GARBAGE GRAB (Video): WRs With Good Fantasy Schedules


  1. Post By DROCK_in_NC

    Brashad Perriman…. Ewwwww Play the song… Play the song……

  2. Post By RAWC n Roll Express

    I’ve done redraft leagues for a few years now and use your golden cheat sheets to make my teams solid every year. This year we decided to make my hometown league a dynasty league and have never drafted for a ppr dynasty league. I saw your rookie dynasty cheat sheet which I’ll use. Do you all or anyone in the rosterwatch nation have any pointers for me? A nice healthy mix of when to draft players that have been in the league vs a rookie you might be high on for the future. Thanks in advance.

    1. We really need to think about making a dynasty sheet because we’re getting this a ton this year. For now, I’d say use the PPR sheet and put a premium on the younger guys, hopefully it’ll be a draft where you have a little time between picks to examine players ages. Or perhaps you could make it a project pre-draft to write down all the players ages next to them. WE definitely have a startup sheet in the plans for discussion for next season although I understand that doesn’t help you here, apologies.

  3. Dynasty
    Would you juju and 1.12 rookie draft pick for Dhop?
    Leaning no because juju is 5 years younger.

    Also would you trade Tyrell Williams for rookie draft pick 3.02? Seems like enough and Williams is my WR5. If I could get them to throw in daeshawn Hamilton is it a no brainer?

    1. No, yes getting Daesean makes that a no-brainer. At pick 3.02 you can still get some interesting players and we’re out on Tyrell so we’d go for it either way, but by all means try to get Daesean.

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