Introducing the RosterWatch PRO Podcast: EP1 – LIVE from Broncos Training Camp

Episode 1 of the PRO podcast comes live from Denver as Byron Lambert breaks down all of the (surprising) fantasy buzz coming out of Broncos camp with Alex Dunlap, along with exclusive interviews from Emmanuel Sanders, Devontae Booker and Royce Freeman.

We are pleased to introduce the RosterWatch PRO podcast, which will be available exclusively to our winning community of PRO subscribers here at This first episode is a FREE PREVIEW available on all the traditional podcast providers such as Apple Podcasts, Google Play and Stitcher as well as at Moving forward, the PRO podcast will be found in your downloads section where the other premium draft and weekly and DFS tools can be found. Sign up here for a PRO membership at

The standard RosterWatch podcast, available across all formats mentioned and at, will continue and will remain free. However, the great majority of podcast content moving forward will be reserved for PRO members in the new PRO Podcast downloads section. These will include draft-season exclusives from the training camp tour and premium, tool-specific content supplements. In-season, podcasts regarding premium PRO-only content such as the waiver wire podcast, the TRADEcast and the Friday DFS show will all be exclusive to PRO subscribers.

We hope our PRO members are pleased with this new dedication to podcast content and the fact that it is being made exclusively for them and no one else. To all others, we hope you enjoy this FREE PREVIEW and will consider joining RW as a PRO member. Sign up is quick, easy and cheap.

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  1. Post By

    Loved the podcast. Keep up the good work

  2. 12 team ppr 9 man keeper.

    Do I trade away my chance to draft s.barkley for mike thomas and pick 1.11?

    1. Mike Thomas is a hell of a young wr but I think Barkley is still worth more since he is going to catch a good amount of passes. You should be able to get more for Barkley.

  3. Excited for the Pro pods!

    Loving the Standard Cheet Sheet while I use it on Draft! I noticed the sheet is missing DeSean Jackson and Luke Wilson. Are they not viable picks in Standard/.5 PPR?

    Thanks for all of the great work!

    1. Thank you – those are likely oversights, I’ll let Byron know as he’s architect of the STD sheet. We pull players in manually so when they first come out, there is always a player or two missed inevitably although we try our best to avoid it. The good news is no one who uses our sheets will own either of those players anyway except maybe Willson in a deep 14-teamer. We have 0 interest in DJax and actually prefer Godwin.

  4. Awesome stuff, gents! Just cranked out my first mock with the Standard Cheat Sheet.

    12-team league, if you can pick your draft position, where you going?

    1. thanks brother, if I’m picking a spot I take 4 then take who’s left between DJ, Bell, Zeke and Gurley. This gets me an earlier pick in Round 2 where a better premium WR or RB might be available before they fall off.

  5. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Alex, as a techy
    I am curious, how did you make a pro pod that didn’t prompt me for credentials from stitcher ?
    Are the email accounts linked thus granting us access to the pod with out authenticating ?

    Also, Could you or one of the admins plz contact me privately, I am looking for some help off line.


  6. DRAFT ROOKIE WR SUTTON especially in keeper leagues. Dude is killing it! And Broncos want Freeman to be the Bellcow RB. Booker could be a surprise cut. And TE Jake Butt will get some TDs this season. Your league mates will be sleeping Broncos players this year. They will win you games.

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