LIVE WEEK 13 Last-Minute Sit/Start Stream w/ RosterWatch and the Flex Network

Get your last-minute sit/start questions that we can’t get around to answering on the SiriusXM show or the site this morning answered here on the live Flex Network and RosterWatch YouTube Start/Sit Show from 11am-noon eastern. Byron Lambert will join the show. Ask your questions in the YouTube chat.

We are extremely busy with the radio show, our own lineups and other obligations leading up to the lineup lock on Sunday mornings, and this stream is our best way to answer your last-minute questions as we won’t have as much time to answer in the comments sections on Sundays as we do throughout the week.

If you have issues watching the stream here on the site, click here to watch on YouTube.


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    ‪For my flex in a PPR would you used Beckham, Gurley, Robert Woods, or Ingram? ‬

    1. Post By The Flex Network

      Wow… this is tough. I would love to see the rest of your team. I would go Ingram just based on opportunity. The Cleveland game could get messy and only has a 39.5 O/U. I frankly don’t trust Gurley right now and unclear if it would be a Wood-Kupp or Cooks game. Ingram just has the best shot to get a TD and could break one off at any time.

  2. Who is CMC’s handcuff?

    1. Post By The Flex Network

      Reggie Bonnafon would be the next man up. But he would be what we considered a low efficiency HC. As in, I would expect them to change the game plan if he was propelled into the starting position.

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    Playoff game do i roll with Rodgers( concerned about weather) or go with Darnold or Cousins..

    1. Post By The Flex Network

      Generally I look at the wind and it is only projected at 12 MPH (25 is where you should get worried). For my playoff life I would go with AA-Ron. But if you are scared off, I would go Darnold in what could be a high-scoring, sloppy game. I’ll ask the team for their input too (live at 11 EST)… this is close.
      – Flex Shane

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    Due to inclement weather is anyone benching Lamar for days Sam or Folz???

    1. Post By The Flex Network

      Ask yourself, could you live with yourself if Lamar goes off on your bench? I would play him no matter what. Remember, it’s harder to tackle a runner in the rain. Favors Lamar… Dude had 169 pass yards only last week!!!

  5. Hey guys 2 questions, Jamais or Kirk at QB and for a flex, Crowdewr or McLaurin?

    1. Post By The Flex Network

      I roll Winston and Crowder.

  6. 12 team standard, in the super flex positon would you start WR A. Jeffery over Diggs?

    1. Post By The Flex Network

      I roll Diggs on Monday night.

  7. Post By Grumpy Munchkins

    First round of playoffs…need the perfect lineup as am the dog in the matchup…

    1PPR…need 2RB, 2WR, Flex, 1TE

    RB: Nick Chubb, Mark Ingram, Tevin Coleman, Chris Carson, Rashaad Penny

    WR: Davonte Adams, Keenan Allen, Christian Kirk, DK Metcalf, Deebo Samule (can pick up Tyler Boyd)

    TE: Jack Doyle, Ryan Griffin, (can pick up Greg Olson, and heard the guys mention Higbee on XM).

    Thanks for the winning advice!

  8. Should I stay with Rodgers and the sloppy weather or start my backup, Tannahill? AA-Ron has been up and down all year and very frustrating but not sure Tannahill is the answer this week. Thanks!

  9. 0.5pt/PPR/1WR&1RB: Sterling Shepard or Devante Parker? Also Mark Ingram or Miles Sanders?

  10. .5 pt ppr

    Christian Kirk (probably shadowed by Ramsey?) or AJ Brown

  11. I’ve asked this question previously and thought I was pretty sure that I would start Foles instead of Watson. But in reading previous comments yes, I would feel sick if Watson were to go off on my bench. What say you good people of RW.
    I’m still learning towards Foles..
    I need this win to secure a bye.
    Thank you

  12. Need Input,

    -Cousins or Kyler Murray?

    -Thielen or find someone else for flex (Auden Tate, AJ Brown, or Demaryius Thomas)?

    -Pats D or Jets D?

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    Darnold or Files
    Michelle or Woods

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  15. Lamar or Wilson this week?

    1. Same exact question I have!!

  16. I’m a little concerned about Thielen, as of now I have him going in my flex. My other option would be M Sanders.

  17. Full ppr flex spot
    C. Samuel, white, Slayton, Guice?

  18. PPR: Deebo Samuel, Darius Slayton or AJ Brown

  19. Start L-Jax or Russ? Weather+Defenses????

    1. I had the same one, they answered Russ on livestream

      1. Really???? That’s a tough switch to make man-
        You doing it?

        1. Yea I did it, wasn’t easy though. Just gunna let it ride for MNF

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    I’m losing currently and desperately picked up j. Gordon. So Gordon or Woods? I need upside BIG

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    Hey guys, I could really use your help right now.
    12 standard

    Thielen is out!

    I need a flex:
    Mattison, Penny, Darrell Williams,

    Dorsett, Harry and any other living being on the waiver wire

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    Need some pop and sizzle!!! 2 out of 5 in a PPR. K. Hunt, R Woods, D Freeman, W. Fuller or M Jones. Thanks.

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