt and had success finding Robby Anderson all season long in 2020.  So Courtland Sutton managers fear not.  On top of that, on Episode 364 of the RW Fantasy Football Podcast, John Daigle from NBC Sports Edge mentioned how under Drew Lock, Courtland Sutton finished only ONCE in the Top 38 of WRs.  Even though he has a cannon for an arm, Lock is an inaccurate downfield passer.

Stock UP for Jeudy, Sutton and Bridgewater (a Solid QB2 now in Superflex).

The New Orleans Saints finally came to a decision and named Jameis Winston their QB for Week 1 against the Green Bay Packers over Taysom Hill.  This is great news for the Saints pass catchers as Winston is the superior passer between the two QBs.  This doesn’t mean that Hill won’t be used in games and will most likely see carries out of the wildcat formation inside the 10-yard line.  This is Winston’s second year with the team so he had a full season to learn under Drew Brees and understand Sean Payton’s system.  In 2019 with the Bucs, Winston led the league in air yards so he is not afraid to let it rip down the field.

This jolts Marquez Callaway‘s stock up as he is the clear WR1 right now with Michael Thomas sidelined with an injury.  Callaway already has a locked in chemistry with Winston as we saw in the preseason game against the Jaguars.  This is a boost to Alvin Kamara‘s value as well.  We saw Kamara’s fantasy numbers take a huge hit last year when Hill started for Brees with less passes thrown his way and carries taken away from him but with Winston that shouldn’t be an issue.

Stock UP for Winston, Callaway

The last QB who was named Week 1 starter this week was Trevor Lawrence.  No surprise here as he was the #1 overall pick in the 2021 draft and did not have much competition to beat out in Jacksonville.  Unfortunately, Lawrence and the Jaguars offense are off to a shaky start this preseason but these bumps in the road are expected with a new QB & new Head Coach (Urban Meyer).

With the unfortunate season-ending injury to Rookie RB Travis Etienne, this is an obvious bump to James Robinson but Laviska Shenault as well.  The Jaguars were looking to use Etienne in various positions which included the slot where Shenault plays out of.  With the injury, now, Shenault should be one of Lawrence’s favorite targets on 3rd downs and short yardage situations.

Stock UP for Marvin Jones Jr. and Laviska Shenault Jr., DJ Chark‘s value stays the same.


  1. Strategy question— 10 team 1/2 ppr. They are only allowing 25 waiver moves during the season ( which I hate). Only 6 bench spots. Do I load up at RB since they get hurt the most or still follow
    Cheat sheet.. do I still only draft one QB since it’s 10 team, or with the waiver rules, should I make
    A point to have 2?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      In a 10 tm I’d still only take 1 QB unless one of the two remaining top 12 QBs plummets to you at value after the first 10 starters have been taken. Otherwise, I’d prob chill. Esp if you get an every wk starter as your QB1. I will say if you end up playing waiver wire QB and want to hedge against a ton of waiver moves- Kirk Cousins is a QB late with a quite decent schedule for a big chunk of the season through like WK9. Have a look at the strength of schedule QB tool

      As for RBs, follow the sheet- but it’s generally tilted towards RBs in the first place. So if you want to be little mindful there w/ limited waiver moves I wouldn’t object. I just wouldn’t reach for any super late rd RBs over other skill players significantly higher on the sheet

  2. I have both Jimmy G and Trey Lance and not they are rotating……would you recommend dropping Jimmy G and picking up Sam Darnold or Daniel Jones for week 1 start in super flex position?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Maybe Darnold. Look at the matchups. Not Daniel Jones. I don’t hate having both Jimmy G to Lance to get you through the transition in SF

  3. On your cheat sheet when should you start thinking about defense? Just in later rounds when you don’t like what is available at the current positions or do you have some other advice?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      At the very end of the draft. I think this yr it’s fine to take the Bucs defense after RD10 if you just don’t want to mess with it all season

  4. Long-time pro member here – in a yearly keeper league – drafting tomorrow. I get the #1 pick, and Cooks or Kamara will be available. Who do I keep from my roster as a compliment (past draft positions don’t matter)- Gibson, Mixon, J Jefferson, or Josh Allen? 10 Man PPR typical. Cheat sheet says Gibson or Jefferson….thanks, and looking forward to a new season!!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I would keep Jefferson or Gibson- I might lean Jefferson in full pt ppr – it’s close- I’d look at the remaining board post keepers and see if one position is really scarce or picked over in your league based on who’s been kept

  5. I had a good draft and have been offered this trade.

    I get Kamara – I give Najee Harris and Terrace Marshall Jr. am I crazy for second guessing this. We start 3 WR and have 2 flex so having volume is important. Also it’s PPR. I’m not sure about the Saints QB situation and if that might result in stacked
    Boxes. As of now the trade is still there. I’m sure it will be gone soon. Thx.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I would do it if I was getting Kamara.

      1. I’m gonna do it. Now back to the sheet to get a replacement WR.

  6. Im in a 12 team ppr. 1QB, 2RB, 3WR,2Flex, 1TE. it is an auction format with a $200 budget. Would you keep Lamar Jackson for $15?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  7. Post By John Hunsberger

    Did my draft for my home lg on Sunday , ended my rbs with Ekeler, Mixon , Gordon , Dillon and gio

    With Gordon ranked so high in the cheatsheet for .5ppr is he a good 3rd rb with all the williams talk or should I be looking for options already ?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      That’s a fat group of RBs dude! Dillon and Gio could easily turn into RB3s as well. It’s a nice group. You need Mixon to pan out most

      1. Post By John Hunsberger

        That cheat sheet man , got evans , Robinson , Juedy, and AB .. also stashed troutman as my final pick and 2nd te

  8. I’m in a 2QB league, lost Dobbins, drafted Mac Jones late as a 3rd QB flyer, what WR/RB value do you think I can get for Jones?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d want at least a very solid RB2 or WR2 in a re-draft 2BQ league.

  9. callaway or Mike Pittman?

    1. I would still take Pittman over Callaway

      1. thank you

        also, is there a handcuff sheet?

  10. What do you guys think about stashing Watson?

    1. only really interested in dynasty personally but Trashman did take him in the last round of our home league.

  11. I’ve been seriously considering stashing him In a couple of my PPR leagues… I just don’t think he can afford to sit out the entire season.

  12. Post By

    I get 6-8-10 point TD’s, 0-9 yds, 10-39 yds, 40+ yds. Do your QB standings change at all on the 2qb/super flex draft list? No passing yd points until 260 yds, rushing yard points begin at 50 yds.

  13. When I use the cheat sheet on fantasy pros mock drafts my grades always come out C’s or C-. Am I doing something wrong? I’m following the steps on the sheet

    1. We never pay attention to the grades on Fpros. I’ve won many a league with a c or even d graded draft. The cheat sheet is fashioned to create depth in your lineup, and we also generally have more faith in the rookies and smaller name playerswe endorse, as we’ve seen them with our own eyes at their pro days and at training camps. It’s a little trashy of an approach, but you have to be a trashman to thrive in these covid seasons.

      1. Update to the ppr sheet coming at all or is it all set?

  14. 12 team league 0.5 pt ppr.1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 flex. My team is T. Lance, J. Fields, Zeke, J. Robinson, M. Sanders, M. Gordon, D. Hopkins, T. Higgins, C. Sutton, M. Pittman, J. Landry, M. Jones Jr, H. Ruggs III. I need to know who to drop to pick up a “bridge” qb? Also which qb should I pick up: S. Darnold, R. Fitzpatrick, J. Winston, or Tua Tagovailoa? Thanks!

    1. I’d drop Ruggs and pick up Tua

  15. Post By

    On your SOS tool for QB, RB and WR – what do the different colors mean?

  16. Full point PPR Damian Harris or Tyler Boyd?

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