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LIVE Sit-Start Stream: Week 1 (10am CST, 11am EST)

Ask Cody Carpentier about your biggest sit/start decisions for Week 1.


  1. PPR. Everett or Likely?


    1. would stick with Everett

  2. Okonkwo or Likely PPR

  3. I have R Stevenson playing PPR Is he a go or should I use K Herbert today instead?

    1. they say he’s fine to go

  4. Irv Smith or Kincaid PPR? Mattison, Dobbins, Dotson pick 2 in PPR?

    1. Dalton Kincaid and Mattison/Dobbins

  5. JSN, Beckham, Bateman pick 2 in ppr

    1. JSN and Beckham, but I don’t LOVE either Balt receiver

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