RW Podcast 151: Kerryon My Wayward Son

Alex Dunlap and Byron Lambert discuss the fantasy football news and notes coming out of NFL training camps, including Kerryon Johnson’s projected touch share. Free on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher.

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  1. Post By Moosetermind

    Love the pods, guys. Thanks for always putting out great content.

    I was hoping yall would consider talking about one player who is low on the latest iterations of the cheat sheet: Jamison Crowder. I’m targeting him in PPR and I’ve been tempted to select him over several WRs above him in the list and I’m hoping you can add some context/talk me off the ledge.

    Reasons I’m targeting him late:
    fills Jets void in the slot.
    They paid him, 4th most guaranteed money among fa wrs, behind golden tate, tyrell williams, and adam humphries
    still only 26 years old and he was a monster at duke with a young breakout age
    2.9 yard separation last year. same as adam theilen and dj moore in what was his least productive year.

    Lev Bell gobbling up LOS targets
    Adam Gase… although in 2013 when Gase was OC in Denver, wes welker got 111 targets in an offense that threw the ball 74 times to knowshon.

    if you think this is good fodder for a conversation on the pod, i’d love to hear it. otherwise I’m to hear what other members of rw nation things about this thought too. feel free to chime in!

  2. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    I’ll say this :
    It’s not sexy, people won’t flock to listen to a crowder podcast lol

    but you may be right, its not a science but, I have a feeling Lev is going to miss significant time this year.
    After holding out, being up in age, and having a history, the likelihood of an injury could happen.
    which could shoot crowder up the short target ladder.

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