Mike Mayock’s Daughter, Leigh Mayock

NFL Combine Coverage- If Mike Mayock Won’t Get On Twitter- At Least We Have Leigh Mayock

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Both on the NFL Media Conference Call last week, and during interviews at the scouting combine, Mike Mayock puts a premium on bloodlines and pedigree in talent evaluation.

It seems very improbable that we will ever get the man who is in my opinion the absolute gold-standard of the NFL Scouting Media to get on to Twitter. The guy is too old school and awesome to mess with our new-fangled contraptions. He’s too busy grinding tape and hustling his ass off.

But, there is another Mayock entering into the NFL universe who is not so Twitter adverse- Mayock’s daughter Leigh. I noticed Leigh a few times in Indianapolis and was curious as to whether she was just there with her father, or if she was there in a professional capacity. It turns out she is a PSU grad and now is working with the Minnesota Vikings in their PR department as a recent broadcast journalism major. You can follow Leigh on Twitter to keep up with the only Mayock (that I am aware of) hanging out in the Twitterverse.


  1. Post By patricia mayock lund

    I am Leigh Mayock’s mother, Mike Mayock’s exwife. Contrary to your report he did not go to PSU but rather to Boston College. I also graduated from there…do your homework!

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