Last Minute Tips

Last Minute Tips
Byron Lambert,

Know your league; specifically the tendencies of other owners. Who makes trades? Who makes bad trades? The owners that don’t trade; who do they own? Who are the good owners? Watch players the good owners roster and drop. Which players do certain owners have an affection for?

– Operate from a position of strength
– Start fast
– Own players from good teams
– Be active in the trade market
– Take some risks
– Pay most attention to the next 3-4 games when evaluating a player
– Acquire a premium player by packaging multiple good players
– Recognize the time to liquidate your best assets before its too late
– Have a revolving spot on your roster for free agent pick ups
– Don’t be afraid to get trashy
– Don’t hold under performing players for too long hoping they will turn the corner
– Be quick to recognize situations for what they really are (have foresight)
– The game log is a very important tool
– Have a premium QB for the playoff run
– Depth early in the season
– Your best starting lineup late in the season
– Don’t overreact and make desperate moves
– Skimp on WR in favor of RB and QB
– Have some explosive players on your team that can win your weekly match up
– Waiver wire defense is an important strategy
– Make the tough decisions
– Sometimes you need to sit a stud
– Avoid making hasty last minute lineup changes
– Be a Belichick; you have to be a good coach and gm to win your league

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